St. Andrews Presbyterian Church (Tucson, AZ)

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Community Renewal says that Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church, winner of the 2010 Salt and Light Award, is one of the most generous churches in Tucson. They are committed to local missions and tremendously invested in this community. Join them at 7650 N Paseo del Norte in Tucson or online at

Pastor Jim Toole… “What I love about St Andrews is the desire to do ministry on many levels. The future of the Church, and the future of St Andrews, is not just to be outwardly focused a church that’s truly listening to the Holy Spirit, to lead us into the community and actually steer us to the needs that are out there and open the doors to powerful ministries.”

Refugees Find Freedom, Welcome at Boise Church

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A church in Boise, Idaho started a ministry to welcome refugee families to the U.S. Members of Cathedral of the Rockies First United Methodist Church help with practical issues like English tutoring and paperwork but also make the families feel welcome in the community. One young couple invited a family to stay in their home while permanent housing could be arranged. Church members say the refugee program has built new friendships and brought the church family closer too. “Helping refugees isn’t a political issue, it’s a discipleship issue,” says church member, Cindy Todeschi.
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