Refugee Resettlement Status – Boise, Idaho

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Full text of proposed refugee resettlement bill

Blog post dated Nov 16, 2016 (scroll down to Nov 9)

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Please note on video:
• The people coming from Syria through our refugee program in Boise are not primarily young men of military age. that is true for Europe but not the U.S. Half are under 16 and almost half are women.
• It will cost the U.S. taxpayers $6.5 billion for 10,000 refugees according to the Heritage Foundation.

An Iraqi Refugee in Boise, Idaho Loves His Community

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American citizen, Salam, feared for his life in Iraq. He now lives in Boise, Idaho where he owns a very popular middle eastern restaurant, The Goodnessland.

The International Rescue Committee helps people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover and gain control of their future.


Boise Idaho Stabbing: Refugee Families in Knife Attack

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Boise Idaho Stabbing: Refugee Families in Knife Attack
Boise Stabbing: Some Refugee Families Victims in Knife Attack

The attack, which the police chief described as involving the highest number of people wounded in a single incident in the city’s history, occurred on the evening of June 30, 2018. The motive was not yet clear, but the police chief said it appeared the attacker struck without provocation, and police were not aware of any tie between the suspect and victims.

“Tonight we did have a tragedy occur,” Chief William Bones said in a news conference. The mass stabbing occurred at Wylie Street Station Apartments. The suspect’s name was not yet released. The victims’ identities and nationalities were also not disclosed.

“I would ask for our community’s hearts to go out as I know they will and for their prayers for the families of everybody that’s involved here,” Bones said.

A Boat A Voyage. Ep. 1| Child of the Sea – Haiti to Cuba

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Episode 1 of 5: A first-generation Haitian-American host a candid discussion with his mother about her 1980s refugee experience, family & human perseverance. This is a 5 episode podcast hosted by Wilkine Brutus featuring Paulette Francois. Please share with the hashtag #hugavoice

I will upload all episode on YouTube and SoundCloud by May 4th. Stay tuned for updates on iTunes and Google Play at a later time.

St. Andrews Presbyterian Church (Tucson, AZ)

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Community Renewal says that Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church, winner of the 2010 Salt and Light Award, is one of the most generous churches in Tucson. They are committed to local missions and tremendously invested in this community. Join them at 7650 N Paseo del Norte in Tucson or online at

Pastor Jim Toole… “What I love about St Andrews is the desire to do ministry on many levels. The future of the Church, and the future of St Andrews, is not just to be outwardly focused a church that’s truly listening to the Holy Spirit, to lead us into the community and actually steer us to the needs that are out there and open the doors to powerful ministries.”

Refugees Find Freedom, Welcome at Boise Church

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A church in Boise, Idaho started a ministry to welcome refugee families to the U.S. Members of Cathedral of the Rockies First United Methodist Church help with practical issues like English tutoring and paperwork but also make the families feel welcome in the community. One young couple invited a family to stay in their home while permanent housing could be arranged. Church members say the refugee program has built new friendships and brought the church family closer too. “Helping refugees isn’t a political issue, it’s a discipleship issue,” says church member, Cindy Todeschi.
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