Greater Refuge Temple Church – “Over There” – new

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“Over There”
Greater Refuge Temple Church
Vintage Apostolic Worship and Praise DVD
For many years, the members of the international Apostolic Pentecostal Organization The Church of our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc. have longed to preserve their rich contribution to gospel music. Therefore under the commission of Chief Apostle Bishop William L. Bonner, Presider Bishop James I. Clark Jr., and the Board of Apostles of The Church of our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc. official plans to produce a DVD were announced. Musicians and singers from across the country were invited to create The Church of our Lord Jesus Christ Holy Year of Renewal Mass Choir. After persistent prayer and weeks of rehearsal, the project culminated in a dynamic LIVE recording on December 16, 2006 at the Greater Refuge Temple Church of our Lord Jesus Christ in New York, NY.

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Approximate running time: 120 minutes (2 discs)

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City of Refuge Story

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We traveled to Atlanta, GA for a leadership conference with the Christ Church of Orlando staff but we decided to go a little earlier than planned so we could get this amazing story on video. This is the story of how Bruce Deel followed the call of God and started the ministry “City of Refuge,” a non-profit, outreach facility specializing in rebuilding the city of Atlanta. They work with homeless mothers, single mothers, drug addicts, the abused and much more. Listen to this story and be astounded by God’s provision and possibility.

Iraqi man facing deportation from US seeks refuge

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(14 Jul 2017) An Iraqi man who fled to the US during the Gulf War and trained tens of thousands of American soldiers is facing deportation orders that could lead to his death in his homeland, his supporters say.
Kadhim Al-bumohammed, 64, decided to seek refuge Thursday inside a New Mexico church.
He announced through his attorney that he would defy a federal immigration order to appear for a hearing where he was expected to be detained over two misdemeanor domestic-violence convictions in California.
“After consulting with his family, and with other members of the faith community, (Al-bumohammed) has chosen to seek sanctuary with the faith community”, Rebecca Kitson, his lawyer, said a cheering crowd outside Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) offices in Albuquerque.
Immigration officials typically don’t make deportation arrests in churches and other “sensitive areas” such as schools and churches.
An ICE spokeswoman did not immediately return an email from The Associated Press seeking comment.
Al-bumohammed, who arrived as a refugee in the early 1990s, worked as a linguist contractor with all four branches of the US military from 2004 to 2009 in Fort Irwin, California.
Al-bumohammed trained tens of thousands of soldiers in his five years and earned more than 15 medals for his service, Kitson said.
He fled following the first US war with Iraq with Saddam Hussein still in power because he feared persecution for assisting US-led coalition forces.
Supporters say the father of four US children will face death if he’s deported because of his connection to the US military.
His case has drawn support from religious leaders, immigrant advocates and US military veterans who have attended rallies and events on his behalf.
His daughter, Courtney Al-bumohammed, 17, said that for now she was happy that her father wouldn’t be detained and leave her family.
Al-bumohammed is one of the 1,400 Iraqis under deportation orders in the US.
Some, like Al-bumohammed, have faced the orders for years because they committed crimes.
His convictions involved his ex-wife and he later won full custody of his children.
A federal judge this week halted the deportation of Iraqi nationals like Al-bumohammed, including many Christians fearing persecution, while courts review the orders to remove them from the US.

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Bishop Joe Holden @ Refuge Temple Church DC 10/30/11 Pt 1

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The Bishop W.L. Bonner Birthday Committee presents Pastor Bonner’s 90th Birthday – Kick-off with Bishop Joe Holden from Refuge Temple in Jackson, MS “Jesus is Concerned About You & His Relationship” Revelation 2:1-5

Tishomingo National Wildlife Refuge Ghost Town

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Tucked away along the shore of Lake Texoma, this restful spot with abundant wildlife contains a ghost town… a few abandoned buildings are all that’s left of what was the thriving community of Washita Farms. Just shells of the original structures remain here in the Tishomingo National Wildlife Refuge, and the whispering wind carries tales from the past…Now being reclaimed by nature, Washita Farms was a community of 53 residents during the first part of the 20th century. Surely, their spirits still dwell amidst the school house, church, store and silos (now barely shadows of themselves) in what is now the Tishmingo Wildlife Refuge.

#JeniseLaVonneSings| The Lord’s Prayer @ Greater Refuge Temple Jacksonville

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Hey Family!!!

I was invited to sing at Greater Refuge Temple in Jacksonville, FL. I hope all are blessed by it.

Church Website:

Xoxo Jenise



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Jubilee Shout! Praise Break – Refuge temple Church |RTC Media

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A Jubilee Shout! Coming off a great selection from previous video, I believe by refuge temple mass choir. Breaks out into a praise bump!

Refuge Temple Church George Reid, Manchester, Ja

Convocation 2018 Year of Jubilee, Best is yet to come!

Hope you enjoyed the video. Stay tuned for more exciting uplifting powerful videos! Take care, God bless.

Ray Vester Sings “Come Out of the Fog Live in Concert at Refuge Church of Jesus Christ…

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Ray Vester Sings “Come Out of the Fog Live in Concert at Refuge Church of Jesus Christ Columbus,GA 10/1/2011 · Ray Vester

Ray Vester Sings “Come Out of the Fog Live in Concert at Refuge Church of Jesus Christ Columbus,GA 10/1/2011

℗ Ray Vester

Released on: 2014-01-19

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