Real Angel Choir | Angels singing at Presence 2017 | The Netherlands

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After an intense House of Heroes worship moment with the songs Holy, Let it Rain and Our Father, evangelist Ben Fitzgerald appeared on stage and continued to worship Jesus together with everyone present in the room without musicians on stage or other music played. After about 3 minutes a choir of angels started to sing in multiple waves and the Holy Spirit started touching many people.
Please listen, hear and see for yourself this historic moment during the Presence conference 2017 in The Netherlands!

“Richard King” “LIVE” “Jesus Is Real” July 11,2016 “Mia Cuppa Caffe” Fresno Ca.

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Uploaded on 7/27/2016 1st Live video by Richard King.Singing without the electric guitar. Richard King’s new CD is called; “Win The Battle”. Richard King is now living in the Fresno Ca. area. Interested Churches, Managers and agents please email Richard King at; [email protected] Also Please Check Out: “This Little Of Mine”, “How Great Thou Art”, and “Let Me Not Offend Thee” ‘Live!! by Richard King on youtube also just uploaded 7/28/2016. God bless you.


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Today we go exploring a real haunted house that Michael Myers would appreciate and be in the movie Halloween. This house has a crazy haunted past. We did this explore at 3am on Halloween morning.

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Check out Holywalkers

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REAL Bloody Mary Ghost Caught on Tape ( Bloody Mary Recordings )

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Real Bloody Mary Ghost Caught on Tape, live and unedited. Real proof of the bloody mary ghost caught on tape. Bloody Mary does exist and she is real as paranormal evidence is caught on tape during this live episode..Do you think Bloody Mary is a ghost or a ?

The End Of The World Cult (Cult Leader Documentary) – Real Stories

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Michael Travesser says he’s the Messiah. Formerly a sailor called Wayne Bent, Michael is the leader of a cult in New Mexico called Strong City. His 56 followers – men, women and children – hang on his every word, serving him with absolute and unquestioning devotion.

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Hello Neighbor in Real Life!!! Squishy Scavenger Hunt Game in Huge Box Fort Maze!

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Hello Neighbor in Real Life!!! Squishy Scavenger Hunt Game in Huge Box Fort Maze! Real Hello Neighbor Mascot Costume!!!
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Watch next, Hide and Seek Challenge

We played our first game of Hello Neighbor! Lets just say that we played the game like no one else has…we played with a little bit of a twist.

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SOLD | West Hurley Real Estate | 117 Boyce Road Glenford NY | Ulster County Real Estate

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SOLD!!! Glenford Real Estate from Amy Lonas 845-321-0451 Coldwell Banker VIllage Green Realty. To browse all Ulster County Real Estate, visit

Mesmerizing, highly-coveted water and mountain views from nearly every room. Awaken to breathtaking sunrises while sipping coffee from your deck or by the fireplace. This tranquil home calms the spirit with a unique blend of vistas both near and far, changing by the hour and season. Tastefully renovated eat-in kitchen and baths, lots of casual “hang-out” spaces to socialize or just enjoy the quiet. Airy and light filled with high ceilings with beams. Everything one dreams of – all just minutes to Woodstock. Ulster County Real Estate MLS # 20141803 Glenford home for sale, Glenford homes for sale.


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Have you seen the remarkable footage of “an angel” entering a famous Church in Lagos, Nigeria that went viral? Hear from the very man who used his mobile phone to capture the supernatural sighting that day…

– This is the clip Mr Hezron Konlan from Ghana filmed outside The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations in Lagos after praying for revelation from God about the Church.

Real haunted houses:Battery Carriage House Inn, Charleston, South Carolina

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Real haunted houses:Battery Carriage House Inn, Charleston, South Carolina

This beautiful mid-19th Century home commands an impressive site overlooking the waterfront battery and White Point Gardens in Charleston’s historic district. The main house itself remains a private home, but its rear carriage house has been turned into a quaint bed and breakfast, and this is where all of the supernatural events occur. The area surrounding the property has witnessed quite an interesting history, from events of the Civil War back to when pirates were hanged from nearby trees. This may be why the inn is such an active paranormal site.
In room 8, male guests are typically targeted by a rough looking sort of ghost who likes to startle and harass them, without being hostile. Chairs have been known to slam against walls in this room and his apparition is usually only seen from the torso up. Room 10 has an apparition of a slender man who has mostly appeared to women, with a mother and daughter capturing the sound of breathing and tapping on a camera left running overnight, along with a shadow that continuously passed in front of it. The last bit of activity occurs in room 3 where strange lights are observed and electrical devices seem to have a mind of their own – like blaring to life when turned off or unplugged.

THIS IS REAL! Healed of HIV/AIDS Positive 1 in Jesus’ Name | T.B. Joshua

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Mrs Nkachukwu Orakwue Odele came to The SCOAN to demonstrate that, regardless of what people say, the work of God will continue, as she testified of her complete healing of HIV / AIDS Positive 1 for the past twelve years. She came with her before and after medical reports from a government hospital to prove that yes, she once had HIV / AIDS Positive 1 and is now indisputably totally free. She said she had read an article that hurt her so much. The article said that there was no record of anyone who has been healed of HIV / AIDS at The SCOAN.

She wants the world to know that she herself is a living testimony of what God can use Prophet T.B. Joshua to do at The SCOAN. She said that she, herself and many others who have been healed of the incurable disease at The SCOAN stay in touch. She said “There are thousands of people who were also healed of HIV / AIDS here and we went further to exchange or contacts, telephone numbers and addresses. We call each other and, everybody, we are all comfortably okay” She went on to say, “Some are married with children. They no longer experience their symptoms and they give glory to God all the time.” She also explained how she maintained her healing. She said, “People who previously received their healing hear at The SCOAN, when we were healed, the man of God declared us free and said ‘Go and sin no more’ which means, sin was the cause of our sickness and if you go back to sin, you will definitely have those symptoms again. You will find that even the sickness will come back. That is why, when we are healed, we are advised to go and sin no more. Those who are still experiencing symptoms today are the people who received their healing and went back to their sin. That is why. It is not that they did not receive their healing. They received their healing and were cured. They were prayed for like other people. But because they went back, that was why the symptoms came.” In her advice to such people she said, “They should run to God for a second chance.” She said “People should not be believing all manner of lies from the internet and all that, cause, look at me; I am a living testimony.”

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I didn’t know slime baff could turn into this!

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