The Raven Steals the Light

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An animated adaptation of the creation myth from the Native North American tribe, Haida.

To learn more about native creation stories, click below:


Narrator – Ali K.
Raven – Nick F.
Old Man/Grandfather – Thusyanth V.
Daughter – A. C.

Software Used:
Adobe Flash CS3
Adobe Illustrator CS3
Adobe Premiere Pro CS3
Adobe Soundbooth CS3

A. C. and Nick F.

Producer / Director / Visuals / basically everything else:
Nick F.

Made mostly by one 16 year old–don’t be harsh : )

1590 Little Raven PH3 | Denver CO | The Battista Team. Property sold; is no longer represented.

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1590 Little Raven St #PH3 | Denver, Colorado 80202 USA | The Battista Team of Denver and Beyond. SOLD – video is an example only; property is not being represented for sale.

9-25-2018 Bucksport, SC Historic Flooding inside flooded church on boat, army launching Raven SOT

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Contact Brett Adair with Live Storms Media to license.
[email protected]

Volunteers show up with boat to help flooding church get sound and electronic gear out of church. Shots from on the boat as it goes inside the church. Drone shots from above of the flooded community, people in boats on the street, flooded homes, churches. Shots of the US Army using the Raven Drone to feed real time video back to a command center where they are monitoring water levels. A Community Center with a sandbag levee all the way around it with a 50′ perimeter. SOT with school teacher who was driving boat to help out community members in a neighborhood where she has taught many students.


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POLISH FESTIVAL YACK ARENA Wyandotte Mi.1990 A lot of interesting dancing and a good look at the arena then a GREAT close up of BOB EARL and the band playing a POLKA MEDLEY of “RED RAVEN” and “I WANT TO CALL YOU SWEETHEART”

Raven Street Church – Bourbon St Chapel (New Orleans)

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Raven Ministries Internationa hosts “Raven Street Church: Bourbon Street Chapel” each Thur, fri & Saturday @ the 500 Block of Bourbon St in New Orleans – – where we preach the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST in New Orleans “Original Mega-Church” where thousands come and hear the unadulterated preaching of the Word oGod! – – Join Pastor Troy D. Bohn & Pastor Jamie Sanders each week for one of our packed-out and powerful services!

Make Prayers to the Raven: The Forest of Eyes

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Join a family on the Koyukuk River as they fish for their yearly supply of salmon, living and teaching survival skills to the children while enjoying the closeness of fish camp during the one time of year the land’s resources come to the people.