“Bless the Lord Oh My Soul”. Bishop Abney with Bethel Pentecostal Church Choir of Grand Rapids, MI.

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Bishop William C. Abney Jr. (9/9/1927 — 1/23/2007). Publically best known as: Pastor, Gospel recording-artist, charter-school founder, brother to gospel musician and author Etterlene DeBarge, and uncle to the famous DeBarge siblings.

Excerpt from Apostolic Archives International:
He received his call to the ministry in 1950, and later attended the Detroit Bible Institute. William obtained an Associate Degree from Bethel Practical School of Theology, and was ordained by the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, (PAW) in 1960. He received as Honorary Doctorate Degree from Aenon Bible College in August, 1984.
Bishop Abney served faithfully in the service of the Master from his youth. Saved as a teenager, he was a great inspirational leader both to the young and the old. He was director of the church choir and youth auxiliary at the Bethel Apostolic Church in Detroit under the pastorate of the late Dr. Benjamin J. Goode, where he grew up. Bishop Abney was also a renowned gospel singer with some recording experience to his credit. [More at:

Excerpt from article written by: Joshua Aldredge 1/28/2007:
Bishop Abney joined Bethel in 1961, when the congregation met in a drug store. The church now has more than 400 members. He is also noted for starting a charter school, William C. Abney Academy in 1998.

Entire video at: uploaded by Kenny Keys (2organman)

Shorewood Rapids with Maps & Street View – Milwaukee Flood of 2010

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July 22, 2010 – I edited this video of a few crazy guys walking down Oakland Ave in Shorewood, WI, during the flood on July 22, 2010, together with Google Maps & images from Google Street View, to give a perspective of where they were, and what it usually looks like.

I hope none of them got sick after this – at least they actually *saw* some crap floating in the water at the end, so they realized that that was what they were wading through. Well, that, and worse. Not to mention they could have been swept away by that river barreling down Edgewood Ave. I assume they all got out ok though.

Credit for original video here:

All maps & images are credit/copyright Google.

Churches in Grand Rapids Mi

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Welcome to one of the growing Churches in Grand Rapids Mi. This video is the testimony of Pastor Rodrick Daniels who Pastors KingMakers Community Development Church. Pastor Rodrick is passionate about seeing people set free by putting their faith in Jesus Christ. This video is an invitation to visit their Church in Grand Rapids Mi.
Churches in Grand Rapids Mi

Take Dominion Campmeeting 2012 – Augusta, GA

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Camp Meeting 2012 will be held November 7-9, 2012 In Augusta, Georgia!! The year’s theme is, “Taking Dominion” with guest speakers, Pastor Jamal Bryant, Prophet Brian Carn and Prophet Todd Hall . Apostle Mark Hatcher and Pastor Daniel Parker alongside our host Pastor Kenneth Morgan invite you to this powerful time in the Lord! Meet us at the Stevenson Auditorium 7pm nightly! We will see you there!! For more information go to

“Cinder Cones, Rapids, & Marsh” Aniakchak-Meshik Loop

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100 mile week-long backpacking/packrafting loop through Aniakchak National Monument & Preserve from Port Heiden, AK. The Aniakchak River was on the low side with class II and III water. 7/26-8/1 2013.

Blessed are the Meek

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A sermon by Doug Hardt on Matthew 5:5 in a series on the Beatitudes for the Seventh-day Adventist Iron Range District in northern Minnesota.

Haunted Places in Minnesota

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From Minneapolis to Saint Paul, Duluth to Bloomington, Brooklyn Park, Maple Grove, and more! We’re checking out the scary haunted locations Minnesota has to offer! Enjoy!

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