Beer Garden Green Valley Ranch | Denver, CO

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It’s easy to see why the Green Valley Ranch Beer Garden in Denver is the Best bar around. With tons of local brews, games like Bocci, Croquet, Giant Jenga and more. The Beer Garden Green Valley Ranch is the area’s favorite, with great staff and close to DIA, it’s a sure stop on your Beer tour.

Celebrating Colorado’s craft beer culture, the Green Valley Ranch Beer Garden is nestled in its very own park with more than 7,500 square feet of outdoor garden area, vast open-air seating, an inviting covered pavilion and a large game area complete with Bocce Ball and Croquet. The communal Oktoberfest-style picnic tables that collectively can accommodate up to 400 guests, foster an environment of community and conviviality.

The Garden offers a thoughtful draft and bottled beer selection with a focus on Colorado and handcrafted brews. The GVR Beer Garden also serves up your favorite casual fare with locally-made gourmet brats & sausages, freshly-baked pretzels, house-ground burgers, hand-cut fries and chef-created salads.

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Drummond Montana & Wallace Ranch Video Pintler Loop / Discovery Ski Road Trip

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This is Between Deer Lodge and Drummond Montana The Pintler Scenic loop from the highway. I have Property in Drummond and was over there dealing with a break in and had to go to the Dealer DMV located in Deer Lodge so figure what the heck I may as well take a video. I got some really kool footage from inside the DMV office..;-) The ranch here we pass is the Wallace Ranch it is Huge and Very Popular and every year the Elk are there and the Rancher feeds them every winter so they hang out there alot since he doesent allow hunting either..;-)

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Old abandoned farm house in middle of Arizona desert, exploration of deserted ranch home in AZ

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An old farm home located somewhere in the harsh Arizona desert. Deserted many years ago for reasons unknown, it is left to collect dust and remind us of a more simple time…maybe. These walls have stories to tell I’m sure; would you like to hear them?

This Arizona ranch house was in very nice condition at the time I was there. Being empty for so many years I was shocked at how well it’s held up to the desert environment. Please DONATE if you can:

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Vintage Vegas: “Building Hope” at St. Jude’s Ranch for Children

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Pardee Homes received the 2008 Governor’s Points of Light Award in recognition of the company’s leadership in the complete renovation of the St. Jude’s Ranch for Children campus in Boulder City at an estimated value in excess of $1 million.

Working with HomeAid Southern Nevada, Pardee and more than 100 volunteer subcontractors last year transformed the cottages and grounds that are now home to nearly 50 abused, neglected and abandoned children.

Under the banner of “Building Hope,” Pardee led the volunteer force of workers — some 500-strong — in the renovation and refurbishing of eight cottages totaling more than 56,000-square feet of living space; more than two acres of new landscaping; more than 1,000 tons of new asphalt; some 1,500 linear feet of concrete paving and thousands of gallons of paint. In addition, Pardee donated furniture and decorations from 10 professionally decorated model homes.

The Governor’s Points of Light Award is the highest honor bestowed by the Nevada Commission for National and Community Service, Inc. and the State with the purpose of inspiring individuals to make a positive impact in the lives of people who need it and in places where it can make a difference.

St Judes Childrens Ranch

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St. Jude’s Ranch for Children is a 501(c)(3)
organization that serves all abused, abandoned
and neglected children and families by creating
new chances, new choices and new hope in a safe
homelike environment.
Established in 1966 in Boulder City, Nevada just
outside of Las Vegas, the Ranch has provided
home and healing to more than 1,000 children.

The Event Center at Church Ranch Westminster, CO

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The Event Center at Church Ranch in Westminster, Colorado hosts weddings, wedding receptions and wedding ceremonies with a rustic charm and Colorado western atmosphere in the North Metro Denver.

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Transcript: Hi, I’m Bonnie Brown, your trusted wedding venue expert. Today we’re at Church Ranch Events Center. Let’s go inside and take a tour!

The Event Center at Church Ranch has capacity of up to 400 guests with unlimited set up capabilities and large built-in bar.
There is a covered atrium that can be used for an indoor ceremony or separate cocktail area.They are known for their well landscaped outdoor grounds which are available for seasonal outdoor ceremonies. The Event Center at Church Ranch has brides and grooms changing areas and is conveniently located near several restaurants and hotels.

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Church-Affiliated Ranch Balances Agriculture and Conservation in Central Florida

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Deseret Cattle and Citrus, owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has been going strong for 65 years. This commercial farming and ranching operation is situated on about 295,000 acres in parts of three Florida counties between Orlando and Melbourne.


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Something a little different for fans of Bonanza and the Ponderosa Ranch. Some pictures and video clips of the ranch mixed in with some Bonanza clips put to some pretty cool western music. Enjoy!

The Ponderosa Ranch opened in 1967 by Bill & Joyce Anderson in Incline Village, Nevada and was a replica of the home of the Cartwrights of TV’s Bonanza. After almost 40 years as a popular western tourist attraction, the Ponderosa Ranch closed its gates in 2005.