Unitarian Universalist Covenant: What Do We Promise One Another?

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Covenant has a long history in Jewish and Christian religious traditions. In Unitarian Universalism, we strive to be to be inclusive and transformative in our covenanting. As we grow our personal understanding, strengthen and deepen our community, and practice spiritual justice-making in our covenantal faith, we must ask, “What do we promise one another?”
This beautiful animated video was created by Unitarian Universalist and graphic designer in Columbus, Ohio, Elliott Cennamo. We are grateful for the gift of his talents. Unitarian Universalists are welcome to share this video in their spiritual communities and congregations.

Promise – Education As A Treaty Right (Part 1)

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A look at First Nations education within Treaty 8 First Nations in Alberta. This documentary is the first in a series of three videos that shows the challenges faced by Educators, Administrators and communities in teaching their children on-reserve. With interviews and discussions by people working on the ground at these schools this video gives you a window into modern “Indian” education within Northern Alberta.

Produced by Bearpaw Communications and the Treaty 8 Education Commission.

Copyright by Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta

“Possessing The Promise”, Rev. Dr. Byron E. Woods.

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MMMBC Annual Fall Revival.
October 12, 2015
Guest Messenger:
Pastor Byron E. Woods (Brother of our Pastor).
Grace Christian Bible Church
Birmingham, Alabama
Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church
2295 Dr. Harvey Riley Street NE
Palm Bay, Florida 32905
Tel: 321-725-1791 ext. 201
Email: [email protected]

El Paso, Texas: Illegals loading on buses to be dropped off with only a promise to appear for court

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El Paso, Texas Loading up the buses with illegals Curious as to who houses them and the destination they are leaving to.
Source: True Conservatives Minutes [TCM] , Anthony Shooting footage

EVENING PRAYERS Curse Breaking Daily Promise Come Through Holy Ghost Service, Brother Carlos

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Faith Promise Giving 2018

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A Faith Promise is a financial commitment to missions based upon the conviction that God wants you to give that amount to missions, an amount not necessarily dependent upon known or anticipated resources.

Pray, “Lord, what do you want to do through me?” Then give as God provides. This is a great adventure of faith, and God will honor Himself as you make the promise.

Learn more at

Grace Church
Cape Coral – Fort Myers – Sarasota, FL

Welcome to Pomona Music Video, Pomona Proud, Positive Pomona Music Video, Pomona Promise

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Welcome to Pomona Music Video, Pomona is Pomona Proud that is Positive Pomona’s Pomona Promise to the people of Pomona. The residents of Pomona are invited to sing the positive Pomona Rap that uplifts the spirit of Pomona residents. The City of Pomona is invited to make Pomona Proud’s pride in Pomona Rap song a community favorite. It is time that Pomona starts to think and talk and sing positively about Pomona. What better city can there be than that of Pomona. We have the Pomona Fairplex, Pomona Police Department, Pomona Chamber of Commerce, Pomona City Council, Pomona City Hall, Pomona Unified School District, Garey High School, Ganesha High School, Pomona High School, Pomona Catholic School, School of the Arts and Enterprise, Pomona Baptist Church, Pomona Valley Medical Center, Casa Colina Hospital in Pomona, Inter Valley Health Plan in Pomona, Mt. San Antonio Hospital in Pomona, California State University Pomona, Friends of the Pomona Public Library, the San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corps, the Pomona Valley Boys and Girls Club, Pomona City Manager Linda Lowrey, Pomona Mayor Elliot Rothman, Western University,777 Place, Lawson Social Media in Pomona, Pomona Rotary, Pomona Lions Club, Pomona Kiwanis, Pomona Fit Force Taekwondo, OPARC, Big D’s Tattoo supplies, Pomona Fair Grounds, ODonnavans Restaurant, John Forbing State Farm Insurance in Pomona, Youth and Family Master Plan, Fremont Academy in Pomona, PUSD, SAE Pomona Lions Club, Cal Poly Pomona and more .

For more information go to facebook.com/PomonaProud or see LawsonSocialMedia.com

Daily Promise and Prayer by Bro.P.Satish Kumar From Calvary Temple – 07.09.2017

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Calvary Temple – Biggest & Fastest Growing Church in India!

Bro. Satish Kumar started his Walk with God at an early age of 12. Bro started to recognize the Almighty’s voice and know Gods will for his life and ministry. This has been the secret of his success and has laid a strong foundation for his ministry over the years.

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Bro. Satish Kumar started the CALVARY TEMPLE with 25 people on June 5th 2005 in Kukatpally, Hyderabad, India. At present, there are more than 100,000 members who worship the Almighty in this temple.
God has equipped him to preach the word of God with His power and authority. He adopted his preaching method from Jesus Christ, i.e. preaching the word with illustrations and parables. This greatly helped people to understand the word and apply it to their daily lives. His spirit filled sermons have attracted hundreds and thousands of people to Calvary temple.

With God’s Grace, he built this temple in 52 days just as Nehemiah built the walls of Jerusalem. A church as big as a stadium, with a seating capacity of nearly 18,000 people, was built in just 52 days. All this happened because the Almighty had his blessings showering upon Bro. Satish Kumar.
Calvary Temple is indeed India’s largest Church and probably is one of the fastest growing churches in the World.

The Calvary temple has five services: 6:00 am, 9:00 am, 12:00 pm, 5:30 pm – 7:00 (English service) and 6:00 pm