Forest Park First Baptist Church Exhort – Georgia

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Closing Music by Eloc and Goldie

Abortion and the Church

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Abortion remains one of the most controversial issues of our day. Not even the religious community is unified on the issue. Our guests in this episode include members of the clergy who stand on different sides of the debate:

Pastor Patrick Hines, associate pastor at Grace Bible Presbyterian Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. He and his congregation support local pro-life women help centers, and advocate for the rights of unborn babies.

Reverend Anne Wrider, an Episcopal priest from Cincinnati, Ohio, who believes abortion is a woman’s right and choice. She doesn’t believe in telling her congregation what’s right or wrong. Instead, she looks to guide people in making ethical decisions for themselves using reason, tradition and scripture.

Father Jeff Kemper, a Catholic priest at St. John Parish in Harrison, Ohio. He emphasizes that all life is a gift from God and we’ve been given the important task to protect it.

Reverend Terris Tyson, associate pastor at United Church of Christ and a member of the Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. She counsels women facing unexpected pregnancies and believes abortion should be an available consideration throughout pregnancy (Season 5, Episode 11)

Fastest-growing Churches Teach Literal Interpretation Of Bible

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1. Fastest-growing Churches Teach Literal Interpretation Of Bible
2. President Obama Says ‘Michelle Will Never Run For Office’
3. Wife Of Deployed Marine Ordered To Remove U.S. Flag From Her Lawn
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Sept 27 Prayer Rally – 40 Days for Life – Las Cruces, NM

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00:00:00 – Greg Goldblatt & Daughter sing “Lord, I Need You”
00:01:26 – Greg Goldblatt & Daughter sing “Love the Lord”
00:04:11 – Opening Prayer by Mike Edwards of First Baptist Church
00:06:37 – Prayer for Babies
00:07:27 – Keynote Presentation from Dan Schneider (video cut out momentarily right on his very last closing words, “God Bless America”)
00:20:53 – Prayer for Mothers
00:22:37 – Testimony from Kim Shipton about her abortion and Rachel’s Vineyard
00:28:46 – Testimony from Don about how an abortion with his ex-wife negatively affected his life and still pains him decades later
00:33:30 – Prayer for abortion clinic workers and abortionists
00:40:47 – Greg Goldblatt & Daughter sing “Choose Life”
00:44:40 – Greg Goldblatt & Daughter sing “Do You Care?”
00:48:21 – Greg Goldblatt & Daughter sing “The Voice of Truth”
00:52:47 – Greg Goldblatt & Daughter sing “Heal Our Land”
00:57:25 – Greg Goldblatt & Daughter sing “God Of This City”
01:00:33 – Testimony from Olivia McDonald choosing life when her doctor recommended abortion
01:01:55 – Closing Remarks & Prayer for Pro-Life Advocates, especially those in El Paso and Albuquerque
01:04:07 – Closing Prayer by Mark Cavaliere

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