Don Roth’s Presentation on Noah’s Flood – Cincinnati, Ohio

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Biblical scholar Don Roth gives a presentation at COG (Church of God) in Cincinnati, Ohio, speaking on The Mysteries of Noah’s Flood: Revealed.

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Fri. 10-27-17 – 6:15pm Maronite Divine Liturgy Followed by Presentation of St. Sharbel Makhluf

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The Holy Divine Liturgy at St. Anne Roman Catholic Parish in Gilbert, Arizona, not far from Phoenix.

Christine Lagarde Presentation in Portland, Oregon 5.14.18

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Thanks to all who attended and supported this special event with Christine Lagarde at The Old Church in Portland, Oregon. Video courtesy of Victor Echevarria – –

Gideons International Presentation – Oakwood UMC Lubbock

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Gideons International Presentation at Oakwood UMC, Lubbock Texas. You remember the Gideons. They place Bibles in hotel rooms. Outside of home and church, it may well be one of the first places you saw a Bible. In this video, there is a testimony of a former atheist woman where she explains how a Gideons Bible change her whole family for the better. Did you know that the Gideons give out 1,000,000 Bibles every four days?
Find the Gideons locally at:
Gideons International
Address: 1414 Avenue L, Lubbock, TX 79401
Phone: (806) 744-6089

And, come see us at Oakwood United Methodist Church, Lubbock Texas. (2215 58th Street, Lubbock, Texas 79412)

A Trip to the Holy Land Presentation – Apostolic Faith Church of Portland Oregon

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Apostolic Faith Church of Portland Oregon Southern Africa 2014 Camp meeting published :

A presentation by the Apostolic Faith Church of Portland Oregon members who visited Israel. Its shows the reality of the Bible identifying places like Joppa where Jonah boarded the ship to flee from the Lord. Also the place where Jeroboam the man who caused Israel to sin rose the idols to disturb the worship at Jerusalem and many others are clearly shown. Elijah’s war at Mt Carmel is brought to life, Stories like that of Solomon, David, Jesus, Peter, Paul and many others are brought to reality to the present world. One will clearly see that the Bible is not just a story book but a living word of God after seeing this video. Enjoy!

Pottery Presentation – Pastor Pat Lazovich

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See what happens when you fully place your life, “In the Potter’s Hands.” Pastor Pat Lazovich of Calvary Chapel Sierra Vista, presents his Pottery Presentation.