2018 Summer Prescott Bible Conference Wayman Mitchell – Friday Night

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2018 Summer Bible Conference in Prescott, Arizona. This conference is titled “Advancing The Gospel”. This video is of Pastor Wayman Mitchell preaching on Friday night. Powerful conference meeting. All footage is courtesy of The Potter’s House of Prescott, AZ. This footage was uploaded with Prescott’s consent and permission.

Rev. Georgia Prescott speaking “What Kind Of Choices WIll We Make?”

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Rev. Georgia Prescott speaking January 26th, at Centers For Spiritual Living Redding. Rev. Georgia, Senior Minister of the Center for Spiritual Awareness in West Sacramento, is a dynamic and humorous speaker, gifted teacher and compassionate counselor. She is known for her storytelling and bringing the wisdom of spiritual masters from all the great religions into her talks. Rev. Georgia founded the Center for Spiritual Awareness, then called the Sacramento Church of Religious Science, in late 1998, shortly after graduating from the Holmes Institute of Consciousness Studies.

2017 Summer Prescott Bible Conference Harold Warner – Friday A.M. 1

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2017 Summer Bible Conference in Prescott, Arizona. This conference topic is called “Blessing the Nations”. This video is of Pastor Harold Warner preaching on Friday morning. Powerful conference meeting. All footage is courtesy of The Potter’s House of Prescott, AZ. This footage was uploaded with Prescott’s consent and permission.

Baton Rouge Flood: Howell Park, Prescott coverage – BBX News

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I talked with a brother down in Baton Rouge who’s a photographer. He has been documenting what’s been going on in parts of the city media hasn’t covered. Share this news story with your friends and family spread the word!

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2018 Winter Prescott Bible Conference – Friday Night Announcements

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All the announcements of new works being sent out into the harvest field. Praise God for these 16 new works.

1. Ariyaloor, India: Marcus & Stella Samuels

1. Dayton, OH: Eli & Amy Snyder
2. Rose Park, UT: Isaac & Naomi Arreola
3. Lacey, WA: Matt & Janet Layton
4. Brawley, CA: Brandon & Veronica Edmond
5. Lawton, OK: Bryan & Danae Schuler
6. Rialto, CA: Richie & Katrina Ruiz
7. St. Louis, MO: Randy & Christine Long
8. New Orleans, LA: Eric & Alisha Franklin
9. Los Angeles, CA: Eric & Ysenia Bakke
10.Pocatello, ID: Hansen & Eva Multine
11.Clearfield, UT: Eli & Mary Medina
12. Las Vegas, NV: Noe & Claudia Cano
13.Tacoma, WA: Torres & Molly Maidesil
14. Lake Elsinore, CA: Moises & Chrystal Romero
15. Mililani, HI: John & Marissa Sumang

Driving Copper Basin Rd., Prescott National Forest, AZ

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Driving Copper Basin Road (aka Yavapai County Highway 64) from Prescott to Skull Valley, through Arizona’s Prescott National Forest. The first 3 miles are paved, the next 13 miles car drivable dirt, and the last ½ mile is paved. Did some mine exploring. Blog & Links:

“Gemini Instrumental”, Pipe Choir

CCV Summer Camp at UCYC (Prescott, AZ)

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My son and I just returned from three-plus days at CCV (Christ’s Church of the Valley) summer camp in Prescott (AZ) on the campgrounds of UCYC. More than 650 kids and adult coaches attended this past week alone. Consult CCV or UCYC for your opportunity to attend this incredible, life-changing experience.