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Pastor Trainer singing FATHER I STRETCH MY HANDS TO THEE as His Hymn of Preparation Before His Sermon at True Vine Baptist Church 1448 2nd Avenue Port Arthur on Sunday September 13, 2009 @ 3:00p as they observe their Men & Women Day Pre-Church Anniversary Service.

Pastor David J Trainer Sr Hymn of Preparation PRAY FOR ME Sunday, July 26, 2015

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Pastor David J. Trainer Sr. Sings Pray For Me before Sermon Sunday, July 26, 2015 10:00a Worship at the True Vine Baptist Church Port Arthur Texas Rev. Jarrod Philips, Pastor

Concrete Subfloor Preparation for the Vinyl Floor Installation How-To DIY Mryoucandoityourself

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Here is one of my last project where I am doing the concrete subfloor preparation for the vinyl floor installation. In one video I show you my work which I made for three days in a row. Professionalism is growing from year to year. I think this is my best subfloor leveling in my life.
Hope this video will help you to get more knowledge about concrete subfloor preparation (especially subfloor prep for vinyl floor installation). Do not hesitate ask me some questions. I am here to help you.
What’s inside “Concrete Subfloor Preparation for the Vinyl Floor Installation”:

00:17 Old concrete subfloor was painted and very soft (had lots of sand), so I had to delete it completely and start subfloor preparation from zero.
00:23 Here is old concrete subfloor deletion.
00:29 Filling in big gaps between subfloor and walls.
00:34 Filling in concrete subfloor cracks.
00:54 Applying L primer for concrete subfloor.
01:01 Applying S primer for subfloor with vinyl.
01:19 Concrete floor leveling compound preparation.
01:29 Putting concrete floor leveling compound.
01:37 One more time
01:46 And more.
01:56 Rolling out the concrete floor leveling compound with a spiked roller.
02:07 More concrete floor leveling compound…
02:19 Here is what you should get.
02:26 Next day…
02:29 Make your new concrete subfloor very smooth because the vinyl floor is very thin.
02:36 The concrete subfloor is ready for the vinyl floor installation.

Canon T5i –
Floor leveling:
– Concrete Mixer for barrel –
– Concrete Mixer for bucket –
– Dewalt Drill for Mixer –
– Straight Edge 6 Ft. –
– Straight Edge 8 Ft. –
– Straight Edge 10 Ft. –
– Spike Roller –
– Gunite Shoes –
– Self-Leveling Kit –
– Gauge Rake with Sleds –
– 15 Gal Mixing Barrel –
– Dewalt Laser Level –
– Concrete Finishing Trowel –
– Mapei T Primer
– Mapei L Primer
– Mapei Novoplan 2 Plus 50 lbs. Professional Self-Leveling Underlayment

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Father I Stretch My Hand to Thee Hymn of Preparation- Minister Wesley Thompson

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21 Year Old Minister Wesley Thompson leading the congregation at St. John MB Church (Lawton, OK) in a hymn of preparation before he preaches the Father’s Day Sermon “Daddy I’m Home”