“WEAR PANTS AND HIGH HEELS!”Jinger Duggar Shows Off Latest Maternity Wear The endanger Her Pregnancy

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Jinger Duggar Shows Off Latest Maternity Wear: White Pants And High Heels

Jinger Duggar isn’t letting being pregnant stop her from rocking pants. The Counting On star’s bright white maternity jeans are receiving rave reviews from fans, but Jinger’s Instagram followers aren’t just freaking out over her latest pregnancy outfit. Her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, has also debuted a new look that’s making jaws drop.

On Sunday, Jinger Duggar took to Instagram to show off some of her stylish and sophisticated maternity wear. She chose a patriotic color palette for the Lord’s Day before President’s Day, rocking a pair of pure white pants paired with an unbuttoned blue blazer and a red top. The Duggar daughter completed her look with a pair of high heel wedges that she’s been photographed wearing a few times now. The upper portions of the shoes are light gold, while the wedges are decorated in a black and white pattern.

In his wife’s photo, Jeremy Vuolo is dressed up in a suit. The image was taken outside of the Laredo, Texas church were Jeremy preaches, so it would seem that Jinger Duggar wore jeans during her husband’s most recent worship service.

The outfit that the mom-to-be chose to praise the Lord in earned her a plethora of praise from her admirers, many of whom were pleased to see that she’s decided to rock maternity jeans and high heels during her pregnancy. According to Jinger, she’s currently 18 weeks along.

“Pregnant and wearing heels and skinny jeans…good for you!!” wrote one of Jinger’s followers.

“PANTS!!! And those SHOES! Get it girl!” another remarked.

However, not all of the Counting On star’s followers were pleased to see that she’s still rocking jeans. A few commenters parroted her mother Michelle Duggar’s stance that women should not wear pants. In one of her old TLC blog posts, the Duggar family matriarch claimed that God has told her that he wants her to only wear skirts and dresses.

contrarian commenter in response to Jinger’s post.

“I would, so to be consistent I believe women should dress like women and men should dress like men. It’s not judging them, just using common sense and consistency.”

Jessa Duggar decided to share her thoughts on her younger sister’s Instagram post, but her focus was on Jeremy Vuolo’s face, not Jinger’s fashionable attire.

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