The Church at North Orlando – “Keep Your Charge”

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The Church @North Orlando in Orlando, Florida.

Message from Sunday August 6, 2017

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“Grace Conquerors All” / Conference 2016 / 01 My Journey Out of Heresy and Deception / John Samson

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Behind every deception there lurks the crafty, hissing serpent appealing to the pride of man. “You don’t need a God.. why? You can become one,” he says. “Learn my wisdom and my laws; put them in motion and you can control your destiny and environment to make it as you please.”

Pastor John Samson will share the Scriptural truths that drove a stake into the heart of the deceiving, man-centered doctrines he had embraced, setting him free to know and love the only God there really is – the Sovereign King of the Universe, the God of the Bible.

John Samson is a Reformed Pastor and author with a passion for the local Church and for the free offer of the gospel to be proclaimed far and wide. He serves as the pastor of King’s Church in Peoria, Arizona, USA and writes at and at
John has been in Christian ministry for more than 28 years and in that time he has pastored churches in both England and the USA, and has included ministry trips to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, India and Mongolia, in Churches, Camps, Conferences and Gospel outreach.
John’s passion is to proclaim God as He really is, and the Gospel as it really is, believing that it is impossible to have one without the other. In light of this, he is happy to affirm the five Solas of the Reformation and the Doctrines of Grace.
For many years John hosted a live 2 hour Christian television program as well as a 30 minute daily Bible teaching radio broadcast, “the Spirit of Faith,” covering central Arizona on KPXQ 1360 AM.
John is the author of numerous biblical and theological articles and his book “Twelve What Abouts – Answering Common Objections Concerning God’s Sovereignty in Election” (published by Solid Ground Christian books) has been widely distributed, helping many come to a new and fresh understanding of the grace of God.
John was born and raised in the historic city of Chester, England, situated just a few miles from the border with Wales.

Turning Point Church – Waco, Texas – Rev. Thomas D. Hale – Discouragement

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Turning Point Church – Waco, Texas – Rev. Thomas D. Hale – Discouragement

Pastor Shane Perry Preaching His Mid Week Service at FaithWorld Port St Lucie

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Pastor Shane Perry preaching his mid week service at FaithWorld Port St Lucie. Pastor Perry and his wife Latoiya Pastor a thriving multicultural mega church on the Treasure Coast of South FL.

Holy Angels Catholic Church, Chicago, Illinois March 4, 2018

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Holy Angels Catholic Church is an African American Roman Catholic Church in Chicago, Illinois.
The Reverend Andrew C. Smith, Jr., aka Father Drew, the Pastor of Holy Angels Catholic Church, presides over the Mass conducted on March 4, 2018
Deacons: Deacon Bruce McElrath and Deacon Mervin O. Johnson.
Minister of Music and Executive Director of Music of the Chicago Black Catholic Choir: Mr. Tyrone Pittman, Darius Jackson, Drummer.
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Father Andrew Charles Smith, Jr.
Holy Angels Catholic Church
615 East Oakwood Boulevard
Chicago, Illinois 60653

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Ryan LeStrange – The Ox & Eagle Anointing (February 3, 2018)

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Apostle Ryan LeStrange preaching Igniting Revival in Cali!
Fresno, California (2/3/2018)

Pastor H. B Charles Preaching in Phoenix

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Pastor H. B. Charles preaches for the Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church of Phoenix, AZ presided by Bishop Alexis Thomas

Evangelist Jerry Fussell Revival 01222017 PM – The Door Christian Fellowship El Paso Texas

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Evangelist Jerry Fussell Preaching a Revival

“Life is a Series of Battles” (preached in New Orleans)

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