Eldress Allie James preaches Union Town 2014 Ushers Anniversary Sermon

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This is a seven and a half minutes excerpt from Eldress James, who preached at the 2014 Ushers’ Anniversary held at Union Town Church of Christ on Sunday, July 13, 2014. Music was provided by the Smithwick Chapel COC Choir.

Pastor Bertrand Bailey Jr Preaches at 7 Last Words Service at Empowerment Temple

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Pastor Bertrand Bailey Jr. preaches “It’s Finished” during the 7 Last Words Service held at Empowerment Temple AME Church on Good Friday 2016 3/25/2016 in Baltimore, MD

Pastor John Gray Preaches First Message as Pastor of Relentless Church

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Pastor John Gray preaches his first sermon, “Momma’s Boy”, as senior/lead pastor of Relentless Church (formerly Redemption) on Mother’s Day during the first worship service of Relentless Church in Greenville, SC with Pastor John Gray as lead senior Pastor on 5/13/2018

Trey Gowdy Preaches a Baptist Message (almost)

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Trey Gowdy gives a speech to the liberal Bible rejecting school Liberty University. After I watched it I realized it was nearly a decent message and with Word of God applied, the King James Bible, the Holy Spirit could have used it and people might have actually got saved there. At least he read from God’s Word, which must have irked the faculty…. 🙂

Bishop Darryl Hines Preaches Ohio North Jurisdiction COGIC 100th Holy Convocation

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Ohio North Jurisdiction COGIC Holy Convocation Bishop Darryl Hines preaches. 100th Centennial Service. Church of God in Christ
General Board Member
This channel Great Gospel Songs, Sermons, Praise Break and Testimony Videos is dedicated to the Worship and Praise of Our Father God, the Lord Jesus and the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit.

Bishop Noel Jones Preaches Power of God Convocation 2018

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Bishop Noel Jones of City of Refuge in Gardena, CA preaches the third evening worship service of the 2018 Power of God Convocation presided by Bishop David G. Evan at Bethany Baptist Church in New Jersey

Bishop Joseph Walker Preaches Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship Conference 2016

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Presiding Bishop Joseph Warren Walker III preaches “Come Away With Me”for the official evening worship service of the 23rd Annual Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International Conference presided by Bishop Joseph Warren Walker III on 6/29/2016 in Orlando, FL

Bishop George Bloomer Preaches Hard at Pentecostal Assemblies of the World 101st Convention

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Bishop George Bloomer shares his testimony as he closes his message on the final night of the 101st Summer Convention of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World on 8/5/2016 in Kansas City, MO presided by Bishop Charles H. Ellis III

Bishop Michael Pitts Preaches Holy Convocation 2017

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Bishop Michael Pitts delivers the message during the second evening worship service of the 2017 Holy Convocation of the Perfecting Fellowship International lead by Presiding Bishop-Elect Marvin L. Winans held at Perfecting Church on 5/23/2017 in Detroit, M

Tyler Baker Preaches Works (Valiant Baptist Church)

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Tyler Baker of Valiant Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL preaches works salvation; he says that it’s “not enough” to just believe the Gospel — that in addition to having faith, that you must do two things (1) Verbally confess with your mouth and pray the sinner’s prayer and (2) not be ashamed of the Gospel and professing Jesus publicly.

In addition to preaching works, Tyler Baker also says that a Christian cannot go soul winning or preach the Gospel to the lost without authorization from their local church.

This all adds up to the perfect recipe for not a church, but a cult, centered around heretical false teaching, works salvation mixed with habitual railing, venomous hatred, and slanderous lies from behind the pulpit.

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Chicano Founder Preaches La Raza Nationalism – Corky Gonzales, UCLA 1969

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Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales preaches nationalism for “Chicanos” in a speech at the University of California Los Angeles in 1969. This was one year before Chicano Park was occupied in San Diego and provides a good idea what the Park is about and how they feel about police. The Chicano Park Steering Committee calls it the first part of Aztlan to be occupied and they say that the domination of the rest of Aztlan will grow out of the Park. The call the Park the Ombligo (navel) of Aztlan. Gonzales was one of the four Founders of Chicano political movement.

The Democrats in San Diego support this outrageously political, anti-American, revolutionary Park with our tax money, because it earns them political support and helps them continue dominate city government in a military town that once was considered to be pro-American.

“Vatos” means “guy”.
“Gachupines” is a racial slur used for Spanish white colonizers.
“Barrios” or “varios” means neighborhood.
“Chongos” is a pejorative term for the police.
“Comancheros” in New Mexico were Chicano terrorists that burned farm buildings on territory that they claimed was theres.

Plan espiritual de Aztlán (text)

Bishop Willie James Campbell Preaches for Bishop Brandon Porter

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While in Memphis, TN for the Church of God in Christ April Call meeting, Bishop William James Cambell of Chicago preaches at Greater Community Temple Church of God in Christ on Tuesday 4/5/2016 pastors by General Board member, Bishop Brandon B. Porter

Jasmin Sculark Preaches into Praise Break at Full Gospel Baptist Church Conference 2016

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Jasmin Sculark preaches for the second mid-day worship service of the 23rd Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International Conference / Bishop Joseph Warren Walker the III in Orlando Florida on June 29th 2016