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Fr. Boby Peter Promiyon+Sedro prayers at St.Mary’s Orthodox Church, Philadelphia USA

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From the Holy Qurbana celebrated by Rev. Fr. Boby Peter at St. Mary’s Orthodox Church of Philadelphia, PA – USA on June 28, 2015.

“Hezekiahs Prayers” Pastor Victor Sullivan of Lamb of God Church, Fort Worth TX. 76111

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Pastor Victor Sullivan of Lamb of God Church, Iglesia Cordero de Dios. 3615 Maurice Ft. Worth, TX 76111.
Call for prayer at 817-838-7561 or Attend a bilingual Sunday or Wednesday service.
God is knocking on the door of Your Heart…..Why not Let Him in? With God All things are possible. Matthew 19:26

Little Prayers

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Little Prayers, by Stephen Dembski, text by Lee Rudolph.

Performed on August 19, 2016 by Ariadne Lih and Jacob Reed at The Uncommon Music Festival in Sitka, Alaska at St. Peter’s by-the-sea Episcopal Church.

The Uncommon Music Festival is dedicated to breaking the boundaries of standard concert repertoire with performances of early music, contemporary music, and under-performed repertoire from any age, bringing together young artists and new, curious audiences in an intimate setting.

Our 2016 Young Artists:

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Audio and video recording by O.K. Storyteller (


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Bride of Christ Please Pray for East Coast Tsunami Warning – Pray for Gods Mercy!

Two Tornadoes and a Tsunami

To those with ears to hear,

The link below is to a dream that comes from a lady named Kasey who has had five tsunami dreams that she has posted on her blog. This dream really got my attention! I felt in my spirit that the two tornadoes in her dream could be a sign marker related to the two deadly tornado events that recently occurred. A tornado devastated Moore Oklahoma on May 20th and the second event was a tornado that hit El Reno outside Oklahoma City on May 31st, 2013. That tornado was an EF5 twister and at 2.6 miles wide is the widest tornado ever recorded. It was the second to strike the area in less than two weeks.

For your discernment!

I have received several responses of confirmation from people that they have also been shown an east coast tsunami event. A friend of mine here in Virginia Beach wrote this to me:

~~Thanks Sarah, Many of my brother’s friends in their little home church group have either heard or had dreams of some sort of tsunami and believe that God has inspired them to move…. One family has sold their home and are /have moved to property they purchased in the mountains of North Carolina where they believe God has sent them. Two other families believe they also have been told by God to sell their homes and move to the same locality in North Carolina and are trying to prepare or are actively preparing to sell their Virginia Beach property and move. I woke up this morning thinking about how one would even prepare for a tsunami as I live in a neighborhood that is right on the Chesapeake Bay off Shore Drive. Many of us have jokingly suggested a boat would be the best escape but from what I’ve seen, unless you can make it out beyond the shelf, a boat could be difficult to manage in the kind of waves of water that would come crashing into the bay. You are so right that for the believer it is important to pray, repent and seek God for His desire for us.~~

Praise the Lord some Christians still have some discernment and the desire to seek God about all matters before they ignore a warning of this nature in unbelief.

In Christ, Sarah

God’s Answers To Prayers

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Bible videos from the Nettleton church of Christ., Kevin Beard, December, 2017.

Make Prayers to the Raven: The Forest of Eyes

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Join a family on the Koyukuk River as they fish for their yearly supply of salmon, living and teaching survival skills to the children while enjoying the closeness of fish camp during the one time of year the land’s resources come to the people.

Chicken at Church’s Drive-Thru — Prayers for the Right Order on Country Club Dr, Mesa, AZ, GP051323

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Chicken at Church’s Drive-Thru — Prayers for the Right Order on Country Club Drive, Mesa, AZ, 12 July 2016, GP051323
Church’s Chicken
1151 S Country Club Dr
Mesa, AZ 85210