Bishop D. Woody Oklahoma City, Oklahoma “PraiseBreak” (Revival)

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United Pentecostal-Jubilee House of Prayer
311 Memorial Dr NW Decatur, Alabama
Bishop T.D. Strong (pastor)
Breakthrough Revival
July 25-27 7:30 pm
Bishop D. Woody of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Nighly)

God Said It, The Church Of God & True Holiness Eastover South Carolina

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God is said it , and we take him at his word! Are you Standing On the Promises Of Jesus? One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, One God, One Father, Above All, Thru All, and In You All! We Preach Jesus Christ and him Crucified. We Preach That He Died, Rose Again The Third Day with All Power In His Hand! He Is Lord To The Glory Of God! Jesus Said……..If I Be Lifted Up, I Will Draw All Men Unto Me! Holiness Is Right! The Prophet Isaiah said And A Hiway Shall Be There And A Way And it Shall Be Called…..The Way Of Holiness, The Unclean Shall Not Pass Over It. Period!!!!!!!!! It Shall Be For Those……The Way Faring Men! God Said It!

Praise Break at Upper Room Church of God in Christ – #060213

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Praise Break at Upper Room Church of God in Christ. Pastor, Dr. Patrick L. Wooden, Sr. preached a message entitled, “Man! I Hope So: Protecting your Holy Nomenclature” The praise break followed the powerful message.

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#3 Tasha Cobbs “Without You” at Refiners Fire Church Ministries-Huntsville, AL

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A Descendant of Abraham Mime Ministry of Decatur, Alabama ministering to “Without You” by Tasha Cobbs this is one of my favorite songs to mime to. I hope this video bless you.