Deadly head-on collision kills young mother on Texas highway | New York Post

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Guillermo Suarez, 31, has been charged with DWI and vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, after his vehicle caused a fatal accident on a Texas highway.

Canadian Rights Audit: Canada Post Distribution building (Deerfoot Location)

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Canadian Rights Media conducted an independent Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms Audit regarding the Right to Publicly Film while on Public Property auditing: Canada Post Distribution building (Deerfoot Location) in Calgary, Alberta

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Public filming is NOT Against the Law
It’s your CANADIAN right to Publicity Film
You have NO EXPECTATION of Privacy in Public

Audit 8: COP LAYS DOWN THE LAW! – USPS – Sheep Schooled – Wainscott, NY Post Office

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In this video we visit the Wainscott, NY Post Office to do a 1st amendment audit. Customer calls police and the sheep get schooled. COP LAYS DOWN THE LAW! Thanks for watching, liking, commenting and subscribing!!

Audit 9: Snowstorm at the Post Office – “Don’t call me Ma’am” – USPS Amagansett, NY

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In this video we visit the Amagansett, NY Post Office and walk right into a snowstorm. Should have brought my snow shovel !

Hurricane Michael post storm images – Mexico Beach and Port St. Joe, Florida

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Footage of our return to Mexico beach and Port St. Joe area after hurricane Michael evacuation. Some land footage and some from air. Mexico beach and Port St. Joe beach devastation from hurricane Michael. Most powerful storm to hit this area in recorded weather history

Bishop George E. Battle Jr.- 2015 Charlotte Post Best Luminary of the Year

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This video features a profile of Bishop Geroge E. Battle Jr., Presiding Prelate of the AME Zion Church. which was presented at the Charlotte Post Best Foundation Awards banquet on October 10, 2015 in Charlotte, NC. Bishop Battle was honored as Luminary of the Year. It is produced by Brayboy Communications Inc.

Man with a knife dares cop to shoot him — and gets shot | New York Post

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Police in Oklahoma City have released bodycam footage of a shooting incident that originated from a domestic disturbance call. Jonathan Boyd was wounded when police shot him as he brandished a knife and challenged the officers to fire.

ISIS defaces and destroys a Catholic church in the Philippines | New York Post

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Islamic extremists defaced a Catholic church in the Philippines, destroying many religious relics and setting the altar on fire. The video was released by the Amaq News Agency, an affiliate of the Islamic State terrorist network, captured in Marawi.

Milwaukee police shoot unarmed man holding cellphone | New York Post

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Jerry Smith Jr. is suing the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, after being shot by police in August 2017. Recently released bodycam footage shows that Smith was holding a cellphone when confronted by police.

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POST SHOWS: MAY 2017 Me First, Adicts, Punk Rock Bowling, Iggy Pop, Bouncing Souls, Bad Religion…

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Me First and The Gimme Gimmes @ The Observatory OC in Santa Ana California May 12, 2017

Me first and the Gimme Gimmes were super rad. I had seen them a billion years ago at a Warpt tour, but I had lost my friends already, so I didn’t stay long to watch them. There was no crowd. I always remembered that. Things have changed! The observatory was packed with a bunch of super happy kids ready to dance and sing along. It was pretty precious.

The Adicts @ The Belasco Theater in Los Angeles California May 26, 2017

Adicts were amazing, per usual. First night in the pit since April 4th with the Descendents in Santa Cruz. Fucked my wrist really bad that night heading into the pit with a fucked knee and foot I was babying. But, over 6 weeks later, I really thought I was ready. I was working on my injuries, foot/knee/wrist. Everything was really getting better. Then, I don’t know. I swear it was “Easy Way Out”, one of my favorites, and I don’t know. Dude pushed me down, not out, then I guess a bunch of other people got the same treatment coming around the bend, and everyone fell on my calf. Knee bone not connected to the leg bone. Amazing little beautiful punk rock angel pulled me out of the pit like a beast and took me out of the crowd. The show was pretty much ruined for me. I couldn’t walk. I was no longer excited about Punk Rock Bowling.

Punk Rock Bowling Downtown Las Vegas Nevada May 27, 2017
Date #1 with Me First and The Gimme Gimmes, Iggy Pop, OFF!, Interrupters, Drug Church, The Spits, Plague Vendor, Mobina Galore, New Trends

Punk Rock Bowling is one of my favorite times of the year, and my trip was fucked. No pit is fucked. I really still can’t believe it. I really need a good prb to trek through the bs that is Socal. Whatever, I was going anyways as resident partier. By this time I had a cane and a major knee wrap going, things were certainly complicated. The shows were still great, the ones I caught. Me first and the Gimme Gimmes were good to see again, even if it was the same set. Iggy Pop was really good. So glad I stayed for that. He was def all over the place, really good performer. Good Day 1. Limping and all.

Punk Rock Bowling Downtown Las Vegas Nevada May 28, 2017
Date #2 with Bouncing Souls, Fidlar, Bad Religion, The Dickies, The Real McKenzies, Ten Can Riot, Choking Victim, Lost in Society, The Venomous Pinks

Day 2 was no bueno. Missing Bouncing Souls is one of those awful things I won’t let myself live down. I really needed LV for my intensity in ten cities too. So. Lame. Caught Fidlar for the first time, and they were definitely a band I would see again. Day 2 was weird though, I was really only there that day for Bouncing Souls, missing them fucked the plans.

Punk Rock Bowling Downtown Las Vegas Nevada May 29, 2017
Date #3 with The Adicts, Pennywise, Cocksparrer, Discharge, Booze & Glory, Lions Law, Wolfpack, Roadside Bombs, The Quitters

Day 3 was about Adicts for me. They are definetly the best performances I ever see. Pits usually go the fuck off. Everyone goes pretty wild for the Adicts. I guess that’s why I couldn’t not pit. It was killing me. Beyond restless. I had too! And I was cool during Joker. Droog Armying the fuck out of the situation. Totally keeping up. Cane and all. I should have just been happy with that. But no. Had to get some more. “Easy Way Out” for sure on this one. And man, I just got shattered. As done as anyone can be that didn’t lose consciousness. Passing out would have been better. Dumb drunk arrogant girl.
Again, sorry for anyone that had to deal with me being a completely incapable cunt. So uncool of me.

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Wells Fargo Bank Post RV IQD Iraqi Dinar Currency Exchange

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Real Community Engagement

Our live chat room and call are both open 24/7. Help us spread the word in the Dinar community. Let everyone know they have a place where they can openly and freely talk with each other without being censored or muted or banned!

There are no power hungry mods to tell you what you can or can’t talk about. We don’t sell anything. We will NEVER ask you for any donations. We do not believe in making money off currency holders.

Come hang out with over 1,400 registered dinarians and openly talk about everything that’s happening with the Iraqi Dinar, Indonesian Rupiah, Zimbabwe Dollar, Iranian Rial, Vietnamese Dong, and all other speculative currencies pending a potential revaluation RV. What are your thoughts about the Global Currency Reset GCR? What will the revalued rate be for the IQD?

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1st amendment audit of the post office daytona beach Fl.

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I finally got my video editing up and running

When I had walk to the front of thepostoffice the police was no wear around,however when I was wasking back to my care I spoted the police watching me from themiddle of the road then speeds off no contact.
Created with Movie Studio Platinum

BREAKING UFC ISLAMIC Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov WAR on NON Muslims Post Fight brawl October 2018

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Islam CalipHATE ISLAM plans world domination Sharia Law

BREAKING Kavanaugh confirmed LISTEN to NO votes & VOTE them OUT Midterm Election November 2018

BREAKING USA to Israel more F35 Jets over Russia s300 integrated Nuclear Control System 10/6/18

BREAKING Russia upgraded ASSAD Syria Air defense systems & Electronic Warfare on Israel September 2018 News

BREAKING Syria Vows to use upgraded S300 Air defense systems & Electronic Warfare on Israel 9/28/18

India Russia sign S400 Missile Air Defense deal defiant to incompatible USA NATO system 10/5/18

Something Strange going on Supervolcano Yellowstone Dormant Geyser NOW Active Raw Footage 10/3/18

Yellowstone Supervolcano Massive Eruption would cause Global Catastrophic destruction

BREAKING Something Strange Going On Volcano Eruptions Earthquakes Tsunamis October 2018

BREAKING Hurricane Rosa Electrical Thunderstorm California Arizona border Raw Footage 9/30/18

BREAKING 7.5 Earthquake 10 foot Tsunami Indonesia 100’s killed RAW FOOTAGE update September 29 2018

BREAKING 7.5 Earthquake Tsunami slams into Indonesian city RAW FOOTAGE September 28 2018

BREAKING USA F35 First Combat mission in Afghanistan against Taliban Cave Dwellers 9/29/18

Breaking Trump AMERICA FIRST not GLOBALIST 1st Full Speech United Nations September 25 2018 News

BREAKING Historical Major Political Earthquake hits DC Kavanaugh Opening Statement Senate Hearing September 2018 News

Breaking Trump speech on Nuclear Biological Chemical Warfare @ UN Security Council meeting

BREAKING Russia Blames Israel on Russian Military Plane shot down in Syria September 24 2018 News

BREAKING Israel Air Strikes Latakia Syria & Russian Military jet Shot Down Raw Footage 9/18/18

Breaking Ezekiel Bible Prophecy coming Gog Magog War Last Days End times news update September 2018

Heavenly & Fallen Angels Demons Ghosts do You believe in the unseen world ???

Strange Sounds UFO’s? HAARP Weather Manipulation weapons mind control

BREAKING Israeli Air Strikes on Damascus Airport Syria Raw Footage September 15 2018 News

BREAKING Russia China Massive War Drills Largest in 40 Years Sending Message to West 9/14/18

BREAKING 2018 Mattis warns China Militarization South China Sea China vs USA doorstep War 2018

End Times News update Bible Prophecy Current Events Apostasy Church Falling Away August 2018

Mega Churches Calvary Chapel Brian Brodersen Greg Laurie False Teaching Rick Warren CONNECTIONS

U2 B Heavenbound Youtube CENSORING U2Bheavenbound Conservative Views HELP by Share videos 2018

Breaking News Current Events 2018

End Times News Update

Breaking News

End Times News Bible Prophecy Last Days Deception in Churches 2018

Calvary Chapel Brian Brodersen Rick Warren Joel Osteen Ecumenical Catholic Pope Interfaith Chrislam

BREAKING Brian Brodersen Calvary Chapel Ravi Zacharias ECUMENICAL APOSTASY 2018

BREAKING Catholic Church Arch Bishop says Quran Holy Book Islam Muslims R Brothers Sisters 2018

BREAKING Catholic Church Pope Francis declares Atheists go to HEAVEN 2018 News

Sr Pastor Brian Brodersen of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa & Greg Laurie Harvest Crusades endorses unbiblical teachers purpose driven emergent Saddleback church founder Rick Warren