The Side of Portsmouth, Ohio That You Rarely See

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Close to the intersection of Front & Court Sts is this dilapitated area of old run-down buildings and vacant, overgrown lots. One would think that the city would want to rid the area of places like this, and revamp them with newer housing, or perhaps develop the property for commercial land use, such as a hotel or restaurant to bring customers & tourists to the area.

The area in the video is immediately adjacent to the flood wall murals, and you cannot help but notice this lot as you stoll along Front St and glance at the murals.

The white wall at the beginning of the video is believed to be the wall to a food warehousing & distribution company. I start out walking down an abandoned alleyway between this building and the adjacent vacant lot, which looks like an overgrown jungle more than anything.

Next I came upon an interesting sight: an old railroad rail being used as a pole to help prevent vehicles from hitting the corner of a nearby garage.

At 1:18 I passed an old plastic garbage can filled with junk and old stagnant water, which itself was full of mosquito larvae. I found myself standing in the back of a couple old tenement buildings which 100 years ago may have been used as housing for families in the Boneyfiddle area of Portsmouth. Sadly, what was once the back yards of these buildings has now become the wastelands of these old buildings, full of trash, old bricks, wood pallets, and even a wooden staircase.

I continued on my trek, and had apparently discovered the corner “home” of a homeless man, complete with an old discarded mattress. The yard area surrounding the mattress had obviously been mowed quite recently, and it actually looked decent.

At 2:32, I found a glass blocked window, with one glass block broken. Inside this single broken block, a bird had made a nest. At 3:24, you can see just how close I am to the floodwall murals on Front St.

Portsmouth on the Ohio to downtown Columbus, Ohio 2015-05-30

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A drive upstream along Ohio highway 23 from where the Scioto River meet the Ohio to the Ohio state capital.
The Scioto River (/saɪˈoʊtoʊ/ sy-oh-toh or /saɪˈoʊtə/ sy-oh-tə) is a river in central and southern Ohio more than 231 miles (372 km) in length.[3] It rises in Auglaize County in west central Ohio, flows through Columbus, Ohio, where it collects its largest tributary, the Olentangy River, and meets the Ohio River at Portsmouth. Too small for modern commercial shipping, its primary economic importance is for recreation and drinking water.

0:13 Leaving Portsmouth, Ohio at the Ohio River
1:00-3:10 Through Portsmouth, Ohio
1:45:15 Exiting for downtown Columbus, Ohio

The majority of US 23 in Ohio is divided expressway, with the exception of downtown Columbus and the portion of the route between Carey and US 20 east of Perrysburg.

URL to playlist of all videos captured at this event:
2015-05-30 Rolling Stones Zip Code Tour with Kid Rock opening-Columbus Ohio USA

It’s Time To Go (Guest Speaker @ Noble Street Baptist Church of Portsmouth, Va)

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Pastor Carl Wilkins Jr.

Join Us on Sundays at 3pm The Zone Center
located 1317 East Little Creek Rd. Norfolk, VA 23518
(Inside of Restoration Christian Fellowship, Next to Napa Autoparts) Please visit our website at

Portsmouth Va, Fire Department Structure fire

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Engine 2, Engine 1, Rescue 1, Ladder 1, an Battalion 1 were dispatched to Norfolk Naval Shipyard to assist the Navy regional Fire Department with a structure fire. B1 arrived and upgraded it to a working fire bringing Engine 11, Battalion 2, Medic 1, and EMS 2. L1 set up and assisted Tower 21 with defensive attack. Crew from Navy regional made entry and one FF started to having shortness of breath. L1 quickly assisted in getting the FF out, and the FF was transported. Crews were on scene for several hours continuing to mop up. Navy units on scene were Engine 21, Engine 22, Engine 23, Engine 11, Tower 21, Squad 22, Rescue 25, and Battalion 21.

Neighbor recalls haunting of Portsmouth house in 1962

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The house that once stood at 949 Florida Ave. in Portsmouth, Va., was the spitting image of two others that sat in a row on a small plot of land in a middle-class neighborhood. But unlike the others, according to countless witnesses, 949 had a dark side. Neighbor Helen V. Davis talks about the paranormal activity. Story: