Nite Show Highlight – “Hallelujah” as performed by UMaine Renaissance

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UMaine Renaissance made their first appearance on The Nite Show to perform Leonard Cohen’s brilliant work, “Hallelujah.” Enjoy this amazing performance here, and catch FULL episodes of The Nite Show with Danny Cashman Saturday nights at 11:30 on WABI TV5/Bangor; Saturday nights at 10:30 on FOX23/Portland; Saturday nights at midnight on WAGM FOX8/Presque Isle; and late night Saturdays at 1 a.m. on CBS 13/Portland!

50th Anniversary – Christ United Methodist Church in Portland, Oregon

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It’s been an amazing 50 years since we were founded. We celebrate our history, our growth and our future. Here’s to another 50 years of Connecting, Growing and Serving our community.

Oregon Wildlife Control | Portland Bird Damage in Church Attic

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– Oregon Wildlife Control Services

We handle all nuisance wildlife problems and in this video we are doing an attic inspection for an old church that had been having squirrel problems.

When in the attic we found that they had a large amount of bird poop damage that had destroyed the insulation over time. We found the location that the birds and squirrels have been using to enter the attic.

For more information about all wildlife control services in Oregon check out:

For mole and gopher control information head over to

Bat control services in Oregon can be very annoying but we love solving these problems and always do a total live removal of bats. More information here

Eddie Windsor Speaks at Life Change Church Portland Oregon, Champion Life Church, Palm Desert 2

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Champion Life Church | Eddie & Tammy Windsor, Palm Desert California,

100 lecie polskiej Parafii w Portland Maine-USA

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Kościół Świętego Ludwika w Portland jest jedynym polskim kościołem w stanie Maine. Był on zbudowany przez i dla Polaków.

St. Louis Church is the only Polish church in the state of Maine; it was built by and for the Polish people.

Hosannas (aka Church) “Island” Live @ PDX Pop Now! Portland, Oregon 7.25.2009

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PDX Pop Now! show cases the best rising stars of Portland’s indie music scene. Hosannas crafts some of the most eclectically original music you’ve never heard. Their new album “Song Force Crystal” is being released through Portland’s ultracool boutique label Tender Loving Empire.