Overflight Port of Corpus Christi Assessing the Damage of Hurricane Harvey

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Overflight of Port of Corpus Christi Assessing the Damage of Hurricane Harvey
Video by Petty Officer 2nd Class Cory Mendenhall
U.S. Coast Guard District 8

Vessels transit into the Port of Corpus Christi, Sept. 1, 2017, after the port was reopened by the Coast Guard. The port was closed due to Hurricane Harvey. U.S. Coast Guard video by AUX Charles Dekle.

Family remembers Port Arthur wife and husband

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JEFFERSON COUNTY- by Haley BullThe family of a Port Arthur couple at the center of what police say is a murder-suicide investigation remembered the husband and wife Tuesday.Port Arthur Police Chief Mark Blanton said preliminary information showed 46-year old Jimmie Jenkinson shot his 44-year old wife Angel in the head before shooting himself in the chest. A family friend found the bodies Saturday in their Port Arthur home. Angel leaves behind two sons and Jimmie a daughter. She was gorgeous and she was so precious to us, Shannan Costilow said as she remembered her sister. She lived for her boys, that was her whole entire life.She was like my best friend and, like, I told her everything and she told me everything, Jacob Elmore said.Angel Jenkinson’s 15-year old son said that included the good and the bad.They loved each other, it’s just they weren’t good together, Elmore said.The couple married in September 2012. They’d like gotten in fights before, Elmore said. Last February, February 10th, he almost killed her and Im the one that had to call the cops and she always said, like, I saved her, I rescued her. So I knew that maybe one day if she didn’t get out it would happen.Jimmie Jenkinson’s 16-year old daughter Chloe shared part of a letter she plans to read at her father’s funeral with KFDM News. It reads:As you all know my dad and I were like peanut butter and jelly, we were always together having the best time we could ever dream of. The tears I cry will always be tears of joy because we always had so many precious memories together. I know in your eyes I will always be your little girl. Today, I stand in front of everyone and have no regrets as far as my father is concerned and I will love him for the rest of my life. I know he is at peace.A daughter remembering her father.A son knowing his mother’s words that create memories are silent.I’ll never hear her say I love you again. Like when everyone was texting me that they’d love me and I just knew that they can tell me that but she can’t tell me that again. I won’t get to hear her say anything for like a long time, Elmore said.Angel Jenkinson’s funeral will be Saturday at 2 p.m. at Melancon’s Funeral Home. Jimmie Jenkinson’s funeral will be Saturday at 11 a.m. at Friendship Baptist Church in Groves.

Murdock Christian Church Picnic June 2018 Port Charlotte, Fl.

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If you are seeking a fun and Bible based Christian Church with a relaxing atmosphere, give us a try! We welcome all to Services at 10:30 Sunday. Bible study at 09:30 Sunday’s and Wednesday’s at 6 pm.
17500 Elmwood Ave. Port Charlotte, Fl. 33948

GHI, Ghost Hunters International, Port Arthur Penitentiary,FAKE

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Watch as GH-Lie manipulate the truth.
When Barry takes this photo we see the image in his camera’s viewfinder. Except you’re not looking at the original photo. You’re looking at the enhanced image edited to appear to be the original in the viewfinder.
The reveal exposes GH-Lie.

Murdock Christian Church of Port Charlotte Florida

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Meet Our Preacher Mark. If you are seeking a Christian Church that will put spring into your step and joy in your heart, come see us! We meet Sunday morning at 09:30 for Bible study and at 10:30 for church service. We also have Bible study Wednesday’s at 6 pm.
17500 Elmwood Ave, Port Charlotte, Fl. 33948

Xclusive All Stars of Port Arthur, TX

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Stand Battle

This was a competition held in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Lyon Center on November 26, 2016. Hosted by 70 Jackson and Traci Brown. This competition had a lot of great dance teams on a Junior, Senior and college levels. Name of the teams were Divas with Attitude (Baton Rouge, LA); Dazzling Princess Dancers (Plaquemine, LA); Blazing Cheetahs (Marrero, LA); Talented Exclusive Dancing Diamonds (Houma, LA); Royal Dancerettes (Houston, TX); Studio Express the Motion( Houston, TX); Kenner City Highsteppers (Houston, TX); Prancing Canjunttes (Houma, LA); Leopards Dynasty (Mobile, AL); Dancing Darlings Dance Team (Marrero, LA); Dynamic Diamond Dancers (Marrero, LA) and Xclusive All Stars(Port Allen, TX).

Driver jobs in Port St. Lucie

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Gun show in Port St. Lucie this weekend

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Organizers of a local gun show that was planned months in advance before the Orlando massacre says the event is for responsible gun ownership. Angela Rozier reports. Subscribe to WPBF on YouTube now for more:

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Port Arthur FAKE Part III – Total Failure of a Fraud – 2015 Anniversary Special

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ALSO (Cannot be shown on CensorTube: “Port Arthur FAKE V – The Faked Police Drill Video – 2015 Anniversary Special”)

The Port Arthur faked massacre is one of the most egregious episodes of modern history. It has been revealed as an utter fraud, used to deprive an entire modern nation of its People’s natural right to self defense. It is emerging today as a leading example of corrupt government officials, staging acts of public violence through the misappropriation of public funds and resources, in order to advance the political agenda of a few.

The so-called “victims” of the Port Arthur event, are nothing more than a database of names, cobbled together through a variety of means. Some of them appear to be names of persons still alive – either in Australia or now in the U.S. – perhaps including those who participated as stand-ins for the staged theatric action. Others seem to be entirely fictitious identities, used to pad the numbers for dramatic purposes. And still others, clearly appear to be stolen identities of previously deceased persons, callously hijacked to suit the political agenda.

As a general legal principle, nothing based upon fraud can have any legal legitimacy. Therefore, the laws enacted upon the terror and intimidation deliberately generated as the intended products the Port Arthur fraud, must necessarily be considered void. These laws accomplish nothing, but leave the innocent helpless aginst further exploitation and abuse.

The armed population is most certainly NOT the oppressor here; clearly the corrupt government is.

Other authors have noted the bizarre secrecy of the police, the contradictory or non-existent evidence, and the ghostly invisibility of the convicted “shooter.” But all of these seeming mysteries surrounding the event are explained, however, when one realizes that the ‘shootings’ didn’t happen at all.

[Part I of this series.]

[Note Giffords’ family is connected to Australian “charities”. Coincidence?]

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Port Arthur The Asylum

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Port Arthur – The Asylum examines the many uses to which the Asylum at Port Arthur has been put in its varied hisotry. From housing the miserable human wreckage of the convict era through school house, administrative centre for the community and centre of social life, the building’s long story is told with stylish images and haunting music.

Port Arthur – The Asylum was produced for the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority by Roar Film in Hobart. All rights reserved.