Roundtable Discussion on Jean Bethke Elshtain: Politics, Ethics, and Society

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2018 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion
November 19
Denver, Colorado

2018 marks both the fifth anniversary of ethicist and political theorist Jean Bethke Elshtain’s death and the release of the first comprehensive collection of secondary material critically reflecting on her complete body of published work, Jean Bethke Elshtain: Politics, Ethics, Society (April, 2018). As such, the time is propitious for a panel which considers Elshtain’s work retrospectively and prospectively: how have the themes that shaped her career fared in the years since her death? What did she get right, what did she get wrong? What is worth revisiting? This roundtable panel draws on a diverse set of scholars to discuss the ways in which recent shifts in the political landscape challenge, confirm, or complicate Elshtain’s approach to religion, ethics, and politics. Panelists will draw on their own expertise and on their familiarity with both Elshtain’s work and Elshtain herself to provide a lively discussion.

Michael LeChevallier, University of Chicago, presiding

Victor Anderson, Vanderbilt University
James T. Johnson, Rutgers University
Robin W. Lovin, Southern Methodist University
Charles Mathewes, University of Virginia

Debra Erickson, Bloomsburg University

Business Meeting:
Keri Day, Princeton Theological Seminary
Christophe D. Ringer, Chicago Theological Seminary
Robert P. Jones, Public Religion Research Institute
Rachel Scott, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

David Gambrell, Reflections on Georgia Politics

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ROGP 021. David Gambrell interviewed by Bob Short, January 24, 2008.

David Gambrell worked as campaign treasurer during Jimmy Carter’s campaign for governor, and was appointed to the U.S. Senate by Governor Carter after the death of Richard Russell. In this interview Gambrell discusses the highlights of his service in the Senate, such as his vote against a resolution to withdraw troops from Vietnam and his support for the Lockheed bailout when he served on the Banking Committee. Other topics include family life, campaign finance, shifts in party politics, the career of Griffin Bell, and the Watergate scandal.

From the Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies. For more information, see:

Betty Sanders, Reflections on Georgia Politics

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ROGP 048. Betty Sanders interviewed by Bob Short, September 3, 2008.

Betty Bird Foy Sanders met Carl Sanders at the University of Georgia, and they married in 1947. When he entered politics, Betty campaigned with him, and they moved to Atlanta when Carl was elected governor in 1962. Sanders discusses raising two children, helping to develop the new governor’s mansion, and entertaining many renowned politicians and business leaders. She also discusses helping to create the Georgia Council of Arts and her love of hats.

From the Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies. For more information, see:

The Politics of Language: The Revival of Hebrew and Indigenous Languages

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November 28, 2018

The term “language revival” refers to a community of speakers halting or reversing the decline of language, or reviving an extinct one. To date, scholars of ethnolinguistics and language politics identify the Hebrew language as the only successful revival movement, though spoken language has been viewed as an integral part of cultural identity since the late seventeenth century. In the Americas, language revival has become a necessary component for the survival of indigenous culture. In this lecture, Sofia Lago will discuss the politics of language and identity in the context of the Hebrew language’s successful revival, and efforts to revive indigenous languages in the Americas.

Part of the KHC/NEH 2018-19 Colloquium
Survivance on Turtle Island: Engaging with Native American Cultural Survival, Resistance, and Allyship

Speaker: Sofia Lago, KHC Curatorial Fellow; PhD candidate University of Bristol, UK

Bobby Rowan, Reflections on Georgia Politics

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ROGP 044. Bobby Rowan interviewed by Bob Short, August 19,2008.

In 1962, Rowan ran a successful campaign for the Georgia Senate. He was the youngest senator at the time. In 1974, he made an unsuccessful bid for governor. In 1989, he ran successfully for public service commissioner, and retired in 1994. Rowan discusses his campaigns, his service in the state legislature, his experiences with other legislators and politicians, the mental health system in Georgia, and how his personal life has affected his politics.

From the Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies. For more information, see:

Symposium: The U.S. Immigration Regime and the Politics of Belonging

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On April 7, 2017, CSREA presented a symposium entitled, The U.S. Immigration Regime and the Politics of Belonging. How have immigration laws developed over the past century and how do these policies continue to affect the country today? For example, what are the legacies of IRCA and IRRIRA and how are these policies being amended and applied today?

Further, and in light of the Trump administration’s current positions on immigration, recent executive orders as well as public demonstrations and protests, what will define the future of immigration in the U.S.? This symposium featured a keynote lecture followed by a panel of speakers and a discussion among speakers and the audience. Together, the speaker and panelists offered a rich, informed and interdisciplinary take on the past, present and possible futures of the U.S. immigration regime, race, ethnicity and the politics of belonging.

0:14:40 – Bill Ong Hing, Professor, Director of the Immigration and Deportation Defense Clinic, and Dean’s Circle Scholar, University of San Francisco, School of Law

Panel Discussion:
1:29:50 – Lilia Fernandez, Associate Professor, Latino and Caribbean Studies and History, Rutgers University-New Brunswick

1:54:00 – Laura Barraclough, Assistant Professor, American Studies and Ethnicity, Race, and Migration, Yale University

2:13:35 – Leah Perry, Assistant Professor, Cultural Studies, SUNY Empire State

Yalidy Matos, Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow, CSREA & Watson Institute

The Open Mind – The Politics of Resentment – Katherine Cramer

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Katherine Cramer, director of the Morgridge Center for Public Service, University of Wisconsin, talks about her groundbreaking study of U.S. electoral polarization. (Taped: 08/09/2016)

Premiered in May 1956, Open Mind was created and hosted by Richard D. Heffner, American historian, broadcaster, and University Professor of Communications and Public Policy at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. Fifty years after its first broadcast, Open Mind continues with a new host, Mr. Heffner’s grandson, Alexander Heffner. Open Mind as a weekly public affairs program was designed to elicit guests’ most meaningful insights into the challenges Americans face in a variety of contemporary areas of national concern.

Watch more Open Mind at CUNY TV

Midweek Politics with David Pakman – Uganda Kills Gays Law, World Cup Homophobia, Catholic Church

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–The World Cup and homophobia…how on earth did Spain, a country that allows gay marriage, manage to win a World Cup?

–The Canyon Ridge Christian Church in Las Vegas is lending help to the anti-gay Ugandan pastor who wants death penalty and life in prison as punishments for various types of homosexual activity.

–The Catholic Church has become a morally bankrupt organization, now planning to include the ordination of women clergy in the same category of sin as priest pedophilia and rape.

Broadcast on July 14, 2010

Midweek Politics with David Pakman is a nationally syndicated talk radio and program.

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Madigan: Power. Privilege. Politics

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He’s been called the “King of Illinois.” Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan is the most powerful politician in Illinois history, and the longest-serving state House speaker in the nation. This unprecedented documentary explores his reign over the Illinois Statehouse.

Glenn Beck talks God & Politics w/ Pastor Robert Morris @ Gateway Church “The Blessed Life” on GBTV

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— Glenn Beck talked ot Senior Pastor Robert Morris from the Gateway Church in Dallas Texas about God, Politics, Financial Matters, Religion, Belief, Faith and so much more!
Robert Morris is the Founding Senior Pastor of Gateway Church, a multi-campus, evangelistic, Spirit-empowered church in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Since it began in 2000, the church has grown to more than 24,000 active members. He is featured on the weekly television program, The Blessed Life, broadcast to approximately 90 million homes in the United States and more than 200 countries around the world. Robert holds a Doctorate of Literature and serves as Chairman of the Board of The King’s University. He is the bestselling author of ten books including The Blessed Life, From Dream to Destiny, The Power of Your Words and The God I Never Knew. Robert and his wife, Debbie, have been married 31 years and are blessed with one married daughter, two married sons and two grandchildren.
This book will transform your life for the better, bringing you guaranteed financial results. But it will do more than that. It will change every area of your life: marriage, family, health and relationships. For when God changes your heart from selfishness to generosity, every part of your life-journey is affected. If all believers followed the practical guidance of The Blessed Life, every church could be built, every nation would have an abundance of missionaries—and all would reap the benefits of having a generous heart. With humor, passion and clarity, Robert Morris presents the secrets of living a blessed life both financially and spiritually.

Politics & Your Faith: Why Should The Christian Care? – Part 1

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What do you think about war, abortion and education? How do you feel about homosexuality and capital punishment? Do you believe evolution is true?

Your opinions and beliefs about these important issues are summed up in your worldview. It is what shapes your ideas and affects the path you choose in life. Your worldview has been shaped by someone or something, but is it in alignment with God’s enduring truth – the Bible?

This series is designed to provide a theologically sound, though sometimes politically incorrect, set of teachings to give you a biblical worldview. Join Pastor Jack as he tackles some of the most controversial and culturally sensitive issues of today.


Christian Politics

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Christian Politics and the Christian Worldview. My friends at Summit Ministries in Colorado continue their video series laying out a comprehensive Biblical Christian Worldview. Part 8 of 11

Please visit for more videos and resources for understanding and developing a Biblical Christian Worldview, including various Summit camps and retreats.

Also, visit for more information on Christian Politics, Biblical Christianity, Christian Worldview, and Christian Apologetics.


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After fighting as an Israeli soldier in the 1973 war, and troubled by the nation’s obsessive mixing of the Bible with politics, the filmmaker left for America, which he considered a “safe haven” because of its separation between church and state. Thirty-five years later, curious about the prominent role of religion in the 2008 American presidential campaign, he decides to make a road trip to understand the phenomenon.

Rather than follow the candidates, however, Ziv decides to meet with religious activists supporting the Democratic and Republican candidates. From the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries to Super Tuesday in Oklahoma, JESUS POLITICS shows the efforts of Baptist activists for Obama, Catholics and evangelicals for McCain, Christian conservatives for Huckabee, as well as the political efforts of evangelical organizations such as Christians United for Israel.