Josh Canizaro Takes Us Inside Church Planting in New Orleans

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Joshua Canizaro was born and raised in the greater New Orleans area where he began serving as a youth pastor in the summer of 1999. After pastoring in Louisiana for nearly six years, he and his wife Amber felt the Lord moving them to join the team at Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama.

Neither of them knew the miracle that they would be a part of as Church of the Highlands became one of the largest and fastest growing multi-site churches in America.

Pastor Josh has enjoyed pastoring in both Louisiana and Alabama and is most passionate about helping people who feel far from God find hope in a life-giving and fulfilling relationship with Jesus Christ. He also loves serving as a coach for the Association of Related Churches and being a part of the Grow coaching network.

Now after ten years of living away from his beloved family and the city of New Orleans, Pastor Josh, his wife Amber and two children believe that God has placed a calling in their hearts to start a new church in the New Orleans area.

US Church Planting Ministry – Why Start New Churches In America by John Hamilton – 7/14/2013 A.M.

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Special guest speaker, John Hamilton from Columbia, South Carolina.

Should I Move For a Church or Plant One? – Justin Trevino

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In this interview, Justin talks about his conversion and gives a testimony of how the Lord saved him. Then, he discusses that when he got exposed to Biblical doctrine he ended up leaving his church. Once in this situation, he could not find a like-minded church and therefore wrestled with either relocating to join another church, or planting a church.

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Justin pastors in Las Cruces, New Mexico at

Complacent – Dumas Brothel in Butte Montana

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Butte Montana was known for its amazing copper mining history. Unfortunately, prostitution started with a group of ladies known as β€œThe ladies of the Line.” The town grew complacent , and if you can believe it, prostitution continued here at the Dumas Brothel until 1982. 1982! Complacency with sin in the camp can really destroy ones ministry. It happens when people turn a blind eye and are afraid to confront evil. Too many church plants are destroyed by disfunction that, if it had been addressed early on, could have been handled and removed.

Catching up with House of Clai: Church Planting | Preparing to have a baby in Phoenix, Arizona

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This video is about our summer 2016; what we’ve been up to: Church planting, community service, and preparing to have a baby in Phoenix, Arizona

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Welcome to Maine Church Planting: Church Planting in Vacationland

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Welcome to Maine. We are planting Southern Baptist Churches with the North American Mission Board in Vacationland; the least religious, most rural state in the U.S.
God is moving here and we are praying for people and partners like you to join Him, and join us, in this Great work for Jesus Christ. Check in with our church planting catalyst Barry Murry, and planters like Tom Bubois, Les Dancer, Scot Story, Scott Terry, Jason Delapp, and Tim Kezar.