A Place To Stand

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Is it ever too late to turn your life around? For Jimmy Santiago Baca, it seemed every day was his point of no return. Before he could even learn to read, he was abandoned by family, swept into a life of crime, and shipped away to Arizona State Prison. At every turn, Jimmy was alone, until one kind act changed how he saw the world, and himself.A Place to Stand is the amazing true story of how Jimmy Santiago Baca —a man with seemingly no future— became a celebrated teacher, poet, novelist, and screenwriter. Based on the memoir of the same name, A Place to Stand takes viewers into Jimmy’s past and present to uncover how the power of the written word lifted him from the violence and pain that defined his early life. With powerful revelations from family, friends, and fellow inmates, as well as incredible insight into the early writings that first captured Jimmy’s imagination, audiences learn why it’s never too late to turn your life around – as long as you have a place to stand.

#Prophetic Release Jacksonville Florida The #Worship Place Dwann Rollinson

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Corporate #Prophetic Release that took place Sunday January 25 in Jacksonville, Florida at THE WORSHIP PLACE – 2627 Spring Glen Road.

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Dwann Holmes Rollinson

Prophetess Dwann Holmes Rollinson, is an award winning TV journalist and Emmy-nominated Producer, entrepreneur and media analyst with more than 20 years of media experience.

In April 2001 Ebony Magazine named her 1 of 30 future leaders of America aged 30 and under. Whether in the pulpit, conference hall or classroom, Dwann is a powerful speaker who brings prophetic revelation and kingdom insight to audiences of all ages and demographics, particularly those called to the marketplace and the prophetic.

As an Inspirational Speaker, Dwann has strengthened her commitment to be instant in season and to minister to the hearts of those who are hurting.

As a former broadcast journalist, she was accustomed to reporting the story but now she’s called to tell her personal story regarding Christians & Divorce. A story that she speaks on from her experience of how her FAITH, has led her through a recent unexpected crisis to a steady place in the midst of the storm, which is detailed in her upcoming book, “Life Interrupted : 7 Key Strategies To Overcoming Difficult Times.”

Now Dwann combines her Pastoral Counseling skills, as well as her skills as a Leadership Trainer to help people of all backgrounds WIN THROUGH CRISIS. (Find Out More!) via

You can view Dwann’s personal blog here: HTTP://www.TheTruthAboutChristiansAndDivorce.com

This Place (Church of Today) – Kem

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#ThisPlace #Kem
There’s a fountain of hope
Living water for each of us
There are rivers of dreams
Flowin’ through the heartache of this place
There are children that flower the trees
There are voices of people who need
This place

There’s sorrow and sadness here
But there’s heaven and sunshine too
The spirit of peace moves free and clear
Making way for laughter here
There are children that flower the trees
There are voices of people who believe
In this place
They live and breathe
In this place yeah

There are children that flower the trees
There are voices of people who need
This place
They wanna be in this place yeah
They live and breathe in this place
This place

Songwriter: Kim L. Owens

This Place (Church of Today) lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

My HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH | My Trip To Omaha Nebraska | Finding My Happy

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Hey family! Last week I took a spontaneous trip to Omaha, Nebraska to visit my family. Once I was there, I realized that Omaha is my happiest place on Earth.

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Jeremy Courtney – The World is a Scary Place, Love Anyway

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“Love Anyway.” This two-word provocation – how far does it go? Does it apply when you’re standing face to face with your enemy? Or after airstrikes lay you flat on your back? Even in a world filled with tyrants and terror, we should aim to not be ruled by fear. Punching fear in the face does not give birth to love. It’s just another way of continuing to fight. From the front lines of Syria and Iraq, where he has lived for more than a decade, Jeremy Courtney brings stories of the love and hope that live on the other side of fear and death. The world is a scary place, how do we love anyway?

WPT University Place: The Crusades

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Elizabeth Lapina, Assistant Professor, Department of History, UW-Madison, joins ”University Place Presents” host Norman Gilliland to discuss the 11th century wars known as The Crusades. These wars were based on the Christians’ belief that they were fighting for God and doing God’s work.
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Palm Beach County non-profits work to place homeless in affordable housing

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Palm Beach County leaders say too many people are on the streets because there aren’t enough places to house them. Groups that help the homeless held an event called Project Homeless Connect Friday to shed light on the issue and bring some relief to anyone needing help.

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