Trump on Fake Pipe Bombs October 28 2018 News

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Cesar Sayoc FBI radar since 2002 Now Scape Goat Trump Political terrorist ? 10/26/18

BREAKING Gab a Twitter Alternative SHUT DOWN over profile on gab of Synagogue Shooter 10/28/18

BREAKING TRUMP & JEW Hater Liberal Democrat Jewish Synagogue Hate Crime 11 Killed 10/27/18

BREAKING Jewish Synagogue Hate Crime Robert Bowers yelled All Jews must Die killing Eleven 10/27/18

Breaking Pence in Arizona McSally Senate Campaign on Liberal Left Open Borders Caravan MOB 10/28/18

BREAKING Trump Promises made Promises Kept USA Mexico Wall being built October 27 2018 News

BREAKING MAD DOG Mattis Sending 800 USA ACTIVE MILITARY TROOPS to USA Mexico Border 10/27/18

BREAKING ILLEGAL Caravan mostly Males Verified Criminals Sex Trafficking Mob mixed in 10/26/18

BREAKING Democrat Midterm FALSE FLAG ? Obama Clinton Soros CNN Bomb Scare blamed on Trump October 26 2018 News

Breaking Officials Claim Bomb Scare Right Wing Political Terrorism NOT Democrat Midterm False Flag

BREAKING ISLAMIC AL Shabab Terrorists killed by USA Air Strikes in central Somalia October 2018 News

BREAKING Putin Russia Nuclear System will Respond to aggression causing Global Catastrophe 10/22/18

BREAKING Trump to Russia USA to Withdraw Treaty Eliminating Nuclear missiles in Europe 10/22/18

Trump Endorses A10 Fighter Pilot Mcsally for Senate @ Rally in Arizona VOTE RED October 2018 News

Breaking Netanyahu full speech on present state of Israel October 15 2018 News

BREAKING VIRUS Outbreak Untreatable POLIO like symptoms October 10 2018 News

BREAKING Something Strange Going On Volcano Eruptions Earthquakes Tsunamis October 2018

40 days Jesus on Earth after resurrection Jesus reveals HE is alive

BREAKING 2018 Mattis warns China Militarization South China Sea China vs USA doorstep War 2018

Something Strange going on Supervolcano Yellowstone Dormant Geyser NOW Active Raw Footage 10/3/18

BREAKING 7.5 Earthquake Tsunami slams into Indonesian city RAW FOOTAGE September 28 2018

Breaking Ezekiel Bible Prophecy coming Gog Magog War Last Days End times news update September 2018

Heavenly & Fallen Angels Demons Ghosts do You believe in the unseen world ???

Strange Sounds UFO’s? HAARP Weather Manipulation weapons mind control

End Times News update Bible Prophecy Current Events Apostasy Church Falling Away August 2018

Mega Churches Calvary Chapel Brian Brodersen Greg Laurie False Teaching Rick Warren CONNECTIONS

U2 B Heavenbound Youtube CENSORING U2Bheavenbound Conservative Views HELP by Share videos 2018

Breaking News Current Events 2018

End Times News Update

Breaking News

End Times News Bible Prophecy Last Days Deception in Churches 2018

Calvary Chapel Brian Brodersen Rick Warren Joel Osteen Ecumenical Catholic Pope Interfaith Chrislam

BREAKING Brian Brodersen Calvary Chapel Ravi Zacharias ECUMENICAL APOSTASY 2018

BREAKING Catholic Church Arch Bishop says Quran Holy Book Islam Muslims R Brothers Sisters 2018

BREAKING Catholic Church Pope Francis declares Atheists go to HEAVEN 2018 News

Sr Pastor Brian Brodersen of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa & Greg Laurie Harvest Crusades endorses unbiblical teachers purpose driven emergent Saddleback church founder Rick Warren

1994 – Brownsburg, Indiana Church Dedicates New Pipe Organ

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Anne Ryder introduces this photo essay by Jim Hall, as aired in Indianapolis. The organ was installed at Calvary United Methodist Church. Senior pastor Harold Leininger is interviewed as is associate pastor Andrea Leininger.

Idlewild Presbyterian Church of Memphis – Hymns & Carillon

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Idlewild Presbyterian Church
1750 Union Ave
Memphis TN 38104

Sunday Worship
8:30 a.m.
11:00 a.m.

Find And Dig Out Your Septic Tank Access Cover

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Tips on finding your septic tank and digging out the access covers so you can have the tank pumped or inspected.

Septic systems come in many varieties, this is just one typical example. Save yourself some money and dig out the access cover in preparation for pumping. Your tank should be pumped every three years or so, depending on use. The solids are removed in the pumping process, leaving more capacity for the next three years.

Pipe Organ at St. James Catholic Church

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This is the pipe organ at the historic Saint James Roman Catholic Church in Louisville, KY being played at the end of a wedding on August 1st, 2009. I have done some work on this organ and even made a pipe to replace one that was missing. Unfortunately, they used a horrible electronic piano during the service. I was miserable! I wanted to hear the pipe organ that I’ve had the joy of working on being played. Finally, at the end of the service, they played the organ. the accoustics in this magnificant church are amazing!

Please abolish Novus Ordo.

Largest Working Church Pipe Organ in the World

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Listen to the largest church pipe organ in the world, located at the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles, California. This pipe organ has five keyboards, and consists of 20,417 pipes. Sorry the video footage isn’t that great; took with my phone, and at an angel where I wont be blocking other’s views. The point of the video is to hear the organ more than watch the video.

Pipe Organs of Historic St. Philip’s Church, Charleston

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Hello this is Episode 15 of Pipe Organs of SC

I was able to play two instruments during a mini vacation in Charleston. I would love to do more, so if any of you can put me in contact with some organists that would be great.

This program is funded in part by the Metropolitan Arts Council which receives support from the City of Greenville, BMW Manufacturing Company, Michelin North America, Inc., SEW Eurodrive and the South Carolina Arts Commission.

Subscribe to the Channel. Please note due to a failure of a piece of equipment that has since been replaced. This video does not have the typically great audio of our content. I almost did not want to upload it. However I took a hit and purchased what I hope is a nicer piece of equipment.
Thanks to St. Philip’s church and Joe Hethcox for hosting us quite on the fly.
This video was not initially scheduled but thankfully I had most of my gear working, note the absence of the tripod during the chapel organ visit

More information here at the database:

OHS page on the 51 Rank Casavant that replaced an Austin here:

Previous organ we visited here:

St. Michael’s is next in line.

Port St Lucie FL Belmont Drainage Pipe Project

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Check out this video the City of Port St. Lucie, FL created documenting ADS HP Storm pipe being installed at their Belmont Circle project. Adding value to local projects is just another way that ADS is improving America’s infrastructure.