Rodgers Pipe Combination Organ at Redeemer Lutheran Church

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Redeemer Lutheran Church in Salina, Kansas is home to this Rodgers/Moller organ consisting of 12 ranks of pipes and 60 pipe quality digital ranks. The organ is played from a two manual Rodgers 788 console and leads a vibrant, growing congregation in three worship services per week.

Solemn High Mass Homily honoring Immaculate Heart of Mary and Blessing of New Pipe Organ

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This Solemn High Mass honors the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and also marks the Blessing of the Parish’s new pipe Organ, enabling the new pipe Organ’s Liturgical use. This Homily includes the chanting of the Gospel (Jn 19:25-27). This homily from St. Benedict’s Parish in Chesapeake, Virginia ( St. Benedict’s is a Catholic Church under the aegis of the Diocese of Richmond and is staffed by the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, and Home of Daily Confession and daily Tridentine Latin Mass in the Tidewwater area. All sacraments are according to the Liturgical Books of 1962.

“You’ll never get nowhere smokin’ the pipe!”

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James Salton of Prayer House of Deliverance
Local Memphis Commercial for Up From the World on WLMT UPN 30.
This commercial played for years and was famous among locals.

“Get dope out your vein
and hope in your brain.
You’ll never get nowhere
smokin’ the pipe.
You wanna get your lesson out
and wanna be smart in school?
Get rid of the drugs.
Get away from the in crowd.
Get’a close to God.”

Virgil Fox & John Grady – Pipe Organ Music – Sound Engineering – The Organs – Part Two

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Part two of ‘The Organs’ video with three more selections taken from two vinyl albums showcasing the magnificent recorded sound from cathedral pipe organs as played by the great Virgil Fox, John Grady and Donald Dumler.
The first selection is John Grady and Donald Dumler playing a pipe organ duet, ‘The Great Organ’ and The Chancler Organ, at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. A masterful job of recording by audio engineer Kenneth Mapes from Mirrosonic Records.

The next two selections are the master organist himself, Virgil Fox, playing the great organ at Riverside Church in New York City. This time, however, it is a recording from RCA Records Living Stereo Red Seal series also from 1959 entitled “Virgil Fox – Encores”. The audio engineer is none other than one of the best, John Crawford.

Both copies of vinyl are in great condition. The usual scrub-and-rinse cleaning method was used with very light de-clicking and no noise filtering needed. Slight EQ was applied.

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Casavant Organ 1968 pipe organ is now for sale

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Published on February 23, 2017

1968 Casavant 46 rank Op. 2990 Church pipe organ

This wonderful Casavant organ is currently installed at Disciples Christian Church in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. The congregation is down sizing and will possibly be moving to a smaller building which will not be able to accommodate the organ. The console is red oak and the pipes are in chamber behind grillwork.

A technical description of the organ can be found in the OHS pipe organ database. Please note that the current name of the church is Disciples Christian Church.

The organ has been carefully maintained and has had no restorative work.

Contact Marsha Werman at: [email protected] for further details

Pipe Organ at Christ Church in New Brunswick

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New Brunswick’s Christ Church has had a pipe organ since the 18th century. The parish installed a Richards, Fowkes and Company’s opus 12 mechanical action organ in 2002. The organ is one of a handful of modern, handmade musical instruments in New Jersey. For more information, visit

Triune Music Builds a New Pipe Organ for St. Michael Parish, Wheaton, IL

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After a devastating fire destroyed the original St. Michael’s Church building in 2002, the church wanted ‘only the best’ for their new church building and worship space. The organ search committee reviewed several bids from various pipe organ builders and made several ‘field trips’ to organ installations all over Chicagoland and beyond. In 2004, they selected Triune Music to build the magnificent instrument you see (and hear) in this video.

The St, Michael’s organ has five divisions (Great, Swell, Choir, Positiv & Pedal), four of which are located in the rear loft. The Positiv Division is located at the front of the worship space above the organ console and the choir risers where it can best support the Choir and Cantors in worship.

The organ features an imposing facade made of seven arches (the Biblical number of completion) crafted from oak and high-tin European pipework. The three main arches that signify the Trinity, contain the 33 pipes of the 16′ Pedal Principal. The other four arches contain the lowest pipes of the Great 8′ Principal and the Great 8′ Diapason. The placement of these stops in the facade gives focus and clarity to these pipes which are critical for Assembly singing and for traditional organ literature.

The IV-manual console was built by Rodgers Instruments LLC of Hillsboro, Oregon. The custom raised-panel shell is built of American Oak with ebony finish inserts. The console includes a state-of-the-art MIDI system.

The completed instrument has 73 speaking stops and 39-ranks of pipes. In addition to new European pipework with a unique 75% tin content, the organ also uses seven re-purposed ranks from vintage Moller and Austin organs. There are a total of 244 stops available for an unsurpassed amount of tonal color. The organ features a secure memory system that offers an unlimited number of combination pistons.

After playing a concert on the organ in 2010, Organist and Composer Charles Callahan decided it would be an excellent organ to create a new CD featuring a wide variety of organ classics. In 2011, he recorded a very well-received recording utilizing the St. Michael’s organ, titled “All Glory Be to God on High.” The recording was reviewed in Christianity Today and named one of the top 10 recordings for 2012. It is available for purchase via the

Reuter Pipe Organ – First Presbyterian Church Royal Oak, MI

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This photo presentation documents the building and installation of the Reuter pipe organ for First Presbyterian Church, Royal Oak, MI. Accompanying music is an excerpt from one of the Centennial Organ dedication concerts, performed in March of 2014 by Duo Nouveau – Joseph Jackson, piano, and Ronald Krebs, organist.

The Fantaisie for Piano and Organ of Clifford Demarest opened the program. Demarest (1874–1946), was an organist and composer who served Church of the Messiah in New York City. He was also among the early executive officers of the American Guild of Organists from 1917-1920.

This video was prepared in conjunction with the October 2014 cover feature for The American Organist, the official journal of the American Guild of Organists.

The Reuter Organ Company