“Oh, Come, All ye Faithful” – Evangelical Church of Greensboro,NC

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3600 W. Friendly Avenue
Greensboro, North Carolina – U.S.A.

Oh Holy Night

Behind the Scenes Venue Church Ringgold, GA

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Today we are taking a look behind the scenes at Venue Church in Chattanooga TN with Worship Pastor Grayson Parker. Check them out at

Hangout with Grayson Parker:

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Stage light Fixtures:

Detroit – Trinity Lutheran Church I – Anthem

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Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
1345 Gratiot Av
United States

The Historic Trinity Lutheran Church is a church located in downtown Detroit, Michigan. It occupies the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church complex, located at 1345 Gratiot Avenue. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983

Music Shed (Praise & Worship) – Turning Point Church, Indy, IN

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My Photos from My Year at St Leo the Great Catholic Church

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Featuring Maria Cecilli-Crust (soprano), Mary Klucinec (alto and piano), Paul Crust (guitar), and Laura Leary (violin); playing “Without Seeing You” by David Haas. This was recorded live at St. Leo the Great Catholic Church in Bonita Springs. Father Jarek, Father Jim, and Father Henry, have been so kind to me that I wanted to give them a special gift for allowing me to play violin in their beautiful church.

John McLaughlin Piano Norman OK. GS Rowena Jones Evergreen

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Click MOre. John McLaughlin a youngs Self taught piano player was visiting us as a place to stay while coming to a wedding for his sister in HOuston. I am fascinated by the concept that he has not taken lessons. See my website on the foreighn accent syndrome. This is a an indication of how many things are already store in our brains. John is at OU Oklahoma University. I was so pleasantly surprised when He agreed to have me tape him for this video on YouTube. Piano Normm OK. John is the Grandson of Rowena Jones who makes her first YouTube Cameo in this unedited quick set up video. John, I forgot to tell you you left your fan here. Call me. There were 4 Evergreen Visitors to the Nelsons for a wedding in Houston. I hope John McLaughlin and Grandmother Rowenna Jones, and Pat and Mike enjoyed their visit to Houston. John went to Memorial High School. If you know John leave him a kind comment here.

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Behind the Scenes VENUE CHURCH Chattanooga

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In this episode we go behind the scenes with Grayson Parker at Venue Church Chattanooga, TN. Big thanks for Venue for being so kind. It was an honor to hangout with you all. Also, a lot of the gear talked about in this video is linked below. Thank you for watching. Please SUBSCRIBE to be updated when new content is released.

Behind the Scenes Venue Church Ringgold, GA

Dell touch screen:
LED tape:
DMX Decoder:
Clear-Com Headset:
Apple iMac:
Kick Mic:
Drum Mic:
Circle Drum Shield:
Clear push pins:
Room Mic:
Midi Drum pad:
Guitar DI (SGI RX TX):
Live Production Switcher:
Vocal Mic:
Pastors Mic:
Chauvet Professional Rogue R2 Spot:
Chauvet Pro Rogue R2 Wash:

-MAIN CAMERA (Nikon D3300):
-MAIN LENSE (Nikon 35mm 1.8):
-ND FILTER (52MM, K&F Concept):
-CAMERA B (Canon Canon VIXIA HF G40):
-MIC (Shure VP83) :
– LED Video Light:

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