Biltmore Philips orange move Greensboro

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While investigating at the Biltmore Hotel in Greensboro, Philip (a deceased accountant) moved an orange as requested for the second of three times. Patrick Burns is the lead investigator and the individual in the video. For more informaton on our team, go to or email us at [email protected]

Historic St. Philip’s Church West Cemetery | Charleston

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I’m not a professional – I’m Just having fun – St. Philip’s Church: Amazing history in the church and cemetery – Charleston South Carolina – 7/9/2017

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Lead Me Lord, Saint Philip’s Episcopal Church, New York City

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If you live in New York City and would like to volunteer to sing in Saint Philip’s chancel choir, please email Erik E. Carlson:
[email protected]
All levels of experience are invited.

St. Philips Moravian Church

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This is a promotional spot on the St. Philips Moravian Church at Old Salem in Winston Salem North Carolina. St. Philips is the oldest standing African American church in North Carolina.

St Philips African Moravian Church, Winston-Salem, NC

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Constructed 1861 with 1890 addition, restored 2004. Historic St. Philips Church is the oldest African American church still standing in the state of North Carolina and one of the earliest in the entire country. Built for the African American congregation, the church matched most of the other churches in the area built at the same time with the large brick, Greek Revival style.
The church was expanded in 1890 with the need to add more classroom space downstairs and above in the balcony. The church extended out into the graveyard, which later caused structural issues on the front walls.

The congregation moved out of the building in the 1952, and the church sat vacant until restored for use as part of Old Salem Museums & Gardens tours. The steeple, which had been removed in the 1920s was part of the exterior restoration. The original pews and other details are back in place inside the building.

Pipe Organs of Historic St. Philip’s Church, Charleston

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Hello this is Episode 15 of Pipe Organs of SC

I was able to play two instruments during a mini vacation in Charleston. I would love to do more, so if any of you can put me in contact with some organists that would be great.

This program is funded in part by the Metropolitan Arts Council which receives support from the City of Greenville, BMW Manufacturing Company, Michelin North America, Inc., SEW Eurodrive and the South Carolina Arts Commission.

Subscribe to the Channel. Please note due to a failure of a piece of equipment that has since been replaced. This video does not have the typically great audio of our content. I almost did not want to upload it. However I took a hit and purchased what I hope is a nicer piece of equipment.
Thanks to St. Philip’s church and Joe Hethcox for hosting us quite on the fly.
This video was not initially scheduled but thankfully I had most of my gear working, note the absence of the tripod during the chapel organ visit

More information here at the database:

OHS page on the 51 Rank Casavant that replaced an Austin here:

Previous organ we visited here:

St. Michael’s is next in line.

St Philip’s Church – Charleston, South Carolina

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Sea Island Media has a huge catalog of 4K Charleston footage available for professional licensing. Business owners please reach out if you need content for viral marketing or video projects! Here’s a recent aerial loop from St. Phillips Church in downtown Charleston.