Mysterious Pyramids In Quakertown, Pennsylvania – What’s Inside?

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We are looking at a pyramid in Pennsylvania that was built by a secret society called Rosicrucian and in this video I will show you the inside of the pyramid and some really bizarre details. There are widespread rumors that this pyramid is a portal to another world and by the end of this video, you can decide for yourself if that is the case.

From the street, you can see the pyramid and it seems like a nice structure to look at and it has another beautiful pyramid shaped fountain nearby. But when you go to another side of the pyramid, you can see the gateway to the inside. At this point, I was still feeling pretty good because this pyramid is a part of the Rosicrucian church, and churches are normally safe places to hang out. But as I went near it, I saw this sign on top of the gate.

It has a skull with 2 bones below it, which is clearly a symbol of danger. And it is sitting on top of the globe with wings. And below it you see the word “TRY” as though it is daring you to step inside the pyramid. As soon as I saw this, my attitude instantly changed and I was spooked because you don’t expect to see something like this inside a church premises. Notice that there is an anchor on the left symbolizing underworld because anchors always go down, and a torch symbolizing “higher world” because flames always go up.

Now, this is what you see inside the pyramid. You can see a very small room probably about 3 feet wide and 5 feet long, but can you tell what is really weird about this room? If you want, you can pause the video, and try to find out the secret that is right in front of you. If you are not distracted by the plaques hanging on the wall, you will notice the screws on the walls. Have you ever seen screws on marble tiles? These screws are holding the tiles of this fake wall, and if you remove them there would be a much larger chamber inside. There should be no other reason to have these screws on the walls.

This is confirmed when you take another look at the entire pyramid. The pyramid is about 50 feet wide on all 4 sides, and about 30 feet tall. There is no reason to build such a large pyramid to have a room that is only 3 feet wide. The secret chamber that is behind this wall, could be easily over 40 feet wide and may even have multiple levels.
This is further reinforced by this plaque hanging on the fake wall. Notice how it shows the pyramid with an oval shaped chamber that is as tall as the pyramid itself. If you look carefully, you can see 2 levels in the chamber. I apologize for not taking a better picture, because I panicked after seeing the skull symbol and wanted to get out without getting into trouble.

On the first level of the chamber, you can see a strange figure that does not look human at all, and on the next level, there is an empty room with a circular opening carved on it. There is also something carved under the pyramid, so it is possible that there is an underground area as well.

Let’s take a look at the other signs hanging on the fake wall. On the bottom of this plaque it says “Novus Ordo Seclorum” which is Latin for “New order of the ages” or more popularly called “The New World Order”. Above it is a pyramid with a broken top, replaced by an eye that is watching you.

On the top, we can see the phrase “Annuit cœptis” which means “He approves of the undertakings”. This is a very mysterious phrase because we don’t really know who approves of the undertakings. If you want to get a better look at this sign, just open your wallet and pull out a dollar bill. This is the exact sign that you will find on the dollar bill and many people say the dollar bill itself was created by the Illuminati to create a new world order. The other plaque has an eagle that is also found on the dollar bill.

These pyramids belong to a secret society called Rosicrucian founded in 1420, so they have been operating for about 600 years now. These pyramids are estimated to be more than 200 years old and locals believe, that these are portals or wormholes to contact other world beings. Of course, the members of Rosicrucian are sworn to secrecy, so they never talk about the pyramids to anybody.

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St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church For Sale Or Lease In Mt Carmel, Pennsylvania 17851 -$199,000

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A beautifully built all hand cut granite stone church building, built in 1876. The church (St.Josephs) was originally founded by a Polish group of the Roman Catholic faith.
The church was sold to the public a few years ago. I purchased the church for the beautiful craftsmanship and love of the architecture, design, and style. The property is in AMAZING CONDITION and has ENDLESS OPPORTUNITIES both commercially, residentially, or both.
Inquire within for purchase or lease options!
251 South Hickory Street.
Mt.Carmel, PA 17851
(Former St.Josephs Polish Founded Roman Catholic Church)
Owner: Anthony Giuffrida
We are currently accepting:

– sale price $199,000 – cash purchase closing within 30 days. ( a $100,000 discount from our $299,00 asking price )

– sale price $224,000 – owner finance with $75,000 down payment – remaining balance to be negotiated

– sale price $249,000 – owner finance with $49,000 down payment – + 24 payments of $1,000 per month – remaining balance to be negotiated

– sale price $275,000 – owner finance with $25,000 down payment + 24 payments of $2,000 per month – remaining balance to be negotiated

LEASE TO OWN – Price – $299,000 – Lease for 24 months @ $3,000 / month – remaining balance can be negotiated

Let us know what option works best for you — IT IS NECESSARY THAT WE RECEIVE $75,000 over the next 24 months — the rest is negotiable. We cannot wait for a balloon payment at the end of 24 months but we can spread the payments over the next 24 months.


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Cities in 10 mile Radius

Aristes, PA
Ashland, PA
Atlas, PA
Bear Gap, PA
Bear Valley, PA
Big Mine Run Junction, PA
Boydtown, PA
Catawissa, PA
Centralia, PA
Cleveland, PA
Coal, PA
Coal Run, PA
Coal Township, PA
Connersville, PA
Connerton, PA
Diamondtown, PA
Dooleyville, PA
Doutyville, PA
Dunkelbergers, PA
Elysburg, PA
Excelsior, PA
Fisherdale, PA
Fountain Springs, PA
Girardville, PA
Gordon, PA
Gowen City, PA
Happy Valley, PA
Helfenstein, PA
Homesville, PA
Hunter, PA
Knoebels Grv, PA
Kulp, PA
Kulpmont, PA
Lavelle, PA
Locust, PA
Locust Gap, PA
Lost Creek, PA
Luke Fidler, PA
Mable, PA
Mahanoy Plane, PA
Marion Height, PA
Marion Heights, PA
Marshallton, PA
Mayberry, PA
Maysville, PA
Merrian, PA
Midvalley, PA
Mill Grove, PA
Mount Carmel, PA
Mowry, PA
Mt Carmel, PA
Natalie, PA
Newlin, PA
Numidia, PA
Parrs Mill, PA
Pitman, PA
Preston Hill, PA
Queen City, PA
Ralpho, PA
Ranshaw, PA
Raven Run, PA
Reeders Grove, PA
Roaring Creek, PA
Sagon, PA
Shamokin, PA
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Tharptown, PA
Weigh Scale, PA
West Cameron, PA
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Bigrigtravels Live! Sideling Hill, Pennsylvania to Frystown – May 24, 2016

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Mysterious Road Defies Gravity in Pittsburgh – Gravity Hill, Pennsylvania

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Let’s take a look at this mysterious road that defies gravity in Pittsburgh. It is very intriguing and apparently nobody knows that such a strange road exists here. Towards the end of the video, I’ll give you the exact address, and you can go check it out for yourself and may be take your friends and freak them out.

We are sitting inside my car and the road is clearly going downhill. So, we take the car downhill and stop at this stop sign. Now, we put the car in neutral. But, when you take your feet of the gas and the brake – instead of moving forward, the car starts moving backwards. Why is the car going uphill on this road? And its starts accelerating so fast, we have to hit the brakes and stop the car!

This is really hard to believe and some of you may even wonder if I am using camera tricks to fool you. So, I went home and came back with a few things. I am pushing this ball downhill and watch what happens. It goes down because of my push, but then it stops and starts to roll back up hill, and knocks down my camera. Why do things defy the law of gravity on this road?

I’ll give you the exact address of this strange road, so if you live in Pennsylvania, you can test it for yourself. It is located at the intersection of McKinney Road, and Kummer Road in Allison Park, Pittsburgh. There is more than one intersection between these roads, so it’s a little hard to find this spot. On my Tom Tom GPS, the address that I enter is 601 McKinney Road, Allison Park. The longitude and latitude coordinates are 40.612790 and -80.026050.

Now, I am going to explain why such a mysterious phenomenon is happening on this road. There is a scientific explanation behind it, even though I personally find it hard to believe. I am placing a carpenter’s level on the road, and incredibly it shows that this road is NOT going downhill. But when you see it with your naked eye, you can swear that it is going downhill. Somehow, the carpenter’s level clearly shows that the road is going downhill towards the opposite direction, which explains why the cars and balls rolled back from the stop sign. This is known as a “Gravity Hill” Phenomenon. The road seems to be playing a clever trick with my eyes and even with my camera, it seems impossible to believe that the road is going down on the opposite direction.

If you live around Pittsburgh, please do drive to this place and take a look at this road. Remember to take a few people with you, and believe me they will be really shocked.

I hope you liked this video, I am finding a lot of intriguing stuff like this, so please do subscribe to my channel. Thank you for watching and talk to you soon.

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Dick GREgory Won Pennsylvania WITh 9 Million Votes IN ’68

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Death In 60 Days: Booker T. Washington Murder Conspiracy Exposed!!! With Paulette Davis-Horton~4/13/2014

Featured Guest…

Sis. Paulette Davis-Horton aka ‘The History Lady’ author of ‘Death In 60 Days: Who Silenced Booker T. Washington?’

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About The Book:

This book traces the last days of the life of Booker T. Washington, Founder of Tuskegee Institute now known as Tuskegee University. He was on vacation in Mobile, Alabama from Sept. 18, 1915 through Oct. 1, 1915 where he relaxed, fished and hunted. On October 17, 1915 he made his last speech to the student body on the importance of teamwork. His last public appearance was in New Haven, CT. on Oct. 25, 1915. A week later while in New York the newspapers reported that he had a nervous breakdown and was aging rapidly. The hospital record dated November 1, 1915 stated that he had no mental symptoms. After reviewing all the documentation using various sources, a professional nurse will show that Booker T. Washington was the victim of a cleverly planned assassination. Additionally, the death of this leader is associated with the 40 year Tuskegee Syphilis Study. This book is very thought provoking and interesting. It will make you want to look deeper into the story. The reader will see how this great leader enjoyed a restful vacation along the Gulf Coast and within 60 days he was dead and buried. His death changed the course of American history. See if you can figure out “WHO SILENCED BOOKER T. WASHINGTON?”

About The Author

Sis. Paulette Davis-Horton has been a registered nurse for over 20 years. She is the author of the history book called “Avenue: The Davis Avenue Story” and the co-author of “In Memory of You-An Educational Legacy”, a book which highlights school names in Mobile, Alabama. She is currently completing a history of the historic black churches in Mobile, Alabama. Upon retirement she plans to become a preschool teacher.


As you read the book and listen to the broadcast here are some questions that you should ponder:

1.) Is Booker T. Washington actually buried at Tuskegee University?

2.) How are secret societies such as ‘Skull and Bones’ and ‘The Boule’ connected to Booker T. Washington’s career and death?

3.) How is Booker T. Washington’s death connected to the infamous Tuskegee Experiment?

4.) What is the NAACP’s connection to Booker T. Washington’s death?

5.) What individuals or organizations benefited from Booker T. Washington’s death?

6.) Why were there two caskets at Booker T. Washington’s funeral?

7.) Why was there a floral arrangement shaped like a pyramid with a cross on top of Booker T. Washington’s grave?

8.) Was Booker T. Washington a victim of body theft and organ harvesting?

9.) Was the illuminati involved in Booker T. Washington’s death? If so how?

10.) Was Booker T. Washington a blood sacrifice?

11.) Why did a sizable number of people connected to Booker T. Washington’s professional life commit ‘suicide’ or died mysterious or unexplainable deaths?

12.) What is meant when it is stated in the media and medical documents of the era that Booker T. Washington was suffering and died from ‘racial characteristics’?

13.) Was Booker T. Washington’s death an inside job?

14.) What role does numerology play in the life and death of Booker T Washington?

15.) During Booker T. Washington’s time in New York why was there conflicting telegrams sent back to Tuskegee concerning his health status?

16.) Why did two New York City Newspapers offer different accounts concerning Booker T. Washington’s health status?

17.) Why are key original medical documents and correspondences missing from several important archives including the U.S. Library of Congress that are related to Booker T. Washington’ last days and death?

18.) Was Booker T. Washington treated at St. Luke’s Hospital or the Rockefeller Institute for his mystery illness?

19.) Does It Really Matter???

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St James Roman Catholic Church, New Alexandria, Pennsylvania

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A welcome message from Msgr. Larry J. Kulick, pastor of St. James Parish in New Alexandria, Pennsylvania. St. James is a parish of the Diocese of Greensburg located in Southwestern Pennsylvania. The welcome message video was done in conjunction with the launch of the parish’s new website, which can be found by visiting

Pastor delivers emotional sermon at Pennsylvania church following synagogue shooting

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Russel Shuluga, the pastor at Sewickley United Methodist Church in Pennsylvania delivered an emotional sermon Sunday morning in the wake of the deadly shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue, reaching across religious lines to decry those would seek to silence others voices through force.

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Apostle Gino Jennings vs. Minister Reginald Young (Trinity & Baptism debate 1994) *audio only*

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This is a debate/discussion on the topic of the Trinity & Baptism by Apostle Gino Jennings of First Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania & Minister Reginald Young of the Church of Christ in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This debate happened in the year of 1994, those who seen or heard it, OK, but there’s still many people who haven’t seen or heard it.

First Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, The New International headquarters campus is in Philadelphia, PA 19120, address is 5105 North 5th street, to email the Church is [email protected]

Clip cut out by Tony Harvin, For contact, search Facebook, this is my primary page ([email protected] or Tony FastHandz Harvin) or email.

For direct contact: [email protected]

St Mary’s Of The Angels Church Olean New York – Drone Guys

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Fill Me Up (feat. Rebekah Reitzel) – Victory Church Philadelphia

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Victory Church Philadelphia
Audubon, PA
Newtown Square, PA

Victims of sex abuse by Pennsylvania priests share their stories

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The first Pennsylvania statewide investigation into abuses by Catholic priests is expected to be released any day now. The grand jury report details allegations against more than 300 predator priests in six diocese covering more than 1.7 million parishioners. Nikki Battiste sits down with several victims who are speaking out together for the first time.

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