#1 Jackson Victors vs #4 PCA Paladins (MSAHA Tourney)

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January 31, 2019

The Jackson Victors (27-8) take down the PCA Paladins in the first game of the MSAHA Tourney as they advance to play #3 Hattiesburg Forerunners.

PCA Paladins 60
Jackson Victors 75

Location: Temple Baptist Church in Hattiesburg, MS

St Roch Community Church NOLA

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It is our vision, as members of the St. Roch Community Church, that our neighborhood/community would experience, embrace, and celebrate God’s redemption in Jesus Christ in every area of our existence.

As such, it is our mission that by loving God and our neighbor, we will holistically preach Christ in Word and Deed so as to raise up godly, indigenous leaders from within our community who will in turn promote its spiritual and physical well-being.

Wildwood Presbyterian Church – PCA – Tallahassee, Florida – 2001

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This is video of the first meeting of the congregation in the Sanctuary for a luncheon while the building was under construction in 2001, and also video from the first Sunday morning service in the Sanctuary following its completion in the summer of 2001.