US pastor’s anti-gay sermon goes viral

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The rural US town of Maiden in North Carolina has become the latest flashpoint in an often bitter national debate about gay rights.

Arguments from either side intensified after President Barack Obama earlier this month declared his support for gay marriage.

In rural America’s so called, “Bible Belt”, many pastors have been rhetorical and at times hateful in their condemnation.

A recent sermon posted online by a pastor, in which he outlines a plan to imprison homosexuals behind an electric fence and keep them there until they die, has gone viral.

Al Jazeera’s Kimberly Halkett reports from Maiden.

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H.B. Charles, Jr.’s Advice to Young Pastors

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“That’s the sum total of ministry. Guard how you live, guard what you teach.”

H.B. Charles, Jr.—pastor of Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida, and TGC Council member—reflects on his unique calling to the pastoral ministry, and encourages young ministers to guard their life and doctrine.

#1578 President Trump & American Pastors Meet in White House!

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#1578 President Trump & American Pastors Meet in White House!

In part two of this segment we hear from the pastors that were at the White House meeting with President Donald Trump. As we wrote in the last segment Brianna Bolender had a prophetic dream that President Trump would be used by God to help African American’s to be edified and recognized. We see this taking place with President Trump meeting with many African American pastors from around the nation and he is listening to what is needed in our communities.

Pastor John Gray opens the meeting with President Trump in prayer. Pastor John Ponder, of Family Christian Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, makes the next remarks concerning prison reform, “I echo your sentiments that the work that is being done in the reentry community as a result of prison reform — there are a lot of employers out there right now that are willing to hire people who are coming home from the prison system. One of the things that we’ve learned was that employers are not not willing to hire people; they’re not willing to hire projects. And because of the (inaudible) for the initiatives, when we’re able to help them to be tremendous assets to the employers, and not liabilities, then they’re hiring them all day long. So, we just thank you for the direction that the country is going in, and specifically as our partnerships with law enforcement are beginning to grow. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has given us over 60 men and women from the police department that are serving as mentors and trainers for people coming home from the prison system. And I think that is a direct result of the direction that our country is going in. So, I thank you and your administration for the hard work.” It is so great to hear this from Pastor Ponder and being a voice for the voiceless of those that are in prison and giving hope to them. Thank you Pastor Ponder!

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Reverend Wilfredo De Jesus, of New Life Covenant Church in Chicago, Illinois shares how thankful he is for President Trump’s help in rebuilding communities. “First of all, let me just say thank you for your boldness. Thank you for taking a stand for those that are disenfranchised. And I want to say that, in the city of Chicago, there are so many pockets that’s not talked about — about revitalization. And I know this is something in your heart, of rebuilding communities. And I look forward to partnering with you and your administration to revitalize the city of Chicago.” Thank you, Reverend De Jesus, for standing up for Chicago!

Pastor Van Moody is next to share. He is from the Worship Center in Birmingham, Alabama. “I just want to continue to underscore what’s already been said. Thank you for your heart for all people, but particularly your leadership on the issue of prison reform and workforce development. Those are two of the biggest issues facing Alabama. A lot of the individuals that we spend a lot of time ministering to are really hard hit in those areas; corporations. That’s the biggest issue right now in Alabama. So thank you for your leadership on this issue.” Pastor Moody we are thankful for you standing up for the Church at the White House!

Bishop Kyle Searcy, of Fresh Anointing House of Worship, in Birmingham, Alabama, shares his gratefulness. “I want to echo all that’s been said. We’re very grateful for your heart toward criminal justice reform, your heart for the urban community. It’s very very amazing. Montgomery, Alabama is a city that’s known for unity and bringing people together. And so many things have come out of that city. And it’s just very encouraging that you have a heart to begin to bring people together, work across the aisle to get things done. Many people on our team pray for you every single day.” Pastor Searcy we are thankful for you representing the Church!

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Kill Gay People – North Carolina Pastor’s Outrageous Sermon

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“North Carolina Pastor Charles Worley shared with his congregation this weekend how he thinks the country should deal with the scourge of gay men and lesbians: Lock them into a pen with an electrified fence, drop food down to them, and because they can’t reproduce, they will die out. The Pastor’s leper colony-esque proposal came in response to the president’s endorsement of same-sex marriage…”.* Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur break it down on The Young Turks.

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Women Pastors Bishops Elders Deacons Preachers And Teachers (Part 2)

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This Is Part 3 Women Pastors Bishops Elders Deacons Preachers And Teachers!!!

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The Elder Bishop Pastor

The Role Of Women In Ministry
And The Transgender Agenda!

The Modern Church Has Really Missed The Mark!
How Dare We Come Against The LGBT Agenda
And We Are Doing The Same Things In The Church
From A Spiritual Stand Point! Role And Gender Reversals!!!

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Pastors Nomsa Thelma & Wonu Adefala- Praying Women Gathering

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God’s Girls women on a mission – raising young ladies to become strong women who are not afraid of their past nor intimidated by the future………

1.Pastor Nomsa & Bishop Hove –

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Suffragan Bishop Eulah M. Nelson – 2012 PAW Pastors & Ministry Leaders Summit (Women in Ministry)

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Suffragan Bishop Eulah M. Nelson speaks on Women in Ministry. She will be one of the panelist during the session on “Women In Ministry” at the 2012 Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. Pastors & Ministry Leaders Summit in Indianapolis, IN December 12-14, 2012. Go to for more information.

Suffragan Bishop Eulah M. Nelson was born in Andrew, South Carolina and educated in the Andrews, Georgetown School System. She studied General Business at Carver Vocational School in Baltimore, Maryland and Religious Education at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois and Michigan Bible and Arts Seminary, Detroit, Michigan, (1955-1956). She received her Doctorate of Divinity Degree from Aenon Bible College and an Honorary Doctorate of Theology Degree from Beacon Bible College.

Suffragan Bishop Nelson accepted her call to the ministry over 50 years ago when she was 16 years old. Her mother, Pastor Alice Wallace Jackson (deceased) was her greatest inspiration. As a well-known International Evangelist and Gospel singer, Dr. Nelson traveled many years preaching was before coming to Rochester, New York. Although Suffragan Bishop Nelson said she never desired to pastor, she has always had a love for God’s people, little children, young people and the elderly.

Today, Suffragan Bishop Nelson spends much of her time helping people who are hurting; she began when she was hurting over 40 years ago. Suffragan Bishop Nelson took ill. The doctors (at Genesee Hospital, Rochester, New York) told her she had suffered a heart attack. She said “In the hospital, I experienced a Healing, and when I came out I was impressed, ‘Led of God’ to share what I received from that experience”. Suffragan Bishop Nelson began praying for people to be healed. God anointed her as she found hurts and healed them by his Power.

Suffragan Bishop Eulah M. Nelson founded Bibleway Healing Assembly Inc., one of Rochester New York’s leading Churches, in August 1966, and from a storefront with eleven members the Lord has continued to add souls. Thousands have been
baptized into the Body in Jesus Name. She is the President and Founder of the Bibleway School of Ministry, a nondenominational Bible Training Center. Suffragan Bishop Nelson previously served Aenon Bible College Board of Directors. Dr. Nelson was the first female Vice Chairman of the New York State Council of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc., she’s the first and a current Executive Board Member for New York State Council of the PAW. The fourth female to be consecrated as Suffragan Bishop in the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. & the first in the New York State Council of the PAW. Suffragan Bishop Eulah Nelson is a subject in “The Marquis Who’s Who in Religion in the World”, 4th Edition 1991 1993, IBC Cambridge World’s Who’s Who Among Women 1993, World’s Who’s Who of Women 1994/1995, IMCWA Award for Meritorious Service in Kingdom Building 1988. She was recognized as Most Outstanding Woman Pastor in Rochester, New York in 1988.

Suffragan Bishop Eulah M. Nelson is the wife of Elder I.V. Nelson, the mother of three lovely daughters, grandmother of nine. Suffragan Bishop Eulah M. Nelson’s unique ministry has led her throughout and to the far corners of the World. Her message is the same to every Nation and it leaves audience’s without a doubt that ‘God is Alive and His Power is Present to Save, Heal and Deliver. A Mentor of Women in Leadership, A Shepherd, Compassionate in Faith, Prayerfulness, Humility and Love, Preaching, Teaching and Living the Life, Lifting Fallen Humanity, Finding Hurts and Healing them. Suffragan Bishop Eulah M. Nelson gives God All the Praise. All the Honor and Glory. She says, “Having therefore obtained help from God, I continue unto this day”.

Bibleway Healing Assembly Inc. (
4831 W. Henrietta Rd.
Henrietta, NY 14467
(585) 321-0090

Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. #PAWinc