Iglesia de Cristo Llamada Final El Paso, TX Pastor Rafael Cortez Parte 1

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Clip de Predicacion de nuestro Pastor Rafael Cortez en la Iglesia de Cristo Ministerios Llamada Final El Paso, TX. Para mas informacion sobre predicaciones o cd’s, visite nuestra pagina en www.llamadafinaleptx.com o email [email protected] Visite nuestra pagina de Facebook Iglesia de Cristo Ministerios Llamada Final El Paso, Tx

The Vatican and ET #2: CERN,Opening The Gate To Hell (Pastor Charles Lawson)

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Sunday School: May 10 2015

Darkness is About to Surface That Has Never Been Imagined. Antimatter Cannot Be Controlled and Must Be Contained.
Scripture: Rev 9:11



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Tabernacle Baptist Church with Pastor Dennis A. Meredith – ‘This is Personal…’ Sermon Part 3 of 3

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Recorded Live @ Tabernacle Baptist Church: Atlanta

This sermon is about the long history of hypocrisy in the church, with references to the Bishop Eddie Long scandal, pedophilia within church clergy, closeted homosexuality, and traditionally enforced shame.

475 Boulevard NE, Atlanta GA 30308

Will Christians Defend their Wayward Pastors at all Costs? | Pastor O. Jermaine Simmons & Eddie Long

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Will Christians Defend Their Wayward Pastors at All Costs? – Pastor O. Jermaine Simmons

My last video, I had gotten a lot of comments attacking my opinion on Eddie Long’s funeral. Many people were writing essays explaining that Eddie Long was a man of God and should never be talked about.
A man’s good deeds far outweigh his weaknesses.
Well I guess I’m going to be back to “bashing” again!
I see things in the news too often. Pastors sleeping with the congregation. Getting women pregnant. Women fighting. Committing adultry and plotting murder. It happens.
The pastor is seen as a man of power. Somehow the closest thing to God. Referred to as being anointed. Prophets, apostles, messengers, doctors,etc..
Even Pastor Mase got in on it! Left the church and came back. Then left and came back again! I mean, how gullible can you people be!
Having sex with women in the flock! “She was throwing herself at him! He’s just a man! The flesh is weak! I’m sorry.” No, you’re sorry you got caught!!!
So on to Pastor Simmons of Jacob Chapel Baptist Church in Tallahassee for 11 years. He recently released a book called I Need a Man. He is a married man with a son.
He has been very charitable and active in the community.
He went to the apartments of a woman on January 17, 2017. Allegedly to talk to her about business. They ended up in the daughter room having sex. Who does this?
So they were caught because the school called the wife to pick up the son but they were unable to reach her because the wife was screwing the pastor. So the husband had to take off from work to pick him up.
When the husband arrived at the house with his son, he found the pastor having sex with his wife. The pastor ran out of the house butt naked while the husband went for his gun. The pastor hid behind a fence and the wife called the cops.
She refused to press charges and so did the pastor.
The pastor, later gave a sermon to his congregation, who appeared to support him, stating that he would not step down. He said he was chosen by God and God wouldn’t have chosen him just to step down after having sex with this man’s wife.
The church was all for it. You can say anything when you’re a pastor. Just don’t try that at home when you’re an average parishioner.
He said that he was already forgiven by God and nothing else matters.
It hurts him that his congregation has to defend him.

Here is an article on Pastor Simmons:

You can watch the video of the Pastor’s sermon on forgiveness here:

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Making Connections VIII: The Heavens Declare God’s Glory (Pastor Charles Lawson)

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Sunday School: Sep 10 2017

Before Scripture Was Written, God Gave a Witness of Himself in the Constellations. Before Ancient Times, Satan Laid the Foundation of his Deception. Also References to: Zachariah Sitchin, David Spangler, and Nicolas Notovitch. Scripture: Job 38:7


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Pastor Tellis Chapman ‘Some Reasons You Can’t Quit’ at Dr. Frank E. Ray Church

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Fiery Baptist Preacher from Detroit, Michigan

The Reverend Tellis Jerome Chapman is a very dynamic individual and one of the more charismatic leaders and devoted Baptist Ministers in the Greater Metropolitan Detroit area.

Reverend Chapman is the Pastor of Galilee Missionary Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan. He was born in Newton, Mississippi. He is a graduate of Jackson State University, Jackson Mississippi, and has received Honorary Doctoral degrees from Natchez College, Natchez, Mississippi and Dallas Baptist College, Dallas, Texas.

Reverend Chapman has been a pastor at several churches prior to his tenure as the present Pastor of Galilee Missionary Baptist Church. He served as Pastor at Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church, Jachin, Alabama and Little Hope Baptist Church, Toomsuba, Mississippi.

Reverend Chapman has been called many times to serve in a leadership capacity among his ministerial peers and Christian associations. He has served in a leadership capacity with the Michigan District Baptist Association and Congress. Respected for his knowledge, he is well versed in parliamentary procedure and serves as Parliamentarian for the Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention of the State.

Reverend Chapman has been involved in Detroit’s growth as it relates to mass transit. He was a board member of the City of Detroit Department of Transportation Commission. For two years he had served as the First Vice President of the Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention of the State. Currently he serves as President of the Baptist Missionary and Educational State Convention of Michigan.

In 2007, Pastor Chapman was honored by the Detroit Chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference as Pastor of the Year.
Dr. Chapman is also a board member of the National Baptist Convention USA, Incorporated

Former Seventh-day Adventist Pastor for 13 Years Gives His Testimony Why Adventism is Wrong

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See our playlist, “Dealing with Seventh-day Adventism & Their “Prophetess”” with 41 videos at Please examine the following important websites: & Email: [email protected] for free materials.

Larry Wessels, director of Christian Answers of Austin, Texas/ Christian Debater (YouTube Channel CANSWERSTV at websites: & email: [email protected]) is joined in studio by former Seventh Day Adventist pastor Dale Ratzlaff (email: [email protected]) who relates his personal testimony of why he left the Seventh Day Adventist religion & why Ellen G. White is a false prophet.

Dale and Carolyn Ratzlaff founded Life Assurance Ministries in 1999. Dale is author of Sabbath in Christ, The Cultic Doctrine of Seventh-day Adventists, The Truth About the Seventh-day Adventist Truth, and Adventist to Christian. Dale was an Adventist pastor for 13 years, seven of which he spent teaching Bible at Monterey Bay Academy , La Selva Beach, California. During his doctoral studies at Andrews University in the 1980’s, Dale became convinced that the 1844 investigative judgment could not be supported by Scripture. Since he could no longer teach this doctrine, he and his wife Carolyn left the Adventist denomination. Dale and Carolyn host a Former Adventist Fellowship Bible study near Phoenix, Arizona.

The Seventh-day Adventist doctrine of the investigative judgment and cleansing of the heavenly Sanctuary based upon Daniel 8:14 is indeed the central pillar of the Adventist faith. Some Adventists may disagree; however, it is. Ellen White said, “The scripture which above all others had been both the foundation and central pillar of the Advent faith was the declaration, ‘Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed’.

A recent book by Dr. Roy Adams is subtitled, Understanding the Heart of Adventist Theology, and it confirms this.The Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide, 2001, is entitled, Pillars of Our Faith. It includes chapters on “The Sabbath”, “The Heavenly Sanctuary”, “The Hour of God’s Judgment”, “The Remnant”, etc. The last two presidents of the General Conference have both expressed publicly that the Adventist church will not change.

•Ellen G. White said that Daniel 8:14 is the foundation and central pillar of the Advent faith.

•A recent book on the sanctuary by Adventist leader Dr. Roy Adams is subtitled, The heart of Adventist theology.

•A recent Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide, entitled, The pillars of our faith includes chapters on the “The Sabbath”, “The Heavenly Sanctuary”, “The Hour of God’s Judgment”, and “The Remnant”. It includes this quotation from Early Writings, p. 263, “Jesus entered the most holy of the heavenly, at the end of the 2300 days of Daniel 8, in 1844, to make final atonement for all who could be benefitted by His mediation, and thus to cleanse the sanctuary.”

•Dr. Roy Gane stated that he was excited to know that Ratzlaff understood that the sanctuary was central to Adventists.

•Dr. Richard Davidson referred to the sanctuary as the heart of doctrine.

•Dr. Angel Rodriguez, professor of theology at the Adventist seminary and associate director of the Adventist Biblical Research Institute, stated forthrightly, “Without 1844 and the doctrine of the Sanctuary … there is no reason for us to exist. 1844 provided for us our identity and our mission. And if we are wrong, then we are simply wrong.”

We can see that the stakes are high.

There are many, perhaps the majority, of Adventist pastors and Bible teachers who want to run as far away from Daniel 8:14, 1844 and the investigative judgment, and the cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary as possible. Yet the church cannot dismiss this doctrine. This doctrine is not only the central pillar in name, it is the central pillar holding up the whole Adventist identity. I agree 100% with Dr. Rodriguez on this point. If the Adventist church were to jettison this teaching, the organization would be morphed into something it is not. That is why the last two General Conference presidents have openly endorsed Ellen White and the sanctuary doctrine. If they were to admit the errors of October 22, 1844, and the investigative judgment as the cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary as taught by Ellen White, then Ellen White would fall as “a continuing and authoritative source of truth”. If Ellen White is rejected, the doctrine of the remnant church would fall on the heap. If the remnant church doctrine goes, then the Sabbath as the seal of God for end time believers and Sunday as the mark of the beast crumbles into the dust.

2 Timothy 2:15

A Safe Messiah | Pastor Shane Idleman

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