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T.W. Robinson spends a few days riding and fishing in St. Bernard Parish. T.W. catches a big fish, learns about the history of New Orleans’ next door neighbor and the Canary Island settlers who founded it. She also pays a visit to the place where the Battle of New Orleans was fought and the Hurricane Katrina Memorial.

Catholic Vocations: Franciscan Sisters called to parish service

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The Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity serving the rural community in Nebraska. The Gospel message of Jesus comes alive in their ministry, the compassion of St. Francis resonates in their outreach. The Roman Catholic order serve in Catholic health care, education and parish ministries in thirteen U.S. dioceses.

St. Elizabeth Parish Church, Black River, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica The original building…

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St. Elizabeth Parish Church, Black River, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

The original building of the St. Elizabeth Parish Church, St. John the Evangelist, was built around 1700, but the date of construction of the replacement building is uncertain. An inscription indicates that the tower foundation was laid in 1837 but it is thought that the main body was built earlier, possibly around 1774.

The Church is constructed of yellow brick with limestone trim, and its configuration is reminiscent of the medieval English Parish Church. This structure, however, mixes the Gothic and classical elements in its design. The tower has quoins and is crowned with battlements and corner pinnacles.


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Parish House Condo – 39 1/2 Maryland Ave, Unit 3, Annapolis, MD

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An ingenious transformation of an 1897 church featuring original exterior architectural details, rusticated stonework, and pointed arches. A spectacular 4 level open tuscan style condo featuring a stunning 28 ft stained glass window visible from 3 living levels. Elevator access to all floors. A rare opportunity to live only blocks from Naval Academy, State House and City Dock. Featured property on the Annapolis Candlelight Tour.

LIVE STREAM – Evening Service 6.30pm 17 Jun ’18 from Jesmond Parish Church, Newcastle UK

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Join us every week for our Sunday evening service to praise God with music, talk to him in prayer and listen to his word explained. Tonight Ramzi Adcock will be preaching on ‘How to Suffer Well for Jesus’ from 1 Peter 4: 12-19.

Peter knew first hand what it was like to suffer for Jesus and what it was like to do that badly. In this look at 1 Peter 4, Ramzi Adcock explores how suffering for being a Christian is not only to be expected but how it is possible to rejoice despite the suffering with a godly perspective.

Jesmond Parish Church is a large evangelical Anglican church in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. For more info see

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Celestial Church of Christ, Hephzibah Parish, Indianapolis 5th Adult Harvest, 2013, Thanksoffering

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CCC MN Parish, Congratulate the Shepherd and the entire members of Hephzibah Parish on their 5th Adult Harvest.