Jimmy Church Paranormal Lightning Round

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Jimmy Church, host of Fade to Black & Coast to Coast AM plays the paranormal lightning round revealing his truths about Roswell, Ufology, Moon Hoax, flat earthers, and more. He also talks about his participation in Contact in the Desert, as wel as, ONSTELLAR, the world’s First Cryptocurrency Based Social Network Focusing on the Paranormal.

Haunted Halloween Special | Flying Phantom Lights | Soul Reaper Paranormal

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Tonight the team travel a short distance to a very tiny 19th century cemetery. During the afternoon Kyle and Jason visited tonights location to make sure the place would we worthy of a paranormal investigation.

From the moment we arrived we felt that this place would be perfect as we were looking to do something different for our fans. This cemetery has graves which date back to the early 1800’s, and some of the graves here belonged to very interesting people indeed.


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Real Paranormal Activity in Omaha Nebraska

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This is not a joke, this is real and happens numerous times. whoever or whatever it is, is not very nice and noisy as hell. I personally know this location and the person talking in the video. He is talking Spanish but the video speaks for its self.. Enjoy.. I will try to get more video soon.

Beautiful Place #220 Abandoned Southwest NM Mining Town Paranormal Part 2

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This is Part 2 of the amazing old Mining Town I found on my way to Silver City . Look I had a feeling the whole time I was there almost as if someone was watching me . Judge for yourself when I entered the church , the door was open with all the windows closed and then the door clearly closed with me inside . I got chills running up my spine .

Follow me as I travel North America in my vintage camper van hunting down beautiful and historic places. Buckle up for the ultimate road trip adventure hosted by yours truly.

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UWPG Paranormal Investigation 30th St Duplex Milwaukee Wi.

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Uwpg (Unearthly Whipsers Paranormal Group) investigates a duplex built in the late 1890`s. The owner claimed to see the apparition of a n Uncle who had passed in the basement. While remodeling the home, a time capsule was found in the wall! This was the first use of our new “Paramid” from Paranologies. It had some results we cant explain!

Introducing the new Paranormal Investigation Experience at the Port Arthur Historic Site.wmv

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Tour guides Cait and Mel introduce the new Paranormal Investigation Experience at the Port Arthur Historic Site. They describe how the tour operates, what the visitor experience will be, and explain the scientific apparatus used in ghost hunting.

This exciting new, late-night, adults-only tour provides a unique opportunity to scientifically search for evidence of paranormal activity using the latest ghost hunting equipment and gadgets at what is reputed to be Australia’s most haunted place.

Hotel Guest Captures Paranormal Activity In His Room. Harlingen, Texas

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While Frank Ramirez was asleep in his hotel room he was awoken by noises coming from inside his room and the rest he recorded.
Many thanks to Potus Frank Ramirez for his awesome footage

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Residential Investigation in Virginia Beach – Virginia Paranormal Investigation

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In August 2016, VAPI investigated a private residence in Va Beach where a reportedly malevolent entity was causing serious problems for the occupants. Here is the paranormal investigation that ended with a house blessing.

NEBRASKA – Hummel Park Morphing Stairs! – Paranormal America Episode 15

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