Flat Earth Meetup in Palmdale California with Jeranism by Flat Earth Dude Channel

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Please enjoy this video which was streamed live at the Palmdale Flat Earth meetup by channel FE Dude. Thank you FE Dude for sharing your video. This is the link to the original video on his channel:

The Palmdale Flat Earth Meetup was a success!! Thank you to everyone who came, thank you Jeran, and thank you Netta for organizing this event!! This is the link to Jeran’s channel Jeranism:

The song at the end of the video is called LOOK FLAT EARTH SONG, and I found it on the channel called SANN INGEN MUSIC. Here is the link:

I do not own any rights to this music.

Robert Jackson, MD in Palmdale, CA

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California Street Healing With Friends

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Recently, Ahava and I went to California to minister in the marketplace. We had a lot of fun ministering in various locations from San Diego to Los Angeles to Palmdale, which is north of Los Angeles in the high desert. The temp in the high desert was over 100 degrees but, nevertheless, we managed to minister to a number of people outdoors, including a man who was Muslim. The healing sign he experienced was enough to bring him to the place of putting his trust in Jesus Christ.

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