Learn The Purpose, Practice, and Power of Prayer with Buddy Owens

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— Have you ever played a sport that required daily practice just to be part of the team? Maybe you’ve taken up a foreign language or a musical instrument that demanded time and energy to improve or become fluent. Just like any skill we want to master, our prayer life requires practice to develop a closer relationship with God. In this message, Pastor Buddy Owens teaches us the purpose, practice, and power of prayer and how it can bring about miraculous change. You’ll learn the reach and influence of your prayers, and how to practice through scheduled prayers and daily reminders. Discover how to pray effectively and be empowered through God’s Word.

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(Saddleback Church) (Purpose of Prayer) (Practice Prayer) (Power of Prayer) (Why do we pray) (Keep praying) (aegis) (Prayer life) (Life of prayer) (pray always) (How to pray) (Effective prayers) (Pray effectively) (Honor God’s Word) (Schedule prayer time) (Extraordinary prayers) (prayer strategy) (40 days of prayer) (pray 40) (#pray40)

30 Seconds of Ephraim Owens at Maria’s Tacos (Hippie Church, Austin)

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Half a minute of Ephraim Owens killin’ it on the horn during last weekend’s Hippie Church at Maria’s Taco Xpress in Austin. Ephraim sat in on a set by Jesse Vain and the Happy Hour Holiness Movement. Maria will be closing the doors of her historic South Austin hot spot soon. Until then stop by and catch the last few Gospel Brunches (aka Hippie Church) every Sunday noon to 3pm. Have a powerful day!

Fragment Watch – Bishop Phillip E. Owens D. D.

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Lazar Norwood
Bishop Owens preaches on the importance of inspection in a saint of God’s life as we await the “fragments” from God.

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Pastor Jeff Owens – Sodomy (Pt. 2 of 4)

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Pastor Jeff Owens is the loyal pastor of the great Shenandoah Bible Baptist Church, which is located in Martinsburg, West Virginia (a suburb of Washington D.C.). He has been preaching the Gospel since 1976. He is a man of great expression, compassion, and wisdom. Pastor Owens spent 18 years of his life under the ministry of Dr. Jack Hyles of First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana–“The World’s Largest Sunday School.” Fourteen of these years, he was Dr. Hyles’ assistant pastor. Dr. Owens also served as vice-president of Hyles-Anderson College. The Shenandoah Bible Baptist Church is a strong and growing work and is considered one of America’s most exciting churches. Pastor Owens also travels across America and abroad preaching at conferences, revivals, Christian colleges and schools.

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Dr. Heather Owens, Obstetrics/Gynecology, CHI St. Vincent, Little Rock, Arkansas

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“I think that being a mother myself I’m able to relate to women and the phases of their lives whether it be pregnancy, menopause and on. I get great joy out of treating multiple generations of women. I feel CHI St. Vincent is committed to the care of women. ”

Heather Owens, M.D.

CHI St. Vincent Women’s Clinic – Little Rock
500 South University Avenue, Suite 815
Little Rock, AR 72205

COGIC Presiding Bishop Chandler David Owens Celebration of life!

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Bishop Chandler David Owens, Sr. (October 1, 1931 – March 6, 2011) was an American minister, youth organizer and ordained pastor in the Church of God in Christ (COGIC), for which he served as the Presiding Bishop from 1996 to 2000.

Bishop Owens was born in Birmingham, Alabama, to Rev. William Owens and Martha [Thomas] Owens. The fifth of eight children, Bishop Owens and his family attended the Smithfield, Alabama COGIC. When Rev William Owens was assigned to the Power View Church of God in Christ, his son assumed the role of Junior Pastor and served as an adjunct to the church’s founder Bishop Charles Harrison Mason. In June 1950, after Owens had graduated from A.H Parker High School, the family moved to Detroit and worshiped under the pastorate of Bishop John Bailey.
After moving to Newark, New Jersey, Bishop Owens was assigned his first pastorate at the Wells Cathedral Church of God in Christ and was consecrated Bishop of New Jersey’s Third Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction. In 1976, he became the youngest Bishop elected to the General Board of the COGIC, a seat he held until his death.

During this period, Bishop Owens also served the church in a number of additional capacities including as International President of the Youth Congress, Chairman of the Constitution Committee, Second Assistant Presiding Bishop and First Assistant Presiding Bishop. He moved to Georgia to serve as Pastor of the Greater Community Church of God In Christ in Marietta and, subsequently, as the Prelate of Central Georgia Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction.

After the 1995 death of Bishop L. H. Ford, Bishop Owens was elected Presiding Bishop of the church. During his tenure as Presiding Bishop, he served on several committees for President Bill Clinton’s administration and hosted the President at the National Annual Holy Convocation in Memphis, Tennessee, the Bishop’s Conference in Washington, DC. And the International Women’s Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana. He held the position until the 2000 election of Bishop G. E. Patterson to the post.

Bishop Owens died in Atlanta at the age of 79. He left behind his wife Mrs. Shirley Owens and three children, Chandler David II, Chandra Stephanie and Shirilitha Jeanette (deceased)

Toledo Ohio Owens Community College Wedding Photos

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Owens Community College in Perrysburg Toledo is a unique Toledo wedding venue. Their wedding in the Arts building of Owens Community College in Perrysburg was brilliantly personal. They produced a video that played before the ceremony that told not only their love story, but their individual stories in a touching yet humorous way.

Something to Cry About – Pastor Ray A. Owens – Tulsa OK

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Pastor Ray A. Owens ministers what to do when life gives you something to cry about. I Samuel 30:3-4. Regroup, Refocus, Resolve. The Metropolitan Baptist Church of Tulsa remembers life of Terence Crutcher and honors the entire Crutcher family legacy.

HBC: Jason Owens – Church Planter, Wichita, KS

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Video Presentation of Jason & Rebecca Owens, Planting Liberty Baptist Church in Wichita, KS, www.proclaimtrueliberty.org / Out of the Harvest Baptist Church, Manhattan, KS, Pastor Stephen Henderson, www.jointheharvest.org