The Outpouring with Pastor Anthony Sanchez

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Holy Spirit Outpouring in Prison!!

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Receive Jesus, receive forgiveness and eternal life

Andres Bisonni Ministries
Worship: Kim Walker, Jesus Culture, Freedom Reigns in this place
showers of mercy and grace falling on every face
Holy Spirit and Fire Baptism
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Espiritu Santo y Fuego Bautismo
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Holy Spirit Visitation
Visitacion del Espiritu Santo
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Jesus Christ Cristo Uncion Anointing
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Jesus is Everything, March 7 1998, Brownsville Revival Pensacola FL

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Many nights Pastor Kilpatrick would have people give their testimonies about what God was doing in their life. Brownsville was in for a big surprise with this group of people that would end up on stage.

1st Joy from Tupelo, MS tells about how she was healed and much more.

2nd Danielle Morris from CA tells about how God made a way back to Pensacola to help with the harvest.

3rd was Dennis from Flomaton, AL. He was homeless man that God brought to the revival and was delivered from 20 years of drugs. Having no church background he tells how he knew it was God when he entered the church.

4th was Daniel from Tallahassee, FL, a 15 year old who came to the revival on a dare. He was caught at school with a switchblade and the principal dared Daniel to go to the revival. Full of rebellion and hating God, Daniel found himself in a front row set at the revival. What God did next in his life is amazing.

5th Angel, a young woman from Salisbury, Maryland finds herself moved upon by God and fighting the tears. The series of events that transpire next will blow you away. Her whole family and pastor Gloria Ortez end up on stage and explain how God has changed all of their lives The power of God moves on many of them as they give their testimonies.

Harvest Church Dothan Fall Renewal Conference Sep 28, 2014

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Guest speaker Mark Nysewander has a defining-moment word for the North American church that needs to be heard and heeded. Mark started the conference with a message Sunday morning saying among other things that we need to expect God to move in power in our church services like we see in the New Testament for the purpose of glorifying Christ Jesus. Do you have lost family members? The power of God can open their eyes to His love. Are you concerned about our community and nation? The power of God can break every chain of addiction, heal families and turn our nation back to Him. The power of God is here to encourage, strengthen you and put your life on a path you were born for.

VIDEO: An outpouring of love and honor for fallen trooper

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ᐸpᐳFamily friends members of law enforcement and the public all gathered inside a Peoria church Friday to pay their final respects to Arizona Department of Public Safety Trooper Tyler Edenhofer who was killed in a line of duty.ᐸ/pᐳ

Sis Mya Domingue Going Forth In The Lord & Outpouring

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The Light Of The World Pentecostal Church
2717 Carnation Ave Fort Worth, TX 76111
Prayer Line: (817) 838-2539
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Apostle Patricia R. Penigar, Overseer
Bishop Raymond J. Penigar Jr., Pastor

Spiritual Hunger – The Brownsville Revival – Pensacola Outpouring

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Spiritual Hunger sparked a mighty revival in Pensacola Florida at the Brownsville Assembly of God. You can have revival where you are at if you will hunger for it.

Little marked Father’s Day 1995 as more than routine. Families filed into the Brownsville sanctuary to celebrate dad’s special day. Visiting missionary-evangelist Steve Hill approached the pulpit to detail his recent Holy Spirit encounter at Holy Trinity Church, Brompton, England, his contagious enthusiasm sparking anticipation. Soon Hill invited attendees for prayer, but Father God revealed a different agenda. As members surged forward, God intervened to pour out His Spirit in an amazing visitation.

The following months featured service followed by service, attendees leaving in the wee hours to glean a little sleep, work a few hours, then return to this powerful deposit of God’s presence. Nightly, Rev. Hill shared fresh, anointed messages and cast his nets, drawing in souls touched by God’s convicting power as teen Charity James sang with urgent appeal the summons, Mercy Seat. Word spread, beckoning the hungry and the desperate from nearby communities, then surrounding states, the nation, and finally the world. Worshipers from nearly every continent flocked to the West Pensacola suburb of Brownsville to receive a touch from the Father.

Rocked by the sudden visitor inflow and awed by this Holy Visitation, Pastor Kilpatrick, Rev. Hill, Pastor’s assistant, Rose Compton, and church leaders strategized to accommodate the sudden response. Leadership scheduled four weekly revival services. Brownsville Prayer, Usher, and Personal Ministry teams, supported by other community churches, mobilized to host the guests. For more than eight years, visitors arrived, hungry, to leave powerfully changed.

Millions have come, hungry to hear from God. Hundreds of thousands have responded to His call to salvation and a commitment to holiness, and a fresh charge has issued throughout the world for holiness and fresh intimacy with God.

Prior to revival, several key prophecies foretold of revival coming to America, including the following from Dr. David Yonggi Cho of Korea and Rev. Ken Sumrall, founder of Liberty Fellowship.

Two-and-one-half years prior to revival, Pastor Kilpatrick responded to God’s prompting to make Brownsville a house of prayer in an even deeper sense. He promptly set aside tradition to designate the Sunday evening service as a prayer service, with members responding in true Brownsville commitment. The rest is history!

Night 244 | Andrew Hopkins | November 17, 2016

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Streamed live from San Diego, CA.

Wednesdays 7pm – Encounter Nights
Thursdays 7pm – School of the Spirit
Fridays-Sundays 7pm – Revival Meetings
Saturdays 10am – Outreach (not live streamed)

Host Location:
Summit Church
292 E Barham Drive
San Marcos, CA 92078

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Night 569 | Jerame Nelson | March 14, 2018

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Streamed live from San Diego, CA.

Wednesdays 7pm – West Coast Rumble
Thursdays 7pm – School of the Spirit
Fridays-Sundays 7pm – Revival Meetings
Saturdays 10am – Outreach (not live streamed)

Host Location:
Skyway Church
14900 W. Van Buren St.
Goodyear, AZ 85338

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Youth experiencing the Fire of the Holy Spirit in Orlando, Florida!!

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Receive Jesus, receive forgiveness and eternal life
Recibe a Jesus y recibe el perdon y la vida eterna
andres bisonni Ministries

Orlando, Florida, USA

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الموسيقى بواسطة: كاري جوبي – للأبد (لايف)

الإنجيل المعجزات أخبار جيدة ميلاغروس الصم العمي يبصرون والعرج يمشون سماع بشر الانجيل يسوع هو الرب
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The Light Of The World Pentecostal Church
2717 Carnation Ave Fort Worth, TX 76111
Prayer Line: (817) 838-2539
Toll Free: (877) 240-PRAY
Email: [email protected]
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Apostle Patricia R. Penigar, Overseer
Bishop Raymond J. Penigar Jr., Pastor

Kingdom Outpouring at Cornerstone Church – Columbus, GA

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An event is coming… A celebration… An outpouring of faith. January 10 – 13, 2009. 7:00 p.m. nightly. 706.326.2636.

Revival In Kansas City

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Powerful video showing the remarkable revival outpouring of the Holy Spirit currently taking place at World Revival Church in Kansas City, Missouri