New Beginnings Church, Orlando, FL.3.16.14

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Tabot procession Debre Selam Medhaniealem Eritrean orthodox church June 3rd Seattle

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Debre Selam Medhaniealem Eritrean orthodox church June 3rd Seattle Washington 2017 Egret with new church celebration

Inside of an Orthodox Church

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The good people at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox in Columbia, South Carolina are working on the icons painted on the inside of the sanctuary. When you walk through the doors you feel held if not hugged by God. Bible stories cover the inside of the sanctuary. God is Good

Part 1 Easter Service at St. Andrew Orthodox Church in Riverside, Californi

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The Easter Service at St. Andrew Orthodox Church in Riverside, California tkes place one week after being celebrated by Wesern Churches following eir tradiion. he Church is located at 4700 Canyon Crest n Riverside with Fther Josiah presiding. It starts at 11:30 on Saturday night 4-14-12 with the churc dark as in a rtomb for at this time Christ is still dead and in his tomb. It start with people kissing te picture of the dead Christ and bowing before it. Al of he candles are snuffed out and it is totally dark. At the ack of he church the priests light candles and the congregation assembles outside to form a candle lit procession around the church. Returning Jather Josiah demands the tedoors be opened and when they finally are we enter a fully lit church and celebrate the now resurrected Jesus with crys of, “Christ is risen!”

Anchorage AK – St. Innocent, Orthodox Cathedral

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Again sorry I’ve been so slow/late with uploading my videos (also that they’re not in chronological order). With work and arthritis, I rarely get the opportunities to work on my videos anymore.

St Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church Johnstown,PA 1995 Full length video

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Of Blessed Memory :Rev Archimandrite Anthony Morfessis-
May 10,1920-June 1,1997 His funeral was at Three Hierarchs Church in Brooklyn.He was born in Vathy,Ithaca,Greece-Ionian Islands
In this video you will see Fr.Anthony (retired at the time) blessing the people with relics and they are being slain in the Spirit This took place a the Greek Orthodox Church, St.Mary’s in Johnstown,Pennsylvania 1995 where he had been a Parish Priest
In his book; Faith,Love,Hope;Unite The Man With God..
Chapter V speaks how he had many spiritual experiences and especially how he was introduced in the Greek Orthodox church by Fr.Monios of praying and invoking the Holy Spirit an people were being slain and he had never seen this before but explains his beautiful experience to this and testifies it!
June 24, 1972- Fr.Anthony sees Jesus Christ and told him “from now on I will use you and I will make you a doctor”Jesus continued and touched his hands and said “I am your Master,I am your Christ.” (see chapter V )
He also has many written testimonies from people from all over that were medically healed.
He was a retired priest and was living his last years in the Poconos,NY where bus loads of people would go and see him as he gave of himself tirelessly…