Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

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Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church (Baltimore City) is an important hub for the Greek community of the Baltimore region through its religious services, the Greek Independence Day Parade, and its Greek Folk Festival, the largest in Maryland. In 2015, Saint Nicholas received the Maryland Traditions ALTA Award in the category of Place.

Suspect Vandalizes Greek Orthodox Church Causing $100,000 Damage

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*Body Worn Camera video & pictures. One icon was tossed onto a pew & landed upright.*

On Saturday May 26, 2018 at 5:45pm 30-year-old Mason Christian Mayerchak of Blacklick entered the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral at 555 N. High Street.

The caller told police that Maychak appeared intoxicated and refused to leave. He then started to destroy the cathedral.

The first responding officer observed broken glass all over the cathedral and then saw the suspect pulling a stain glass window apart. The vandalism was also caught on surveillance video.

Mayerchak is accused of damaging a church pew, gospel stand, gospel book, vestment, alter candle sticks, tabernacle, incensor & stand, processional fans, gospel cross & a $40,000 stain glass window.

Officers say after he was placed in the cruiser he began kicking the door so his legs had to be retrained in addition to being handcuffed.

Mason Mayerchak faces a charge of vandalism. The investigation is ongoing by CPD’s Burglary Unit.

Orthodox Christianity miracles

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Будите са нама и на фејсбуку:

All the other so-called “christian churches” left from origin and changed very very many things in Christianity..

Catholicism changes and adjusts dogmas every day.

Orthodoxy has remain pure and unchanged since the 7 ecumenical councils at the dawn of Christianity.

Catholics left us, and after them, the protestants split from them and drifted farther away from the true essence of Christianity, and then the anglicans, penticostals, baptists, etc, etc…. Now there are hundreads or even thousand of so-called “christian churches”.Catholics are the origin of all the sects today.

It is a saying…

“There were three Great falls in history:

1)The fall of Satan
2)The fall of Adam
3)The fall of the first Pope in 1054!

But the Truth is only one, and is found in the only Church founded by the 12 apostols.
The Orthodox Church.

Orthodox =The Right Faith

Ortho = Right,Unchanged
Dox = Dogma,Faith

All the thousands of so-called christian churches starting with Catholicism lost Apostolic descendence.
They are anathematised, because they changed the Faith.

Share this words to everyone and baptized in orthodox, God will honor you

Christmas – Exploring the Feasts of the Orthodox Christian Church

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In this video, we explore the significance of Christ’s birth, as God becomes flesh. We also explore the various traditions through which the Orthodox Church continues to celebrate the great event.

This video is part of a series named “Exploring the Feasts of the Church” by the Department of Religious Education of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America which explores the major feasts of Christ and the Theotokos as well as the meaning and purpose of Christian worship in the context of the Church’s annual liturgical cycle.

Rich with enlightening interviews, music, festal hymns, icons, and beautiful visuals, this program is sure to inspire and provoke thoughtful exploration of Orthodox worship. At the end of the presentation is a set of questions for exploration and discussion. It is designed to be used by an individual or family, as well as in a group setting such as a parish Bible study or adult church school class.

To learn more, visit

Welcome to St. Paul Orthodox Church

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You are welcome in our parish! We are thankful for everyone who God sends, in His divine providence, to our spiritual home. Those who would like to learn more about the ancient Christian faith should feel free to contact me. The Church welcomes all who have a sincere desire to follow the Founder and Head of our ancient Faith, our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ.

Saint Paul the Apostle Orthodox Church of Las Vegas, Nevada is a parish of the Diocese of the West, Orthodox Church in America. We are under the episcopacy of His Eminence, Archbishop Benjamin, Archbishop of San Francisco and the West, and the ruling hierarch of the Orthodox Church in America is His Beatitude, Metropolitan Tikhon, Archbishop of Washington, Metropolitan of all America and Canada.

If you are an Orthodox first-time visitor without a parish of your own we encourage you to join our active membership. Simply ask the usher, someone on duty at the candle stand, or me.

Our parishioners welcome you after the Divine Liturgy to join us in our Community Hall next door for a cup of coffee and conversation with our parish family of greater Las Vegas. You will find people from most every walk of life and of great cultural diversity. We are one family in Christ bound together in one common faith.


Video by:
Athanasios Green

Psalm 103 · St. Tikhon’s Seminary Choir

Sing Praises to Our God: A Selection of Orthodox Liturgical Hymns