Park Lake Presbyterian Church Worship, Sunday October 7, 2018

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Sunday October 7, 2018

Complete Worship Service

Worship 10:30 a.m.

Park Lake Presbyterian Church
309 E. Colonial Drive
Orlando, Florida 32801
ph. 407-841-6550

Land For Sale: 329 Takoma St, Orlando, FL 32811 | CENTURY 21

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For more information visit

329 Takoma St
Orlando, FL 32811
MLS o5753078

Two single family homes can be built on this lot. County also has the future zoning as commercial.

Contact Agent:
Stephen Dass

The Holy Land Experience Religious Theme Park in Orlando, Florida

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The Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Fla. showcases architectural recreations of Jerusalem, beautiful and serene landscaping, historical exhibits and live religious shows, including the popular Passion drama which reenacts the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a theme park like no other.

Read all about The Holy Land Experience in Volume 2, Issue 3 of Orlando Attractions Magazine, available at

Video shot/edited by Ricky Brigante.