American fair, Jonesboro, Arkansas

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In this video I’m showing American fair in Jonesboro, Arkansas, United States. Hope you will like this video.
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P.S. Purpose of this video is strictly educational. Disclosure of any confidential data was never intention of this video.

Pastor Patrick Scott – Hope Open Bible Church, Orlando, FL

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Pastor Patrick Scott delivering his “Can you hear me now!” sermon, at First Church of the Open Bible, Georgetown, Grand Cayman.

TINIKLING by River Of Life ICF Baltimore, MD at Open Bible Church with the Wrights

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a 2-min 22 second performance of the famous filipino dance called “TINIKLING” – originated in Leyte, Philippines is a dance movement imitating the tikling birds dodge the bamboo traps of the rice farmers. As Christians, we who are free in Christ, must also be careful to dodge all of satan’s temptations and worldly entrapments because of our faith in Christ, we have overcome the world. So dance in victory everyday of your joyful prosperous life!!!

Open Door Fellowship House Church In Greensboro NC

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Open Door Fellowship House Church is a house church located in Greensboro NC. You can visit our website at so that you can contact us right away. You can browse our website to better understand the purpose of a house church and the benefits an organic church can offer to better serve Jesus Christ.

1904 way st Greensboro NC , Open Door Fellowship House Church

Beyond the Steeple: Open Space at Church of the Apostles, Seattle, Wash.

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Church of the Apostles (COTA) in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood hosts Open Space, a contemplative music hour, on the second Sunday of each month. The event is a collaboration with Abbey Arts and emphasizes distraction-free reflection in a noisy world.

Beyond the Steeple is a Living Lutheran quarterly series on non-traditional worship in the ELCA community.

Want to know more about COTA? Visit
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We drove down to Tucson, Arizona to see the new Mormon temple. When a new temple is built, the LDS church will have an open house where the public can take a free tour inside the temple. We got some great footage outside the temple, but we weren’t allowed to film inside the temple.

If you would like to see inside the temple, please check out this video:

If you have questions about the LDS church (aka Mormon Church), you are welcome to ask us in the comments section, or please check out the following links:

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Joel Osteen explains decision to open Houston church after criticism

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Osteen speaks out on “GMA” after facing criticism on social media when his megachurch, Lakewood, did not immediately take in Harvey victims, a decision he later reversed.

29 August 2010 Entitlement Issues Partt 1 United Methodist Church Palm Springs CA

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Sunday Service 29 August 2010
United Methodist Church Palm Springs California.
Sermon – Entitlement Issues Part One
Rev. Dr. Amanda J. Burr