Fantasia for a King (Variations on “Good King Wenceslas”)

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Fantasia for a King (Variations on “Good King Wenceslas”) · Colonel Lowell E. Graham · The Concert Band · US Air Force Band


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Released on: 2007-08-14

Contributor: TSgt Robert Thurston

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Ghost Story, Haunted Historic Building, former Church, Movie Theater

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Kingman AZ, March 24, 2012. Do you believe in haunted houses, buildings, hotels, theaters, mines, etc? I went into this business, the Boston Antiques and Collectibles place in downtown Kingman the other day, totally unaware of the stories that it was haunted, so bear with me as I did the report in a bit of an awkward fashion. I was expecting something like this.

According to Dennis the owner, about a year and a half ago a Ghost / Paranormal investigation team came out and spent a night in the place, having documented that the place was haunted. Reportedly 3 ghosts are known to be at the location, a woman, a man (projectionist of the former theater), and a little girl that has been seen with a bag of popcorn.

I did alittle research into the history of the place, actual dates differing according to who’s telling the stories, first having been Lang’s Theater around 1931, Henry Lang the owner at the time. Then around 1939 the place becomes the State Theater which served downtown Kingman Arizona from that time till around the late 1970s. I couldn’t find anything about the place being a church, but Dennis testified that it was at one time.

If you all like these types of stories or investigations, send me a message, and I might be willing to get into this a bit more, as it’s always been a fascination of mine since I was a kid. I saw George4title (g4t) cover a few of these type of stories, and of course many other people have given their personal testimonies of paranormal experiences online, around youtube and such.

Good day everyone, the Mark Allen Channel.

Ghost Caught on Video (Fayetteville, North Carolina)

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I capture what may be the scariest video on the internet. It has been 5 months since the last sighting of the ghost in Fayetteville. Take a real close look at 1:07 if you still think this is fake.

Gorillaz – On Melancholy Hill (Official Video)

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Music video by Gorillaz performing On Melancholy Hill. (P) 2010 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by Parlophone Records

Some Maryland pastors get tax exemptions on multi-million dollar homes

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From schools, to hospitals and churches, hundreds of Maryland properties are tax exempt. But what about multi-million dollar homes? Should they get a pass on the tax tab? ABC2 News Investigator Joce Sterman explains why some of those who pray to a higher power don’t have to pay a dime in property tax.

It’s a bill most of us dread, even though we’ve come to accept it. But we all know property taxes come with the territory when you own a home. Towson’s John Downs explains, “We have to pay taxes to support our municipal services.”

That support that’s based on the size of your home. The state makes an assessment and you send in a check. So you’d expect that the bigger the home, the bigger the payment to cover the tax tab. But that’s not always the case.

The owners of a $2.1 Million mansion in Lutherville don’t pay a dime in property tax. Neither do the people who live behind the gates of a $2.6 Million estate in Upper Marlboro. Stoneleigh resident Maureen O’Ferrall says, “God bless them.”

Well, actually, he already does. That’s because those multi-million dollar homes are tax exempt. They’re parsonages. Robert Young, the deputy Director of the state’s Department of Assessments and Taxation, explains, “It’s the house that’s furnished to a minister by an identifiable religious congregation for use by that minister.”

In Maryland, tax exemption for parsonages is not guaranteed or mandatory. Many churches, including those with parsonages above the million-dollar mark, choose not to apply and some who apply are not granted exemptions. But hundreds of houses do make the cut, although five are worth more than a million bucks. Young says, “The value of the property raises questions in anyone’s minds and we inquire further.”

We had plenty of questions too, because when it comes to the home for a man of God, the sky’s the limit. The state never set a cutoff. Young tells ABC2, “No one every thought it was probably necessary to have a dollar limit on the amount of a parsonage.”

But some think its necessary now, including Baltimore City Councilman Carl Stokes. He says with the state’s financial crisis, there’s far less room for free rides. Stokes says, “We’re going back to the same people and asking them to pay more out of their pockets for less services, frankly.”

The Councilman would like to continue exempting the churches themselves, but for your sake, he feels it’s time for their leaders to put a little something in the state’s collection plate to cover the cost of services provided to their homes. Stokes says, “The police still come to that property. If there’s a fire, the fire truck doesn’t stop at that imaginary line.”

Tax records show religious exemptions in Maryland totaled nearly $8 Billion in 2008, with a big piece of that money coming from parsonages. But when it comes to drawing the line, many have no problem with pastors getting an exemption, no matter what size home they live in. Marylander Nicole Barrett says, “They serve the community so I think it’s fair. They serve God so I would say that would be fair.”

But fair is not a question for a higher power. Instead, it may become a question for those in power in Annapolis. Stokes plans to discuss a potential cap for tax exemptions with members of the delegate from the city of Baltimore.

**We asked the churches who own each of the homes seen in the video for our story to comment (Higher Dimensions Christian Center, Spirit of Faith Christian Center, German Lutheran Church and the Archdiocese of Washington), but none were interested in speaking on camera. Only the Archdiocese of Washington, DC issued any statement to ABC2, telling us the Potomac property seen in our video is one many church owned properties. That home is located behind a nearby Catholic church and is used as a rectory. A spokeswoman tells us, “Catholic priests live on the church property wherever it is located – and churches are located in very poor communities and in wealthy ones.”


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The Mormon Church pumped in 20 million Utah Church Dollars to pass Prop 8 in the state of California. ted olson

At The Center: Putting You In Your Place | Pastor Benny Perez | 10.11.2015

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The Church LV Website:

The Church LV is a multicultural, multigenerational church, located in Henderson, Nevada that is Following Jesus and Fulfilling his Mission.

The Church LV on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram:

Pastor Benny Perez:

Watch the Church TV Show here:

Church Sunday Live Stream:

SevenLV Youth Ministry:

Children’s Ministry at the Church Las Vegas:

The Church LV did not begin in a building; but in the hearts of two ordinary people willing to do extraordinary things to see the Las Vegas valley changed. The Church began as a small gathering in the home of Pastors Benny and Wendy Perez, and today it is recognized as one of the fastest growing churches in the nation.

We are determined to build a church, which creates a friendly and inviting atmosphere for you and your family. Whether you are single, married, divorced, or a grandparent we believe that there is a place for you here at The Church. You will find that each service is unique, fun, creative, and relevant to your life with a message from Pastor Benny that is both humorous and life changing. Our children’s programs are age appropriate and fun. Our well trained staff will ensure that your children have an enjoyable and exciting experience that will have them wanting to come back week after week!

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Michael Sweet – Stryper – Calling On You – Acoustic + Lyrics

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Michael Sweet – Stryper – Calling On You – Acoustic + Lyrics

Michael Sweet Acoustic performance at Grace Fellowship Church – Buckeye, Arizona – Friday November 4th, 2011

Calling On You Lyrics:

Inside of me there is a lonely place
Sometimes I just don’t know it’s there
But when I’m all alone
That’s when I have to face…

The part of me that needs someone
To be by my side that’s when I call on…

You, You make my life complete
You give me all I need
You help me through and through
I’m calling on you

I can’t explain just what You do to me
My love grows stronger everyday
You give me love, You give me company
And when I have to face the rain
You bring sunshine into my life

[Repeat Chorus]
[Repeat Chorus]

Latest Method On How To Fix/Repair Your Dead Water Damaged & Rescue Apple iPhone 6 6s 2016

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Please follow my method on how to bring back your dead Apple iPhone 6 6s. This method will work on ALL of Mainboard/Motherboard/IC Chips/Circuit Board from “Water Damaged”! Either you drop your device into toilet, sink, pool, and etc.

Successful fixed my customer iPhone 6 with my method. Customer brought this phone to me when it will not turned on at all and totally dead. Tools needed it include in my previous videos shown below, must watch to see it and believe it! Don’t give up and “Just Do It!”.

This is a tutorial on how to disassemble a water damaged Apple iPhone 6 & 6s smartphone. Please click on below links to link to my other tutorial videos on how to remove mainboard, motherboard, circuit board with step-by-step instructions.

*DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISKS! Not Liable For Any Damages To All Of Your Mainboard/Motherboard/Logic Board!!! USED IT AT YOUR OWN RISKS!

Easiest Way/Method To Repair ANY Water Damaged Phones Without Removing Any Radiation Shields or IC Chips!!!

Unboxing New Ultrasonic Cleaner:

Ultrasonic Full Review:

Disassemble iPhone 6/6s Part 1 (Removal of LCD/Digitizer):

Disassemble iPhone 6/6s Part 2 (Removal of Mainboard/Motherboard/Circuit Board):

Disassemble iPhone 6/6s Part 3 (Cleaning Process):

Disassemble iPhone 6/6s Part 4 (Ultrasonic Cleaning):

Disassemble iPhone 6/6s Part 5 (Rescue Successful?):

How To Fix Missing IMEI & No Sound iPhone 6 128GB Rose Gold:

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Jaci Velasquez “On My Knees” Live in Clarksville

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Jaci Velasquez singing ” On My Knees” at her recent concert at Faith Outreach Church in Clarksville , TN on December 14, 2014.
Thanks To Jake Andrew !!