Virgin Mary Misunderstood. Arrested 4 Desecrating Sunday. Weeping Blood & Olive Oil. Kylie Jenner

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Virgin Mary was chosen of God because of her PURITY. Making the decision to remain a virgin and abstaining from fornicationn. A life of purity is what ALL christians are called to. Therefore God chose her to give birth to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Due to her PURITY her name has been on the lips of many Christians and Catholics over the centuries for the crucial role she played in the plan of Salvation for mankind.

In this video we address the statue of Virgin Mary in Argentina that was crying tears of blood. Footage shows a statue of the Virgin Mary apparently weeping blood in what its owner describes as a miracle. People have been flocking to see the ‘phenomenon’ for themselves by visiting the small church in Salta, Argentina where it is kept.

In June 2018, a report was released A bronze statue of the Virgin Mary at a church in New Mexico is “weeping” tears of olive oil — and no one can explain why.

Leaders at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Hobbs, New Mexico, say people have come from all over the world to witness the statue cry.

While leaders initially did not know what the liquid coming out of the statue was, an investigator with the Roman Catholic diocese of Las Cruces said that the Virgin Mary’s “tears” have the same chemical make up as olive oil, but this olive oil was rose-scented. Olive oil, when blessed, is used as a sacred oil in the Catholic Church to anoint parishioners.

We also address the story of the apparitions of our lady of fatima prophecy which involves the sun and 3 secrets concerning the end of the world.

Kylie Jenner recently appeared in her boyfriend’s(Travis Scott) latest video. “Stop trying to be God”. In the video she appeared as Virgin Mary and was holding a lamb.

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a feast of the Catholic Church which commemorates the death of the Virgin Mary and her bodily assumption into Heaven.

The Immaculate Conception is the conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary free from original sinn by virtue of the merits of her son Jesus Christ. This has to do with the conception of Mary, not Jesus.

Catholic Mass is performed on Sunday in churches all over the world. Even Today it is being performed by priests. Some refer to this as the Eucharist.

The Holy Rosary of the Virgin Mary is a contemplative and Christocentric prayer that is founded in Spiritualism, which will lead to demonic possession without realization to the participant.

On June 23rd, 1895, in the third inning of the Colts’ game in Chicago against the Cleveland Spiders, a group of policemen entered the Colts’ clubhouse and arrested the entire Chicago starting nine. Each player was served an arrest warrant and made to sign a $100 bond officially for disturbance of the peace, but in actuality for “breaking the Sabbath.” The delay lasted approximately five minutes, after which the nine players returned to the field and trounced the Spiders 13-4 before a crowd of 10,000.1 Though the arrest that day was done in short order, it instigated a months-long trial that affixed itself to a decades-long dispute.

In 1878, the National League banned Sunday baseball, both for religious reasons and as a way of keeping blue-collar workers from the ballpark in an effort to make the game more gentlemanly. From there, the battle over Sunday baseball entered state legislatures and later state courts, as most states instituted Sunday observance laws banning many activities including professional baseball.

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Bethlehem Handicrafts Olive Wood Store in Colorado

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Bethlehem Handicrafts is the first olive wood store in the USA with an online market that ships worldwide, a workshop in Bethlehem, and an operator of Christian pilgrimages that provides Christians a truly sacred and significant pilgrimage experience in the Holy Land!

After all of those years, through hard work and your support, we reached a new milestone! We recently opened the first olive wood store in the USA! The store is located in 4114 S Parker Rd, Aurora, Colorado 80014. It features almost all of the products that are available on our website! If you want to learn more about the Holy Land, or just take a look at our intricately carved statuses, please don’t hesitate to come and visit us at our olive wood store where you’ll be greeted by our family members themselves!

Our store features:
● Olive Wood Statues: Jesus, Virgin Mary, Holy Family, Angels, Saints, and Animals.
● Olive Wood Nativity Scenes, Christmas Ornaments, and Candle Holders.
● Olive Wood Crosses and Crucifixes.
● Olive Wood Rosaries, Necklaces, Bracelets.
● Olive Wood Kitchen Utensils.
● Olive Wood Church Supplies.
● Olive Wood Wall Hangings.
and much much more.

To the east of the Church of the Nativity is a small road that gently goes down to the fields of Boaz. It was here that the Shepherds were told by the Angel Gabriel that the Prince of Peace had been born unto the world, in a field along the path that the Three Wise Men had taken both into Bethlehem and out of it.

It is also here that the modern Christian community of Beit Sahour exists; the largest Christian village in the Holy Land where they planted their olive trees and slowly built their homes out of hand-hewn stone.

Over time, many families including our family, the Bannoura family, learned to beautifully hand carve religious artifacts from olive wood, as Christian pilgrims came to the Holy Land in greater numbers and desired items to remember their pilgrimage with.

This skill has been improved upon and passed down from father to son for many generations in our family, with each generation adding new stylistic ideas and new means to improve the crafting, until we reached where we are now; masterly finesse.

We are proud to be considered part of the living Christian heritage of the Holy Land, which is why we built the website, Bethlehem Handicrafts, that operates as an online market for uniquely hand carved olive wood products featuring over 800 products quality handcrafted olive wood products made in the foothills of Bethlehem by Christian artisans with free shipping on orders above $40! And over 1000 products in our store!

We, the Bethlehem Handicrafts’ team, are so proud to put the Holy Land in your hand by giving you a variety of the best and the most outstanding original Bethlehem olive wood carvings with the best quality made in the Holy Land.

Made by Christian Hands. Loved by Christian Hearts.

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Shiloh MBC ABQ 68th Church Anniversary Greater Mt Olive Baptist Church Mass Choir Morning Servic

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Shiloh MBC ABQ 68th Church Anniversary Greater Mt Olive Baptist Church Mass Choir Morning Service Song 1

The Dynamic Silver Wings – From St. Louis, MO – Olive Branch Miss. Baptist Church – Pt. 1

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The Dynamic Silver Wings – From St. Louis, MO – Olive Branch Miss. Baptist Church, 915 E 59th St, Kansas City, MO 64110 – Pt. 1- August 25, 2018
Rev. Thurmond (TC) Caldwell~Host
‘”Quartet Walk”
K106.1 FM ~ 11:30 AM Sat. CST
[email protected]
Rev. Thurmond (TC) Caldwell~HostPRT Gospel ~ 1590 Am
1- Making A Way
2- He’ll Make It Alright
3- When The Saints Go March In
4- Going To See Jesus
5- Jesus Dropped The Charges
Video by donmademyvow

Pastor Melvin Petty of Greater Mount Olive Baptist Church Waco- A great Woman

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Pastor Melvin Petty Celebrating Annual Woman’s Day at the New Jerusalem Baptist Church Axtell “A Great Woman ”

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Today News – A Virgin Mary statue has been weeping olive oil. Church leaders cant explain it

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Today News – A Virgin Mary statue has been weeping olive oil. Church leaders cant explain it

Last updated 14:01, July 19 2018 Photos and a video released by the church shows the statue with what appears to be liquid inside the eyes and down the cheeks, mouth and chin. Inside a Catholic church in New Mexico, a 2.1 metre tall bronze statue of the Virgin Mary appears to be weeping, according to church leaders. The sculpture, known locally as Our Lady of Guadalupe, is not crying human tears; an investigator with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Las Cruces said her tears have the same chemical …


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