The Oldest Home in Charleston, South Carolina

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We’re touring the oldest home in Charleston, South Carolina. Built in 1712, the home has sen the city grow around it. It’s filled with gorgeous intricate details and with one of the largest private gardens in the city it truly is an urban retreat.

Alone in St. Anne Church, Detroit, MI.

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Here’s the interior of St. Anne’s Church, Detroit, MI.

America’s Oldest (and Smallest) Cathedral Church

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The Cathedral of San Carlos Borromeo, also known as the Royal Presidio Chapel, is one of the most beautiful buildings in the United States. It is located in Monterey, California in its historic downtown district. The cathedral is the oldest continuously operating parish and the oldest stone building in California. It was built in 1794 making it the oldest (and smallest) serving cathedral along with St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is the only existing presidio chapel in California and the only existing building in the original Monterey Presidio.

Moravian Village – Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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Endangered Slavery-Era Churches in Lexington USA: UNESCO World Heritage?

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Following the powerful civic response of the historic Main Street Baptist Church of Lexington, Ky., to a proposed threat to her viability where located for the last 145 years, noted civil-rights attorney and First Amendment scholar Amos N. Jones presents context and ideas in this mini-documentary. Voice-overs are from his Sept. 22, 2017, invited Emergency Lecture held in Main Street Baptist’s chapel building at Main and Jefferson. Answering an audience member’s question about how we can leave for our children what our slave ancestors built and left for us, Jones recommends specific methods for preserving Main Street Baptist’s historic location and its commodious campus, exploring UNESCO World Heritage designation to hedge against urban revitalization’s tendency to expunge black historic sites. The next day, the African-American Trust for Historic Preservation vowed to avenge the other four church sites that could eventually be threatened. All five of the churches are introduced in the tour in this video, along with highlights of their historic significance. All five are, Jones explains, extant monuments to religious liberty, erected among a significant indigenous civilization unique in the world — and against the greatest of odds. Jones and others oppose politicians’ and developers’ current efforts to raze these sites to make way for public recreation sites. The tour in this video was filmed on site on the morning of Saturday Sept. 23, 2017, and is presented publicly here, courtesy of the African-American Trust for Historic Preservation with videography by DMZ Productions of Richmond, Ky. Read more about the organized efforts and get involved via

Welcome to Historic Old St. Marys Catholic Church (Cincinnati Ohio’s Oldest Catholic Church)

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Old St. Marys is the oldest Catholic Church still standing in Cincinnati, Ohio, it is located in the Over The Rhine Neighborhood just north of Downtown, but there were other Catholic Churches built before this, but none of those are left standing or they moved to a new location afterwards