Easter At The Boutwell – Birmingham, Al ::: Rock Church

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Resurrection 2011 Spot produced for Rock Church, Pastor Mike McClure Jr, Birmingham, Alabama.



Tonya Baker ministers Nobody Greater LIVE at Word of Deliverance Church Cincinnati Ohio

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Tonya Baker ministers Nobody Greater LIVE at Word of Deliverance Ministries for the World Inc. Cincinnati Ohio

First Catholic Mass Mob in Cleveland — Polish tradition

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Rev. Eric Orzech is Pastor of both the Shrine Church of St. Stanislaus and St. Casimir Church in Cleveland, both have a strong Polish heritage. St Casimir was the home for the first Catholic Mass Mob in Cleveland Ohio. A typical crowd at the 11:30 Sunday Mass might be 100 people but about 750 people showed up at Mass on March 23, 2014 for the first Mass Mob in Cleveland. Fr. Orzech told about the Polish Catholic Church and a Lenten tradition called Gorzkie żale, a Catholic devotion containing many hymns that developed out of Poland in the 18th century. The devotion is primarily a sung reflection and meditation on the Passion of Christ and the sorrows of His Blessed Mother. and

Rev. Kevin Bedford-Sunday Morning Sermon at Third Baptist Church (Toledo, Ohio), 2012

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Rev. Kevin Bedford-Sunday Morning Sermon at Third Baptist Church (Toledo, Ohio), 2012

Holy Cross Church – Stain Glass – Columbus Ohio

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Holy Cross Church in Columbus Ohio looking at the Stain Glass.

Music: “Prelude No. 18” by Chris Zabriskie (

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#tvanLiveChurch: Ghanaian SDA church Columbus, Ohio

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#tvanLiveChurch: Ghanaian SDA church Columbus, Ohio with Dr. Pipim

Peace Missionary Baptist Church Columbus, Ohio Topic: “ENGAGE” Part 1

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The Word of God brought to by Pastor Dalyn L. Dunn, MACM

Refuge Church in Columbus Ohio Nationals 2014

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Our roadtrip to Columbus Ohio National Fine Arts 2014. One week story! Song by Royal Tailor “Got That Fire” all rights reserved to Royal Tailor

Aerial Video – Church Introduction – Fundraising – Glen Este Church of Christ – Cincinnati Ohio

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This is a church introduction video that we produced for the Glen Este Church of Christ near Cincinnati, Ohio.

Religious organizations of all types can benefit from video and social media marketing. Our videos are mobile responsive which gives your members, and potential church members, the best viewing experience possible (the size will adapt to their particular device).

This church marketing video is presented by Pro Quality Imaging, LLC. A Cincinnati, Ohio based digital media company that specializes in aerial videography, aerial cinematography, and aerial photography. In addition, we provide corporate headshots and all types of event photography. Contact me at [email protected] or (513) 571-3861 to discuss your project ideas.

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“Don’t stop Believing” Evangelist/Dr. Jeremy Flowers from Gray Road church of Christ Cincinnati Ohio

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Sunday morning service 8/30/15
church of Christ at the Boulevard
8837 St. Clair ave
Cleveland Ohio 44108
Morning service 10:45am
Evening service 4:00pm
216 451-7125