Silver State HIGHdraulic Scenic Elevator-Sands Regency PS-Reno, NV

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Here’s a 6 floor hydro! This is yet another elevator installed by another company. This one originally had GAL but got slapped on with Innovation Universal, which is strangely CA code compliant. Sadly, this elevator isn’t in the best of shape. It overshot the top floor, twice, and had to relevel multiple times. It does, however, offer a nice view! I like the blinking lights on the outside of the cab, and there is call recognition. Also, I have no idea why the elevator goes down to the basement, which is just a large, dirty industrial fridge…

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Vice President Mike Pence speech in Las Vegas. NV. October 6, 2017. VP Mike Pence trip in Las Vegas

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VP Mike Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence in Las Vegas. Vice President Mike Pence speech in Las Vegas October 6, 2017.

VP Mike Pence trip in Las Vegas 10/7/17. Mike Pence in Las Vegas. president trump

Holy Family Catholic Church, Las Vegas, Nv

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Holy Family Catholic Church

Sacrament Reconciliation (Confession): English: Sat:10AM Spanish Only: Thurs: 7PM

A mortal sin goes against the laws of God and the Church. The conditions that must be present for one to commit a mortal sin are that one must have complete knowledge that one is doing something grave. It goes against the will of God, gives hisher consent and the person has the intention to commit the act with their thoughts, words or deeds. A venial sin is when the act is not grave, or the person does not have full knowledge or will, and does not give complete consent.

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