Catholic Western Alaska St Joseph, Jude, Ann, Francis Xavier Nome, Little Diomede,

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Catholic Churches of Western Alaska
St Joseph, St Jude, St Ann, St Francis Xavier
Nome, Little Diomede, Teller & Kotzebue Alaska

1 of 4: Fire at Nome (Alaska) apartment: East 3rd Avenue and Moore Way, Sep. 25, 2014

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In this video, Nome emergency crews are still arriving and are beginning to fight the blaze.

A severe fire broke out Thursday evening, September 25th, 2014 at approximately 7pm at an eight-plex apartment in Nome at the intersection of East 3rd Avenue and Moore Way.

Video: David Dodman, KNOM

Alaska Native Pastor (UMTV)

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Alaska Native Charley Brower is troubled by a statistic. “We have over 100 communities in Alaska that don’t have a regular church service on Sundays ‘cause their missionary’s not there,” says Brower. So when a small United Methodist church in Nome was facing closure, Brower stepped out of the pews and into the pulpit. Through his own photos and reflections, Brower shows us the beauty and challenge of working in a remote location. “It’s United Methodist money and United Methodist people who are making sure these things are addressed by our Native leaders and our Native pastors from several different denominations. God is everywhere. God is in our daily lives. God is in the least of us. God is there.”

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The Alaska Experience Preview

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From The Alaska Experience Travel Guide : for stock footage and complete travel program availability
A land so vast, it defies the imagination
a wildness so profound it draws you back to
your place in nature
People that warm the heart,
And a heritage that spans
The breadth of human history.
alaska’s every dimension stretches the imagination
from it 30,000 miles of convoluted coastline*
To it’s countless unnamed peaks .
covering an area one fifth the size of
the continental united states,
alaska’s rich geological heritage includes
17 of the 20 highest mts. In the united states,
half the world’s glaciers, 3 million lakes,
and 3,000 meandering rivers.
Alaska is a land of surprises.
To many people alaska means snow,ice, and cold;
But to those that know her, alaska also means
Long summer days that produce some of the worlds
Largest vegetables.
if you expect igloos,
you will discover russian churches
And european villages….
if you expect log cabins,
you will find high tech skyscrapers
And if you go to alaska expecting to observe nature,
You may discover how much a part of nature you are,
When you observe a grizzly bear
picking up your scent in the wild!
The unexpected seems to be the norm in alaska You may experience a sunset at noon…….
Or you may still be out fishing at midnight!
In some places the summer sun never hits the horizon
And in winter the northern lights can turn the sky
Into an eerie display of dancing illuminations (Northern Lights).

Alaska is a rare and fragile window into the natural world….. A world where every living thing lives in harmony with the
Powerful forces of nature. A world where the forces
of nature prevail
And man must be in tune. Or perish.

If you are fortunate enough to come to experience this
Wonderful place, try to experience it on its own terms.
Try to avoid imposing your day to day values on this
Unique and precious experience. Although the modern
Traveller can bring many creature comforts along
When he comes to today’s alaska, everyone who visits
This raw and wild land finds himself “roughing it”
Just a little bit………
for some that may mean sleepless frostbitten nights be on an icefield at the foot of mt. Mckinley.
for others it may mean a lukewarm shower, a dirt
road, or an evening without television……….

Part of the magic of alaska is that her most profound
Experiences may come when least expected.
the beaten path may offer many wonders,
but the moments that last forever ,
may sneak up on you like the chinook winds
And linger like an alaskan sunset

2017 “Golden Triangle” Gospel Music Honors Nominees

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2017 “Golden Triangle” Gospel Music Honors

Saturday, April 8, 2017, 6:00 p.m.
Kingdom Dominion Church 3600 Memorial Blvd. Port Arthur, TX 77642
Bishop Kenneth Milo and Pastor Janice Milo are the Lead Servants

The Gospel Music Honors, founded in 1996 by Larry W. Robinson, is an awards celebration designed to honor local citizens in various communities for their contributions to the preservation of the message and presentation methods of Gospel music.

Serving the:
Beaumont, Texas
Port Arthur, Texas
Orange, Texas
Nederland, Texas
Groves, Texas
Port Neches, Texas
Nome, Texas
Silsbee, Texas
and surroundings areas.

Visit to nominate people in the following areas:
Traditional Female Vocalist – Traditional Male Vocalist – Contemporary Female Vocalist – Contemporary Male Vocalist – Traditional Choir – Contemporary Choir – Band, Dance, Duo or Group – Instrumentalist – Youth Choir – Choir Director – Minister of Music – Pastoral Vocalist – Next Generation – Best Gospel Event – Gospel CD Single of the Year – Gospel Full-Length CD of the Year

Hospitality via Evangelism Leads Gold Panner to Church

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Pastor Dave Crockett introduces Ken Pysz, a gold panner who was searching for something of value, then we meet his daughter, Kelly Steen, who’s life was changed by spending a day with Pat Owens and family in Nome, Alaska. Hear how father and daughter found a new church home via kindness, a concert by violist, Jaime Jorge, and simple Christian hospitality on Sabbath.