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Multi-sensory. Cinematic. 3D Enhanced Sound. The NIV Live (New International Version) audio Bible CD set is a digital masterpiece that presents the entire Bible (Genesis through Revelation) in an engaging and entertaining format, lets you listen to and experience the entire Bible from cover to cover and allows you to enjoy God’s eternal story whenever and wherever you desire.

NIV Live features an ensemble cast of actors, musicians, and notable personalities, including Oscar, Emmy and Grammy Award nominees and winners, leading pastors, teachers, members of the clergy, and evangelists, that lead you through dramatic, powerful performances by breathing life into the words and teachings of the Bible.

In this video, Dr Robert Jeffress, senior pastor for First Baptist Church in Dallas and daily radio host of Pathway to Victory shares his experience with NIV Live.

Watch behind the scenes footage of the Making of NIV LIVE

NIV Live is the most accessible and up-to-date translation and all 368 biblical characters are represented by a unique voice that brings the persona to life. Dramatic performances, 3D theatrical sound and a beautiful, inspired score by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra make this an unforgettable listening sensation. The complete audio Bible CD set features 79 digitally mastered audio CDs, an enhanced bonus ‘making of’ DVD, free digital downloads, mobile app and online access to bonus material.

The NIV Live audio Bible delivers a truly spiritual, heart-pounding and authentic event that will become the most engaging and emotional experience of your lifetime.

Warrior Dudes (Men’s Responsibility)

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Livingway Family Church Brownsville Texas
Warrior Dudes Fishing Trip
Arroyo City , Texas

Ps. Bill Moore

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