Victoria Martens | The Birthday Girl Murder

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Victoria Martens was a 10-year-old girl from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She was no different than most young girls her age – she loved gymnastics, church, the movie Frozen and the colour purple. Former peers and classmates of Victoria’s say that she would always welcome in anyone who needed a friend. The little girl’s gymnastics coach remembers her as happy, friendly and outgoing – always eager to lend a helping hand to her teammates. To Victoria’s grandparents, she was the love of their life.

An excited Victoria was looking so forward to her 10th birthday party. Tragically, one day before her party was set to take place, the little girl’s life was stolen. She would never get the chance to celebrate her 10th birthday, and will never have another birthday at all.

Law Enforcement found the dismembered body of Victoria Martens in the bathtub of her mother’s apartment – wrapped in a blanket, and still on fire. The child had been drugged with methamphetamine, raped, strangled and stabbed.

Victoria’s mother, 35-year-old Michelle Martens, had been soliciting men online and at work to sexually abuse and rape her daughter. One of these men – who would be the last – was her boyfriend, 31-year-old Fabian Gonzales. Following the murder, Michelle told police that she allowed her daughter to be raped because she enjoyed watching. Also involved in Victoria’s savage slaying was Gonzales’ cousin, Jessica Kelley. All three have been charged with the horrific crime.

After the news broke of Victoria’s death, thousands of people got together to attend an enormous birthday bash for the girl whose life was cut short. Prayer vigils were held all over the country.

Rest in Peace, birthday girl. ♥

*Several clips in this video belong to and were filmed by ABQ RAW*

‘Open The Floodgates of Heaven’- Bishop Paul Morton @ GE Patterson Church

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Bishop Paul S Morton Powerful Ending of this Anointed Sermon @ Temple of Deliverance COGIC

Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. was born in Windsor Ontario, Canada but was destined to move to the United States. God had a special calling on his life that extended far beyond the Canadian borders. In 1972, he moved to New Orleans, Louisiana. Not long after, he became the Senior Pastor of the Greater Saint Stephen Missionary Baptist Church. He served faithfully there for thirty-three years. Under his leadership, it became a “Full Gospel” Baptist Church, expanding to three areas of the city, maximizing at seven services per Sunday.

However, after the devastating storm, Katrina, God repositioned him. At God’s command, he passed the mantle to his wife, Debra B. Morton, who now serves as Senior Pastor of the mother church in New Orleans. Bishop Morton now serves as Senior Pastor of the “baby” church, G.S.S. Changing A Generation, in Atlanta, Georgia which was birthed out of the mother church. Bishop Paul S. Morton and Pastor Debra Morton now serve as each other’s Co-Pastor. Now “One Church in Two States”, their slogan is “Changing The Way We Do Church!”

Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. is also the founding Presiding Bishop of one of the fastest growing movements in America – The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International.

As an apostle, he has birthed many churches out of Greater Saint Stephen, New Orleans. Bishop Morton is also an international television preacher who, for over twenty-five years, reaches thousands of souls for the Lord on a weekly basis.

Morton is also a gifted author and an anointed singer, having received five Stellar Awards.

His life in Christ is evidenced by his love and compassion for his family, the brethren and those who are lost.

Many esteem him as a Pastor’s Pastor; a Leader’s Leader; His wife and children revere him as a loving husband and role model father.

Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. who strives to exemplify the heart of God, is truly God’s Man!

Bishop Edgar Vann Destined for Greatness Webcast Paul Morton BREAKTHROUGH Conference Second Ebenezer Church Detroit Michigan Worship Service Taking The Limits Off Get Out Boat Whooping Closing Preaching Enemy Inside Your Mind Walking Victory Delivery Greater Saint Stephen Full Gospel Baptist New Orleans Louisiana Atlanta Georgia Prophet Brian Carn gospel educational cogic fishing metallica pastor praise

[Albuquerque Skatepark Session]

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Skateboarding with Metro and locals in New Mexico.
Outside The Lines skateboarding tour 2011.


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The Mother’s entreaty to her Son for his bride and for another holy person, and about how the Mother’s entreaty is received by Christ, and about certainty regarding the truth or falsity of a person’s holiness in this life.

Mary spoke to her Son saying: “My Son, grant your new bride the gift that your most worthy body may take root in her heart, so that she herself may be changed into you and be filled with your delight!” Then she said: “This holy man, when he was living in time, was as steadfast in the holy faith as a mountain unbroken by adversity, undistracted by pleasure. He was as flexible toward your will as the moving air, wherever the force of your Spirit led him. He was as ardent in your love as fire, warming those grown cold and overtaking the wicked. Now his soul is with you in glory, but the vessel he used is buried and lies in a more humble place than is fitting. Therefore, my Son, raise his body up to a higher station, do it honor, for it honored you in its own small way, raise it up, for it raised you up on high as much as it could by means of its toil!”

The Son answered: “Blessed are you, who overlook nothing in the affairs of your friends. You see, Mother, it is no use for good food to be given to wolves. It is not right to bury in mud the sapphire that keeps all the members healthy and strengthens the weak. It is no use to light a candle for the blind. This man was indeed steadfast in faith and fervent in charity, just as he was ready to do my will with the greatest of continence. Therefore, he tastes to me like good food prepared through patience and tribulation, sweet and good in the goodness of his will and affections, even better in his manly struggles to improve, excellent and most sweet in his praiseworthy way of finishing his works. Therefore it is not right for such food to be lifted up before wolves, whose greed is never sated, whose lust for pleasure flees from the herbs of virtue and thirsts for rotten meat, whose shrewd speech is harmful to everyone.

He resembled the sapphire of a ring through the brightness of his life and reputation, proving himself to be a bridegroom of his church, a friend of his Lord, a preserver of the holy faith and a scorner of the world. Therefore, dear Mother, it is not right for such a lover of virtue and so pure a bridegroom to be touched by impure creatures, or for so humble a friend to be handled by lovers of the world. In the third place, by his fulfillment of my commandments and by the teaching of a good life, he was like a lamp on a lampstand. Through this teaching, he strengthened those who were standing, lest they fall. Through this teaching he raised up those who were falling down. Through it he also offered inspiration to those who would come after him to seek me.

2018 New Ecumenical Emergent interfaith Calvary Chapel Brian Brodersen Rick Warren

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Greg Laurie Harvest Crusades Harvest Christian Fellowship & New Emergent Ecumenical interfaith Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa & New Brian Brodersen CGN Calvary Chapel Global Network Brian Brodersen Rick Warren CHRISLAM End Times News Update February 2018 Part2

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Pope Francis compares ISLAMIC STATE to Jesus disciples embraces Gays & ISLAM CHRISLAM

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Pope Francis calls Palestinian Muslim leader Mahmoud Abbas an Angel of Peace

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Emergent Levi Lusko @ Greg Laurie Harvest crusades has back stage False Teaching Rick Warren emergent Purpose Driven Lies

Greg Laurie Harvest Crusades endorses & Speaks @ Emergent false teaching of Rick Warren mark driscoll conference

Saddleback Church founder Rick Warren says Gay People go to Heaven

Saddleback church Rick Warren CHRISLAM false teaching unbiblical ISLAM hate cult

Rick Warren Saddleback Prayer to Islam ISA Inauguration last days news update


UtooBheavenbound You too Be Heavenbound U2Bheavenbound Forgiven Loved Set Free

U2Bheavenbound Youtube Channel HITS 150 Thousand Subscribers

New Hope Baptist Church Mass Choir-Medley Part I

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This is part I of an original arrangement by Minister Prince E. Yelder. This actually was a Love Day Event for Minister Yelder held at the Hopewell Baptist Church where the Rev. Timothy Woods is the Pastor

New Life Tabernacle UPC Family of Churches Choir/Blessed Be Your Name

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New Life Tabernacle UPC family of Churches Choir 2/5/2012
Our 1st Sunday Service where all our churches come together
New Life Tabernacle UPC
Victory Tabernacle UPC
Bethesda Tabernacle UPC
Carrollwood UPC
Plant City UPC
Life Center UPC St. Petersburg

There’s A New Name – Diane Bish

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To Purchase this Program: program #2307

Diane Bish plays this piece on the 1928 Kimball Theater Organ of the Capital Building in Juneau, Alaska.

(Sorry, the sound is a bit out of sync with the video. I tried to digitally enhance the sound quality, but it caused the video and audio to be mismatched)

Carroll O’Connor’s Archie Bunker Coat, ca. 1970 | Palm Springs Hour 1 Preview

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Journey to Palm Springs for vintage and antique finds such as a 1965 Noah Purifoy sculpture, Carroll O’Connor’s Archie Bunker coat, ca. 1970, and a Franz Bergman foundry Vienna bronze lamp from around 1920. Can you guess which is valued at $125,000?

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New Hope Baptist Church of Atlanta: M.I.E.M. Ministry In Every Movement

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Join us as we celebrate this new ministry; M.I.E.M. – Ministry in Every Movement. New Hope Baptist Church of Atlanta – 236 Richardson St. S.W. Atlanta, Ga. 30312 – James L. Fields, Jr., Pastor. You are welcome to join us Sunday; Sunday School at 9:15 am, Worship at 11:00 am, Midweek Services Wednesday Morning at 9:30 am and Wednesday Evening at 7:00 pm.

Chase Atlantic Self Titled Album Reaction! – (Who Hurt Them)

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NZ Kiwi Road’s Dashcam’d #3 Taupo Bypass Bridge

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This is the third edition of Kiwi Road’s Dashcam’d.

Featuring some nice drives I’ve found.

This is a trip through over the new’ish Taupo Bypass Bridge heading south. And a large portion of the bypass road.

Entry is at the intersection of SH1 & SH5 to Rotorua. Exit is at the intersection of the Taupo to Napier highway

More will be added, at random intervals.

How to Repair a DEAD Computer

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In this video, I have an HP computer that will not boot-up. Watch as I explain the diagnostic process and repair this computer in a ‘live on camera’ style. I hope to not only show you how easy it is, but also have you laugh a little along the way.

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