“The Holy Spirit Today” Lincoln Crossroads Church. Sean Swihart

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May 27, 2018
Pastor Sean Swihart
Crossroads Church
Lincoln, Nebraska

Good Shepherd Lutheran: Omaha Nebraska

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Visit us at www.goodshepherdomaha.com | 5071 Center Street, Omaha, NE 68106 | 402-553-6512

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and School is a family-focused congregation completely dedicated to our Good Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ. We consider our primary goal training all people for true life now and in eternity. Therefore, we are all about connecting YOU to Christ.

In line with this goal, Good Shepherd also operates a full-time Christian school (preschool through 8th grade) which is part of the 4th largest nationwide network of parochial schools. Our school is nationally accredited (exemplary status.)

The Spiritual Sons, Omaha, Nebraska

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The Spiritual Sons, Omaha, Nebraska
Sung at Gak Grove Missionary Baptist Church, 4545 Benton Boulevard, Kansas City, MO., Pastor Kim Gladney
Rev. Thurmond (TC) Caldwell~Host
‘”Quartet Walk”
KPRT Gospel ~ 1590 AM
106.1 FM ~ 11:30 AM Sat. CST
[email protected]
Rev. Thurmond (TC) Caldwell~Host

Video by donmademyvow

“God is with me” Skit – Spring of Life Deaf Church – Lincoln, Nebraska

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This skit shows us how many people seem to ask God “where were you when…” God is always there, He sends help to us but many times we reject His help thinking that we can either do it on our own or we are waiting Him to show up in our lives in a certain way, but He knows what He is doing. Let’s all ask God to open our eyes so that we can see when He is trying to help us!

Este es un drama actuado por el ministerio de sordos en la Iglesia de Manantial de Vida en Lincoln, Nebraska. Habla acerca de como Dios aveces nos envia ayuda/rescate a nuestras vidas pero nosotros no la queremos aceptar Que Dios nos ayude a ver lo que Dios esta haciendo, aunque quizas no lo haga de la manera que nosotros pensemos, aceptemos Su ayuda para que no preguntemos despues “SeƱor, donde estabas cuando yo….”

Contact Info:
[email protected]
1333 N. 33rd St
Lincoln, Nebraska 68503

Sunday Church Service: 11:30am
Sunday Kids Service: 12:45pm to 2pm
Voice Interpreter will be provided upon request.

Women’s Bible Study: Wednesday nights at 6:30pm. Location: Varies – look out for posted location.

Men’s Bible Study: Thursday nights at 6:30pm. Location: Varies – look out for posted location.

Verses from Quran in The First Plymouth Church – Lincoln Nebraska 9/2016

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Interfaith initiatives that Promot Interfaith Dialogue and Cooperation can ensure rich cultural diversity,
Break down barriers to increase mutual understanding and cultural awareness, and make the word more secure.

Hymns album from First-Plymouth Congregational, Lincoln, Nebraska

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In this video, we see the Plymouth Choir, Plymouth Brass and Plymouth Ringers of First-Plymouth Congregational Church in Lincoln, Nebraska, in recording sessions held in November 2012 for their CD of hymns, released by Pro Organo in September, 2013 under the title Hymns from First-Plymouth. Minister of Music Tom Trenney and Associates Minister of Music Jeremy Bankson share their thoughts and experiences on the significance of the hymn for congregations. Available at www.proorgano.com. Item CD 7260.

One Degree. Lincoln Crossroads Church. Sean Swihart

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Crossroads Church
Lincoln, Nebraska
Weekend Services

Join us in this series as we begin our year focusing on prayer.