Church Of Christ Worship Service Greensboro NC

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Traveling to the East Coast so I had to get my Church on. Everybody SINGS here. Straight our of the Hymn’s Book in the Pew. You will enjoy it.

Check out the Evening Service for the young men and lady’s in attendance. So the Church is, Church of Christ in Greensboro, NC a family members fellowship and worship service for that evening.

There… you stay in Church most of the day. They break it down in 3 parts. Morning @ 9 am Bible Study after that Regular 11am Service. That is over at 1 pm give or take and then back at 5pm for this service you will see. Enjoy!

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Chris & Alyssa Wedding Film – Jacksonville NC

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Chris & Alyssa. Married June 25, 2017 in Jacksonville NC at The Door Christian Fellowship Church.

What an extraordinary wedding! Chris & Alyssa have come together and have “saved’ themselves until the final day as they tie the knot. This stuff is almost unheard of these days.

1st kiss @ the Alter in church on their wedding day. 1st time they held each other closely. 1st time they held hands for a long period of time … and they chose this! With Christ bonding them together!

Watch their story and enjoy.

NOTE: Music in the video is not mine. 1st song is by “Olly Murrs called Oh My Goodness and the ending song was by Andrea Bocelli & Katharine McPhee called Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.

Wedding Video of Chris and Alyssa Davis

Camden Crest Apartment Fire In Raleigh, NC

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August 24th 2013 (approximately 6:30pm)

Taken from news and observer:

No residents were injured, but two Raleigh firefighters were hospitalized with elevated heart rates due to exertion, said Division Chief Ronny Mizell.
The 30-unit building was “fully involved,” with flames coming through the roof, the first firefighters on the scene reported.
“I’ve never seen one spread this fast,” Mizell said. “It was just a column of smoke and fire in that top floor. It actually backdrafted, and there was an explosion in the attic.”
It was too early Saturday to tell what caused the fire, but it appeared to start on the top floor, Mizell said.

*Still no word on the cause of the fire. Thankfully no lives were lost although two pets did die in the fire. Camden Crest has taken great action to get the belongings that were not lost in the fire out and displaced those residents in the affected building with new apartments around the complex. Red cross was quick to appear on the scene and those affected were treated at the office in the complex where they stayed the night.

More photos of the fire here:

Stunning Indian Wedding Priya + Mohit – Greensboro NC

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The Amazing Indian Wedding of Priya and Mohit took place in Greensboro, North Carolina at the Grandover Resort.
Enjoy this Traditional Hindu Multi-Day Wedding full of adventure and joy!

Pre-Ceremony Events took place in New Jersey and North Carolina.
The Graha Shanti and other ceremonies were ritual-rich celebrations,
followed by the Mehndi, Sangeet and Garba that were beautiful,
elaborate, lots of fun and dancing with close friends and family!

Filmed by Creative Touch Films
Cinematography – Weddings
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