The Cherokee Indians — Native Americans

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The Cherokee is the biggest native American tribe in the US numbering 140.000 Cherokee people. There are still 10.400 native Cherokee speakers living in America. Their language is an Iroquoian language. In the 19th century, historians and ethnographers recorded their oral tradition that told of the tribe having migrated south in ancient times from the Great Lakes region, where other Iroquoian-speaking peoples were located. The Cherokee refer to themselves as Tsalagi (ᏣᎳᎩ) or Aniyvwiyaʔi (ᎠᏂᏴᏫᏯᎢ), which means “Principal People.” The earliest Spanish rendering of Cherokee, from 1755, is Tchalaquei.

Many known Americans had Cherokee origins. Worth mentioning that Elvis Presley was Cherokee Indian on the maternal side. Johnny Depp is likewise Cherokee Indian on the maternal side.

Cherokee people:

Cherokee language:

Iroquoian languages in the north America:

At 0:33 and 1:45 Cherokee tomahawks (axes) – a type of axe made and used by Native Americans.

2:31 – traditional Cherokee dwelling

1:32, 0:02 – Smoky Mountains (north Carolina) were inhabited by the Cherokees.

2016 Eddie James singing ‘Freedom’ in Albuquerque, NM

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2016 Eddie James singing ‘Freedom’ at New Hope Full Gospel Baptist Church in Albuquerque, NM

Samoans Find Church Home in Alaska (UMTV)

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The cold weather of Alaska could not be more different than tropical Samoa. Yet more and more Pacific Islanders are making the move 3,000 miles to Anchorage. Transplants miss the language, family, and traditions of home. The United Methodist Church is a familiar comfort of home and a place where these newcomers can find a sense of instant family. “These church members are your family. Those are your brothers and sisters, grandchildren and children. Wherever they go, we go,” says church member, Faaua Fulumua.

UMTV videos feature United Methodists living their faith and making a positive difference in the world. This channel is managed by United Methodist Communications in Nashville, TN. Contact [email protected] for more info.

Native America Christian Church, w, Pastor Ron, “Oasis Fire Ministries,” Palm Springs, 92264 8/4/13

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Parts Of Praise & Worship Service, With, Drums, Horns, Key Boards, Guitars & Many Other Instruments, Plus Vocals. “Oasis Fire Ministries”, 5005 Calle San Raphael # 6, Palm Springs, California 92264, w Pastor Ron (One)

Lincoln Tritt’s Music Video

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Lincoln Tritt’s Music Video, “Believe” Produced in 1993 by Ben Boyd
This video has been added to Youtube in Memory of Lincoln Tritt who passed away in Oct. 2012. Also, in Memory of his father, Isaac Tritt Sr. and his Grandfather. Albert Tritt founder of the first Church in Arctic Village, which is the northern most Indian Village in the World. Lincoln’s father also became a Minister in the church.


Boyd also owns Alaska Northern Lights Tours, an evening of viewing Aurora and Native Culture Show. Also, has affordable Fairbanks tour packages and a Fairbanks City Tour personally given by Ben Boyd, an Alaska Mountain Man who made his living from the land using a sled dog team.

Chelsea Visits a Native American Tribe | Chelsea | Netflix

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Chelsea visits Montana to learn about Native American culture and participate in a ceremonial bison harvest.

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Chelsea Visits a Native American Tribe | Chelsea | Netflix