Second Audit Of CoreCivic Facilities Begins Immediately

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State legislators granted the Tennessee Department of Correction a one year extension to the organization to grant time for two CoreCivic facilities to fix problems found by a state comptroller audit.

Trip to St Mina Coptic Orthodox Church, Nashville, TN

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Have you ever went in a trip to St. Mina Coptic Orthodox Church, Nashville, TN?! Do you know its history since it was being built? Are you interested to know! Fr. Boutros, the priest of the church, will tell us the story of St. Mina the Miraculous Church, Nashville, TN. Watch it in “Trip To” only on CYC

Biserica Maranata Knoxville – Corul Bethel Nashville – Ne vom aduce mereu aminte

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Maranatha Romanian Church of Knoxville, TN: Corul Bethel Nashville – Ne vom aduce mereu aminte 08/19/2018

Great and Mighty – The Temple Church Nashville, TN

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The Temple Church is one of Nashville’s trailblazing churches where a balanced ministry is provided for the whole person and the whole family. We are a diverse congregation that is embracing and compassionate.

Twitter: @thetemplechurch

Connect with Pastor Drumwright

The Israelites: The White Man Didn’t Write The Bible (Clarksville, TN)

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Nashville, Tennessee
Primary Contact: Officer Benzion Judah

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Schrader Lane Church Of Christ 50th Anniversary Celebration Honoring Minister David Jones Jr.

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Celebrating the Call: 50 Years of Sacrificial Service

On Saturday October, 27, 2012 at The Renaissance Hotel in Nashville, TN Schrader Lane Church of Christ honored David Jones Jr. for 50 years of service as their minister.

During the event friends and family spoke about the love and positive effect Minister Jones has had on their lives and on the lives of people throughout the Nashville and global community.

Gospel Tabernacle Baptist church Nashville TN, Ron Ballentine, Perplexing Problems with prayer

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Pastor Ron talks about the perplexing problems with prayer and Gods silince.
Gospel Tabernacle where the word makes sense and sense is made of the word.