Full Service – 06/24/2018 – Christ Church Nashville

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Scripture: Mark 4:33-41 (New King James Version)

Sermon Title: Learning to Trust God

Sermon Emphasis:

Some lessons in life are best learned through experience. Learning to trust God happens to be one of those lessons. Our trust in God’s faithfulness is never more evident than when we face our toughest storms.

Talking Points:

Knowing is not the same as Believing
Hardships of Doing God’s Will
Responding to the Storm
Does God really care?
The Peace of God
Why do we fear?

Pope Tawadros visit to St. Clement Coptic Academy Nashville TN Oct 9 2015

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Watch a full coverage with English translation for HH Pope Tawadros, patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox church of Egypt, tour visit to the US churches 2015. So stay tuned!

Rooftops — Grace Church: Nashville — Lindell Cooley

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Grace Church of Nashville is a church body that is on fire for God!
It’s in Franklin, Tennessee. Every worship service is a Revival!

Video: Grace Church of Nashville in Franklin, Tennessee
Audio: You are Welcome in This Place — Lindell Cooley and Grace Church

Lindell Cooley is the president of Music Missions International (MMI) and Lead Pastor of Grace Church in Nashville, Tennessee.

Lindell hosts an Encounter worship conference in Nashville every year and ministers in churches and conferences worldwide.

After 10 years as music minister for the Brownsville Revival, In January of 2004, Lindell moved back to Nashville, TN and began to plant Grace Church.

Full Service – 07/01/2018 – Christ Church Nashville

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Mark 5:21-43

Jesus was constantly interrupted during his ministry—interrupted by opportunities to heal, teach, feed, or care for someone. Can we learn to follow Jesus’s lead by welcoming the interruptions of life?

Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018 – Westminster Presbyterian Church Nashville

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“Who will roll away the stone for us…?”
Sermon on Mark 16:1-8
by The Rev. Dr. Donovan Drake
The Resurrection of Our Lord


WORSHIP LEADERS: (9:15 a.m.) Liturgist: Guy D. Griffith, Associate Pastor for Adult Education and Spiritual Nurture; Heidi Hudnut-Beumler, Designated Associate Pastor for Congregational Care; Lay liturgist: Bill Christie; Beadle/acolyte: Dudley Harmer; (11:00 a.m.) Liturgist: Heidi Hudnut-Beumler, Designated Associate Pastor for Congregational Care; Lay liturgist: Bob Hines.

MUSICIANS: Westminster Choir. Brass Ensemble: Pat Kunkee and Joel Treybig, Trumpet; Leslie Norton, French Horn; David Loucky, Trombone; Gilbert Long, Tuba; Sam Bacco, Percussion; and Mark Whatley, Soloist; John W. Semingson, Director of Music Ministries; Polly Brecht, Organist.


Westminster is a caring and compassionate church. We strive to balance ministry to our members with outreach in the community. To us, loving God with heart, soul, mind, and strength means the commitment of all our many gifts to the service and glory of God.

Our services are at 8:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., 3900 West End Ave. Nashville, TN 37205.

Jeff Bates “Amazing Grace” LIVE at Cornerstone Church, Nashville, TN Oct 2012

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Jeff Bates performs “Amazing Grace” at the kickoff to Inspirational Country Music Week at Cornerstone Church in Nashville, TN October 14, 2012